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The Broken Hearts Club ( 15)

0.. (Greg Berlanti. LS. 2001) Ben Weber. Timothy ()lyphant. John Maloney. ()4 mins. This poignant. heartfelt comedy drama about a group of gay friends in downtown Los Angeles explores notions of alternative families. commitment-phobia and feeling ancient approaching the big 30. How much it will appeal to a wider audience is open to question. but it's a nicely acted ensemble piece with lots of truth and gentle humour. Sometimes there's too much dialogue and American reference but that said. its largely unknown cast are interesting and all too human. Selected release.

Cabiri (Hi) (Michael Kohler. l'K/Kcnya. 1990) Kapirondo Lesoipa. Sammy Makani. Kananpio Lalkalepi. l 12 mins. Kohler makes a personal appearance to talk about his film which came out of living with a noth Kenyan tribe for a year and which mixes fact and fiction. All proceeds go to the Edinburgh L'niversity overseas aid charity HELP. The Pleasance Theatre. Edinburgh. The Cameraman (PG) 000.

(Edward Sedgewick. LS. 1928) Buster Keaton. Marceline Day. Harry (iribbon. 80 mins. A struggling photographer takes the job of a newsreel cameraman and unexpectedly becomes a hero in one of his films. Some lacklustre clowning in the early stages soon makes way for moments of ~ comic mastery. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. ' Captain Corelli's Mandolin ( 15) eee (John Madden. UK/US/France. 2001 ) Nicolas Cage. Penelope Cruz. John Hurt. 120 mins. This adaptation of Louis de Bemieres‘ bestseller sees Greece taken by the Italian Army during World War 11. (‘aptain (‘orelli and his squad of opera enthusiasts arrive on the island of (.‘ephallonia. causing, much uproar. And when the (‘aptain is billeted to Dr lannis' (Hurt) house. (‘orelli and the Doctor‘s beautiful daughter. Pelagia (Cruz). fall in forbidden love. Madden has stuck to his guns and made a movie at once distinctly

European and likely to appeal to American audiences. Commercial. unfaithful to the book. but still head and shoulders above any of the eye candy Hollywood has to offer. General release.

' Charlie's Angels (15) eeo US. 2000) Cameron Diaz. Drew Barrymore. Lucy Liu. 90 mins. This update of the TV series has three chief attractions which are

with everything else: the gorgeous trio of Dial. Barrymore and Liu. the outfits and action sequences. There‘s nothing believable about these three crime fighters and that's why girls needn‘t get excited about this


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' Young dudes Matt Damon and Henry Thomas aim to live out their cowboy

dreams in Billy Bob Thornton’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s All The Pretty Horses

being a rare action film lead by women but the lack of realism is also one of the film's strengths; its thrills and spills have a cartoonish. laws of nature-defying brilliance. ()n the other side of the coin. the plot is pants. the characters are wafer-thin and the jokes aren't half as funny as they ought to be. Selected release.

Chocolat ( 12) O. (Lasse Hallstrdm. US. 2(X)1) Juliette Binoche. Johnny Depp. Judi Dench. 121 mins. Adapted from Joanne Harris's novel. (‘hm‘ulur unfolds ‘once upon a time‘ in a tranquil French village where sexy unwed single mother Vianne (Binoche) opens up a chocolaterie during lent. Her magical confections are soon having a liberating effect on various locals. though her actions incur the wrath of the reigning count (Alfred Molina). who fears that the traditional order may be irrevocably damaged. Unfortunately. Hallstrom's (The

4 Cider House Rules) feelgood fairytale relies 5 i: y f 3 on its calculatedly cosmopolitan cast and

I glossy production values to disguise its lack of substance. Selected release.

Cirque Du Solell (t?) (2001) lwerks Extreme Screen presentation. 11(}(‘ Cinemas. Edinburgh.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition (PG) 0000. (Steven Spielberg. US. 1977) Richard Drey't‘Uss. Francois 'l‘ruffaut. Teri (iarr. 132 mins. There may be additional effects and an extended ending inside the alien spacecraft. but the Special Edition isn't overlong. mainly because Spielberg tightened the central section detailing Drenyss' growing obsession with Devil‘s Tower. A magnificent movie. the master at y. _. his best. L7(}(‘ Cinemas. Edinburgh.

