‘2"lst Century Kins

Name Howie Nicholsby

Based Edinburgh

Designs ‘If I walk down the street and a guy says to me “nice skin“ I take that as a compliment.’ Since wearing a silver PVC kilt to his sister's wedding (how else do you stand out when the family business is renowned traditional outfitters Geoffrey Tailor?). Nicholsby has been developing the range known as 21st Century Kilts. Using plain wools. tweeds, denims. imitation leather and many other fabrics. the company is pushing boundaries. ‘It’s a fusion of modern needs and an ancient garment,‘ says Nicholsby. Plans include selling wholesale. developing flagship stores. and generally giving men more choice in what they wear. On Intervention ‘l’m a strong supporter of it and would love to be involved in every part of it. It's a chance to meet fellow Scots in the fashion and clothing industry. and to do crazy stuff as well.‘

Showing at Scotland’s Runway. Thursday 7 June.

Contact 0131 557 0256; www.21stcenturykiltscom; howiekilts@hotmailcom

Mal 8: Leigh

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Name Malcome Burk Based Edinburgh Designs After meeting at the Royal College Of Art. Mal and Leigh worked freelance. formed their own company and moved to Edinburgh. As finalists in the New Scottish Fashion Designer Awards. they‘re showcasing their first selling collection. Burkinshaw explains: ‘Leigh‘s the knitwear designer and I do all woven garments but we work together. using new techniques and knitwear technology.’ They position themselves at the ‘young and designer end‘ of the market. Burkinshaw continues: ‘Our styles are simple because we want people to wear them: I can‘t think of anything worse that doing things you‘ll never see on anybody.‘

On Intervention ‘lntervention’s giving people that option to stay here. saying: “You can be a designer in Scotland. there‘s nothing wrong with it". Showing at Catwalk Finale. Wednesday 13 & Thursday 14 J une. Contact 0131 555 5201: mal-leigh@tinyworld.co.uk

18 ‘flll US? 24 May—7 June 2001

inshaw and Leigh Bagley

Name lsobel .\lowat

Based lidinburgh

Designs Having pl‘L‘VlUUsi} worked for Hussein (‘lialayan setting up his knitwear col- lection. and Alexander Mc- Queen at (iivenchy. working in both London and Paris. Mowat decided to return to Scotland. seeing it as a more affordable place to set up her own label. ‘ilis it fashion label. so it's got a mixture of designs] she says of her collection. 'lt’s a womenswear collection and there's interesting. innovative textiles that make it quite unusual.‘ She‘s been disap— pointed at the lack of support in Scotland from the funding bodies. but is pleased to be taking part in Intervention for the first time as a finalist in the New Scottish liashion l)e- signer award.

On Intervention "l‘here is support from Intervention (for designers) but I think that's about it. There doesn‘t seem to be much support outwith what‘s happening with lntervention.‘

Showing at (‘atwalk liinale. Wednesday 13 & 'l‘hursday l4 June.

Contact()l3l 65262-13

Alex Feechan >

Name Alexandra lieechan Based (‘oatbridge

Designs Knitwear designer Feechan is being sponsored in her launch collection by cashmere manufacttn‘ers Todd & Duncan. 'l use cashmere in a traditional way.‘ she says. ‘but I apply innovative tech- niques to the finishing of the fabric.‘ To create her cutting- edge designs. she uses tech- niques ranging from plastic- ising and coating the fabrics to embroidering into them. ‘The styling is contemporary.‘ she says. ‘lt's got an urban feel. They’re wearable and com- mercially viable. but creative at the same time.‘ She's a finalist in the New Scottish Fashion Designer Awards.

On Intervention ‘Having gone to London and studied. I felt strongly about coming back to Scotland and working here. There hasn’t been a good deal to utilise the talent that's here: this is a good way of doing that..

Showing at Catwalk Finale. Wednesday l3 & Thursday l4 June.

Contact 01236 425977