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The Terroriseri l5) .... (lzdward

Yang. 'l‘aiwan/llong Kong. mam (‘ora Miao.

l,i l.iqun. Jiii Shikie. lll‘) miiix. Yang'x maxterly film keepx numeroux plotx run in parallel an ambitioux rexearch xcieiitixt. a hoodlum on the run lrom the law. a woman novelixt trying to excape her marriage. lt'x neither xoap nor xociological exxay. rather a wonderfully cinematic film. l-ilmliouxe.

l3 linburgh.

The Terrorist ( Di 0... (Saiitoxli

Sivan. liidia. lelll i :\y exha Dharker. 95 mmx.

in a xtory looxely inxpired by the axxaxxinatioii of former liidiaii leader Raiiv (iandhi. Malli (Dharkeri ix a guerrilla lighter. who ix xeleeted by her commander to carry out the xuicide bombing of a v ixitiiig Vll’. Journey ing to the xitc of the attack. and haunted by mcnioriex of the death of a former lover. .Malli ix bexet by dotibe abotit her mixxioii. 'I'lit' 'Ii'rmrivl doexn't concern itxelf with the righix and wrongx of the freedom lighter'x eauxe. iiixtead it explorex the internal world of liix female protagonixt. An alnioxt wordlcxx l)harkei' givex an exemplary performance. in which mimitc chaiigex of exprexxion xubtly convey her character'x lluctuating feelingx. See preview and review. Selected releaxe. The Third Man (l’(i) 00.00 ((‘at‘ol Reed. l'S/l'K. l‘)-1‘)l Joxepli ('otlon. ()i’xoii Wellex. llK) minx. Set in an unxtable poxt- World War II Vienna. llolly Martinx hax been invited to the city by hix old chum Lime. who ix now in the grand-xeale drug— dealing buxinexx. only to dixcover that he ix dead. lixeept. he ixn't of courxe. and a multi- layered cat and niouxe xeenario ix triggered. So. what'x .xo good about it'.’ Well. you have a xtirring lither xeore by Anton Karax. the ferrix w heel and the ‘cuckoo clock' xpeecli yet poxxibly it'x greatext triumph ix to cram .xo much wonder into .xo little time. The Lumiere. lidinburgh. Thrill Ride (l’(ii (Ben Staxxeii. l'S. 200i i minx. A mix of computer graphicx and live action. providing a xcientific. but ftiii look at the liixtory of ridex. from their early origiiix in l7th century Ruxxia to today'x ride xiiiiulatorx. lMAX 'l‘heatre. (ilaxgow. Tintin And The Lake Of Sharks (1’) .0. (Raymund le Blane. Belgium. l‘)72i 8t) minx. 'l'iiitin. Snowy. ('aptaiii Haddock and the 'l'hompxon 'l‘wiiix fly out to the Balkanx to guard a profexxor at work on an important invention. (il’l'. (ilaxgow'. Tsatsiki Mum And The Policeman (l'i (lilia l.einhangen. Sweden. 1098i minx. l.ittle 'l‘xatxiki dreamx of going to (irecce to meet liix father. liix wantx to be a popxtar and their lodger hebex to fall in love. And their dreamx are realixed. but not in the way any o them would think. l-‘ilmhouxe. lidinburgh. 2001: A Space Odyssey (t) “m (Stanley Kubrick. l'k. i963) Keir l)u||ea. (lary Lockward. Leonard Roxxiler. I39 minx. Re-releaxe (with new widexereen 7(lmm print) of the greatext xei-fi film of all time. 33 yearx alter it wax made. in the year it wax xet. Kubrick'x glorioiixly grand architecture xeex prehixtorie apex timelined into a xpaee ballet featuring a lunar craft docking to the .xound of Straiixx. 'l’hix prefigiirex an extended drama aboard a spacecraft bound for Jupiter involving a murderoux Al computer and the giant embryo of a xpaee child .xignifying \Vlittl'.’ The next .xtep in human ev-olution'.’ An opaque maxterpiece that xuggextx xo much. yet explainx xo little. Which ix why it'x a timelexx claxxic. See review. l‘lllitlitfllu‘. lidinburgh. Under The Sand (Sous Ie sable) ( 15) O... (l‘raneoix ()Ion. France. 200] ) (‘harlotte Rampling. Bruno ('reiiier. 95 minx. Marie (Rampling) hax been happily married to Jean t('remeri for 25 yearx. but on a joint holiday. he myxteriouxly disappearx whilxt xwimming at xea. Returning to Parix. .Marie continuex her daily routine teaching at the univerxity. refuxing to believe that .xhe hax been bereaved. And then the eoaxtguard ringx to inform her that a corpxe hax been retrieved. Devixed by 0/01] in collaboration with three female writerx. overblown melodrama ix exchewed in favour of a xiixtained mood of melancholy. Rampling providex a xuperb performance of underxtated e\prexxivenexx.

