Campbell Mitchell

Based Edinburgh Designs ‘I feel strongly about making women dress up and make more of an effort.. says Mitchell. Just finishing a postgraduate course at lidinburgh (‘ollege Of Art. she describes her designs as ‘ferninine and sexy but without showing off a lot of flesh'. She prefers working with natural fibres and takes her inspiration from ‘old clothes and interesting people' rather than fashion trends. Selling her designs in Edinburgh‘s Corniche. she‘s a finalist in the New Scottish Fashion Designer Awards.

On Intervention ‘lt‘s such a good springboard for young designers and I know that if l did win. it would help launch me so much easier than slog- ging along on my own.‘ Showing at ('atwalk Finale. Wednesday l3 & 'l'hursday l4 June.

contact ()7765 248966

Based London

Designs Shakur and Sloane met at .\liddlese\ l'niversity. helping each other out on their collections. Originally from the Isle of Lewis. Shakur graduated at year before Sloane. finding success with an international client base after exhibiting at London Fashion Week. but then decided to get together with her former colleague to form Ampersand. ‘\\'e have the same vision.‘ says Shakur'. 'You create something quite different when its two people rather than one.‘ (‘reating and blurring boundaries between womenswear' and menswear. Ampersand uses denim. shirting. woollens and the like to incorporate vintage clothing into its designs. Finalists in the .\'ew Scottish Fashion Designer awards. they‘re inspired by 'lateral thinking' and are designing for yotrng people who. like themselves. ‘don‘t want to dress up too much'.

On Intervention ‘I think it‘s a really good opportunity for Scottish designers to get together if yotr never see any Scottish designers you don‘t know how good or how bad they are ~ it‘s good to see what's happening.. Showing at (‘atwalk Firtale. Wednesday l3 6’; 'lhursday l4 .lune.

contact ()207 790 I609

Name Scott Kenneth MacKen/ie

Based London

Designs Originally from Dundee. Scott Kenneth MacKen/ie founded his own menswear collection in 1995 alter working as a wholesale manager for trendy label Duffer Of St George. With 6876 (named alter the May riots in Paris in I968 and the birth of punk in London in 1976). MacKen/ie aimed at creating a hip menswear range comprised of contemporary yet classic garments. with a strong focus on fabrics and manufacture. The label is stocked in small boutiques all over the [K as well as in major department stores such as Harvey Nichols. Liberty and Browns. In terms of promotion. MacKen/ie rejects the catwalk. presenting his ranges via film and the internet instead.

On Intervention "Having been educated and involved in fashion outside of my home country. it‘s good to be involved and to tind out what‘s happening in the Scottish fashion scene.’

Showing at Catwalk Finale. \V'ednesday l3 & 'l'hursday l4 June.

Contact www.68-7ocom: 0208 960-1864

Connie Failbum M. des 7

Name (‘onnie l-‘airburn

Based lidinbur'gh

Designs Since graduating with a masters degree in theatre costume from lidinbur‘gh (‘ollege ()l ;\r't in I996. lirirburn has combined the success of her own cor'setry business with work as a costume cutter at home and abroad. She advertises her corsetr'y in publications geared specifically towards the transsexual market because. as she say s. ‘eyery trarrnie needs a good cor'set‘. Her most recent success was a collaboration last year with .larnes .Nitc‘liisori‘s costume cutter. Annie lladley (of Dangerous Liaisons fame). on a filrrr called 'l'lrr' .llrsrs ()f Avalon. This will be Fairburn’s second consecutive year at Intervention.

On Intervention ‘l‘m looking forward to appearng again and producing new work. I've had an idea for years and this is an excellent excuse to do it at last.‘

Showing At Scotland‘s Runway. 'l'hursday 7 June: ('atwalk Finale. Wednesday l3 & 'l‘hursday l4 .lune.

Contact Box 2-H. South Bridge lilll ll)l). ()lfil 557 (i554

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