How do the new kids on the block compare to the old school days when rock was rock and men legitimately wore poodle perms? The List leads you through the

nu metal minefield with a new for old guide. Words: Henry Northmore and Mark Robertson. “W” " Deftones are the new Led Zeppelin Supposedly misunderstood arty boys with an overwrought frontman who are cooler than everyone else. But don't get the credit.

Limp Bizklt are the new Guns N’ Roses The biggest and loudest. but with a frontman that needs a slap. And a manic axeman. Egos could split them despite humungous success.

Slipknot are the new Kiss

Crazy kids frightening the moral majority with their mental stage garms and off- the-wall musical styles. Can’t tell which one is which.

Tool are the new King Crimson Their willingness to experiment is often misinterpreted as pretentiousness. Big on concept. often low on editing.

Papa Roach are the new Pearl Jam Troubled lives that belie their tender years. Often scorned for their Johnny- come-lately arrival on the scene.

KoRn are the new Black Sabbath

The baddest of them all. Unhinged frontman and outlandish stage sets a speciality. Realty just a bunch of hicks having a laugh.

Amen are the new Motorhead

Fronted by another loon. Live in LA with a ‘live fast die fast’ attitude which will probably see them live to be 108.

Marilyn Manson is the new Alice Cooper

Ladies' names and a face like a Revlon counter experiment gone wrong. The sleazy glam icon with a crap real name.

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24 May—7 June 2001 1'"! LIST 23