40 THE LIST 24 May—7 Jun 2001

capturing Marie‘x peculiar blend ol vulnerability. \t‘ll-Atlixtii'plltill and haunting emptinexx, (ll'il. (ilaxgow.

Unlimited Edition i l5 l i \.iiioiix.l lx. Zlitllii “ll minx, -\ collection oi .iitixt'x him and video workx (mm the laxt teii yeaix. all of which were coiiiiiiixxioiied by the l'lltti .-\iid Video l'iiibrclla. (il"l. (ilaxgow

War Of The Worlds ( i’( ll 0... (Byron llaxkin. l'S. l‘l53i(iene Baiiy. \iiii Robinxon. l.ex 'l'iciiiayiie. H5 miiix ll (i \Vcllx'x claxxic ix liiiacked by the \mciitaiix and traiixported to (‘aliloriiia in the W51 ix. thereby giv mg it that dixtinctive poxi atomic \ct-li lL'L'l. l he ()xc‘ttt‘x txlill pretty iiiiprcxxiyei won ( )xcarx in then day. and it ix xtirriiig to xee thexc \axt city xc.ipex uiidei attack from Martian \[lilL'LNllllix (ii'oxveiioi. (ilaxgow.

What Women Want ( 13. 00.

(Nancy .Mey erx. l‘S. Zillll i Mel (iibxoii. Helen Hunt. l27 miiix. (iibxoii'x divorced. playboy adv ertixiiig executive ix a textoxtcroiie-fuelled chauv iiiixt w lltixt' brand of titx ‘n‘ axx ad caiiipaigiix have long e\ceeded their xell-by date. llix company. however. waiitx to reach female coiixiiiiieix and hax given the top job to a woman (Hunt 1. Bill. following an accident. the e\ec wakcx tip to dixcov ei‘ lie'x able to hear woiiieii‘x unxpokeii thoughtx. a gilt which xcoiex him brownie poiiitx all round. (iibxoii tw iiiklcx roguixlily iii the lead role aml handlex tlic lilin'x xceiiex of xcrew ball lai‘cc w ell. But lie'x letdown by a lack olclieiiiixtry with liix co- xtar. ('amco. lidiiibiirgh.

When Brendan Met Trudyt IS. 0... (Kicron J. \Valxli. lrclaiid. Illlll i l’eter McDonald. Hora Montgomery. 95 minx. Roddy l)oy le'x lirxt original xcreciiplay boaxtx liix tiadeiiiark eccentric cliai'acterx and xliarp-w itted gagx. and lirxt-tiiiie director \Valxh riiigx every laxt one from ll. Brendan. a nerdy liiiglixh teacher who lo\cx old iiiov iex. hax liix world turned arxe over (it w hen 'l'rudy xtrutx up to him in a pub and deiiiandx he buy her a pint. lirom there the two embark on a i‘elatioiixhip that takex in wild xe\ and nocturnal law breaking. 'l‘liix ix filiiiic equivalent of Angel Delight: light. fluffy. xugary and unadulterated indulgent tun. Selected i‘eleaxc.

The Wild Bunch ( l.\‘i 0.... (Sam l’eckiiipah. l'S. Now William Holden. l'.i'ticxl Borgiiiiic. Robert Ryan. l-15 minx. lhe bloody btit emotionally xeiixitive tale ol a battle to the death betw een rough-riding 'l‘evaiix and Mcvicaii revoltitioiiai'iex. .-\ claxxic and highly inllueiitial “extent. which creatcx a paradovical beatity from e\plicitly violent iiigredientx. (lroxvenor. (ilaxgow.

