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Thur 24 - Sat 26 May



A Sadler's Wells TOUR

so THE LIST 24 May-7 Jun 2001


From the director of Casablanca comes the reissue of Joan Crawford's 1945 Oscar-Winning star vehicle about obsessive mother daughter love. Filmed in exquisne. deep. black and white by Ernest Haller. a craftsman at the height of his powers. \vith magnificent sets by Anton Grot and Max Steiner's pulsating score. Mildred Pierce is completely riveting from start to finish.

Crawford was never a great actress. You can just imagine how much better Bette Davis would have been in the role as housewife-turnedwaitress- turned successful restaurateur. suffering in luxury on behalf of the most ungrateful daughter ever. However, Crawford in padded shoulders. fur and an amazing collection of Freudian headwear is here never less than compelling. The star is surrounded by a whole rafter of great supporting players Ann Blyth is knockout as Mildred's cold-hearted tramp of a daughter. as is Zachary Scott as the Pasadena dandy lover who sponges off his wife.


Marvel at its intelligence and panache

They don't make them like this anymore and Hollywood is a poorer place for it. Go along. treat yourself, take your mum. Marvel at its intelligence and panache. Watch the sparks lly. (John Binnie)

I Fi/niliouse, Edinburgh fro/ii [ll (’5) May; GFlI Glasgow fro/ii Fri I 7 Jun.

Red alert, red alert: film on release not being screened to critics. That means one of two things: the film company thinks the critics will think the film is crap, oi the

film company thinks its film is crap.

The prognosis doesn't look good: Disturbed but gorgeous blonde Adrien (Lori Heuring) is released from a psychiatric hospital and lands a job at a wealthy country club. where disturbed but gorgeous brunette Brittany (Susan Ward) takes her under her wing. Then the murders start. They involve shovels and hedge clippers. So. of course. loony Adrien is the prime suspect. and of course there's more to this than meets the eye. But not very much more.

The San Francisco Chronicle. which did have the dubious honour of seeing the film, called it, ‘A glossy piece of trash“. The paper wrote: ‘The intricacies of teenage backbiting might have been the occasion for a juicy romp. but The In Crowd. which steals from Melrose Place and Baywatch, could have been written by committee.‘ Film Threat magazine put it more succinctly: ‘A story about a bunch of rich jerks who get what they deserve.’ (Miles Fielder)

I Selected release from Fri' 7 Jun.



(PG) 96 mins .0.

It might be obvious that this film tells the story of a dog. but what you don't

3 realise is that the canine is Agent 1 1.

the F Bl's greatest sniffer dog. The only problem is that he is now wanted by the Mafia after taking a bite out of the

boss' balls during an arrest. Running alongside this story is that of hapless

mailman Gordon (David Arquette) who

is in love with his beautiful neighbour

Steph and will do anything to impress

her and her son James.

Things start to get all too predictable when, after a series of mishaps, Gordon ends up looking after James for several days and the two not only bond but also become the owners of a

stray dog who. surprise. surprise. is Agent 11, just escaped from an

attempted Mafia assassination. The

rest of the story pans out as expected. with a few laughs. lots of poo and fart

jokes and a sick-inducingly happy

ending where. yup. they all live happily

Run-of-the-mill ruff stuff

ever after. Except the Mafia boss. who ends up in jail with metal balls and a high pitched VOice. (Jane Hamilton)

I General release from Fri 25 May.