.1 ; - . The Conformist (ll Conformista)

" . ~ ~ ' (18) .0... (Bernardo Bertolucci. ltaly/ France/Germany. 1970) Jean-Louis Trintigant. Stefania Sandrelli. (iastonne Moschin. 1 15 mins. A man tries to sublimate his homosexuality by conforming ' to the dictates of 30s fascist ltaly. tnarrying a —. -- .. dull wife and agreeing to carry out an assassination. A masterpiece of visual style g 4‘. 7 that draws disturbing links between the

i’ political and sexual arenas. The ('mifurmis! can now be seen in Bertolucci‘s own 1 15- minute cut. The Lumiere. Edinburgh. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (1210.... (Ang Lee. China/US. 2000) Michelle Yeoh. (‘how Yun-Fat. Zhang Ziyi. Chang Chen. 120 mins. Jane Austen meets Bruce Lee in Ang ‘Sense And .S'ensi'bi'lily' Lee‘s astonishing martial arts period drama. In a fictionalised version of early 19th century China. a world of heroic warriors


pleasing on the eye it almost gets away

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and deep philosophical values. Lee seamlessly interweaves the stories of two sets of lovers. and a revenge tale with a feminist twist. The fight scenes are groundbreaking. as choreographed by expert

32 THE LIST 24 May-7 Jun 2001

Yuen Wo Ping. At once breathtaking and

beautiful. ('mut'hme Tiger's also a cinematic landmark: its fusion of the best elements

from liast and West cinema has created something wholly new. Brunton 'l‘heatre & 1'(‘l. lzdinburgh.

C9 Crouplert 15) “.0 (Mike Hodges. LR. 1097) ('live ()wen. (iina McKee. Ale\ Kingston. 11-1 mins. Jack (0w en) is a

struggling w riler who takes up a le‘ in a London casino w here he quickly proyes himself to be an accomplished croupier. But

he finds himself assisting J'.‘111 (Kingston). a South African gambler who's apparently 111 debt to a gang of criminals. Hodges' taut. intelligent and darkly amusing drama

combines cinetiiatic flair and thematic substance. unfolding in a dreaiii-like. hall» of-iiiirrors world. peopled by con-artists. card-sharks. and inveterate liars. Propelled

by ()weii's iiiipressiyely w atchtul and poised central performance. it boasts a delicious ()edipal twist ii) its deiiouemeiit. See

preview and rev iew. Selected release.

Digital Monsters: Diglmon The Movie (P(i) 0.. ('l‘akaaki Yainashita. llishashi Nakatama. Masashiro Ai/aw a. Japan/l'S. 2(X11)88mins. Digimons are not relatives of Pokemons but do share some

traits. being odd-looking and lighting when requested by pre—teen masters. lissentially Digi'niun offers a beginners guide in three parts. It explains how the little monsters

came about (they're from the digital world). describes a world or web-threatening adventure and finishes with the personal story of one boy and his Digimon gone . rogue. All in glorious Japanese animation with loud rock music and a battle every fifteen minutes. Adult brain's are kept alive 1 with asides like. ‘Maybe we should call Bill I (iates'. and email account-holding. mobile ' phone-wielding under 10‘s will be in their element. Selected release. The Diplomat ( 15) (Tom Zubrycki. I Australia. 2000) 81 mins. Portrait of the East Timorese diplomat. politician. freedom fighter and Nobel Prize winner Jose Ramos Hona. Part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. (in: (ilasgow. i The Dlth (12)..” (Rob Sitch. 3 Australia. 2000) Sam Neill. Kevin Harrington. Tom Long. 101 mins. It‘s 196‘). Apollo X1 is about to land and Neil Armstrong is due to take the first human 1 steps upon the moon. A bumbling team of country boys. at Parkes Radio Telescope Facility in New South Wales. are responsible for providing the images scheduled to appear on 600 million television screens around the world. Unfortunately. they secii) to have lost Armstrong in space. The resulting tension is high. the optimism infectious and the outcome astounding. With unfailingly quirky humour and sincere performances. the result has to be one of the most uplifting and entertaining history lessons ever filmed. (ieneral release. Divorce Italian Style ( 12) 000

(Pietro (iermi. Italy. 1961) Marcello Mastroianni. Daniela Rocca. Stefania Sandrelli. 104 mins. That style is to murder your wife and make it look like a crime of honour by framing the spouse as an infidel. This is what Sicilian nobleman Baron Pele (‘efale (played by the great Mastroianiii) attempts with his wife Rosalia. to clear the way for a second marriage. to his cousin Angela. The Lumiere. Edinburgh. Dolphins (l?) The producers of the most successful IMAX movie ever. Iii-wrest. take us undersea into the aquatic home of dolphins. With narration by Pierce Brosnan and music by Sting. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow. Elvis Live: That’s The Way It Is - Special Edition (ti) 0”. (Denis Sanders. L75. 2001) 97 mins. Sanders' original documentary. chronicling The King‘s first stage shows in more than a decade (time spent developing an almighty drug habit and appearing in terrible rom- com musicals). was a soporific affair. This Special Edition. boasting around 40 new j minutes. is a revelation with four more songs and loads more insider footage. Within seven years Elvis was dead. a bloated parody of what he was here. This is | one musical and historical document you do not want to miss. Cameo. Edinburgh.