The Witches (l’( i) O... (Nicholax Roeg. l'S. l‘Nlli .-\nie|ica lluxton. .Mai '/.ettcr|ing. Rowan .-\tkinxon. 02 miiix. .\'iiie year-old l.uke ix warned by liix Norwegian granny about the everprexcnt threat poxed by w itchex. which ixii't much help becaiixe within the nevt half hour he xtuiiiblex on their annual convention in a xiiiall liiiglixh hotel and getx himxelf changed into a moiixe. .\ plettxitig adaption of Roaltl l);tlil'\ cliiltli‘eii'x xtoi‘y hax director Roeg (in iinuxiially xtraightforward maiiiieri creating a xuperior kidx mov ic that hax you rooting for the mice all the way. ('iiicworld. l’alkirk.

Woman On Top ( ISiOO it-ma 'l'orrex. l'S. 2000i l’enelopc (’ru/. Murilo Beiiicio. llarold l’crrincaii Jr. ‘ll iiiiiix. lxabella t('rii/i and liuxband 'loiiinho (Beiiicioi own a xiiiall rextatirant on a Bra/iliaii beach. :\|I ix well. e\cept that lxabella xufferx from motion \lL‘lxilL‘xx \tl badly that xhe muxt alwayx be in the driving xeat even in bed. \Vhich driv ex 'l‘oninho into the armx of another woman. l)ixco\ering them together. lxabella iipx and tliex to San lirancixco tojoin her xaxxy bixevual friend Monica (l’errineaii. iii and find tame ax a 'l'\' cook. For all itx chilliex. llilllltlll ()Ii Iii/11x conxpicuouxly lacking in xpice. ('ooked up expecially for a womaii‘x palette. it ix definitely not the way to a man'x heart. and more likely the way to xend him to \lc‘cp, ‘l‘he Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Working Like Crazy ( l’(ii ((iwyiinc Baxeti/l.;itii';i Sky. ('aiiada. l‘J‘Ni minx. Documentary about former mental patientx ax they try to earn an income. l‘ilnihouxc. lidinbtirgh.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

ABC, Muirend: Glasgow

1M1('l.iikxtoii Road. Miiirend. ill-1| (H3 2l23.liito (ilJl(i3"2(v» belore 5pm Mon l‘l'l i. Student: (3.3” (Mon llltil. ('hild ().\l" L3.

7:0 ills‘lgv‘o' . ~'-

Bridget Jones’s Diary ( IS» 5. . 3 Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ( l_ l 5. l5. x05.

The Mummy Returns i iji 50¢ i. i l<?..[).»'\\i’ lHtJHSl/Ai’ Bridget Jones’s Diary t l5i l)aily: 5.55 (not ’l'hui. 8.35. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ( is I I-ri \Ved: 3.05.

Pearl Harbouri l5)

'lhti: ~1.llll. 5,-15.

See Spot Run tl’l ii

Daily: 5:15.

.'\l\(ilil;tllliet‘l‘i'i Mon. l5”. 3.15. Spy Kidsit’i Maliiieel'ri Mon: l.3(i. 3.30.

The Mummy Returns ( I 3 l l)aily: 5,00. 7.55. .v\l\(> matinee l-ri Mon: l.~15.

f‘HIDAY ‘1- ll lURSl)AY .7

l’rograiiiiiic likely to be ximilar to the pt'ey ititix \\ c‘elx. l’litiite “MI (137 :(i-ll ltit‘ detailx and iimex. New film due to open on Hi I .luii:

Pearl Harbour ( I2i

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5|.oi'iicStrect.lbi'o\.()l-1l 1l1)()722.l.'5 (Bi.

HilDAY 91') MAY- l‘yl-lUHSDAY Ill MAY lior thix w eek'x programme tiniex. pleaxe contact the cinema on ll|~1l JI‘) ()722 for


Glasgow Film Theatre

l: l\)t‘\L‘ Sll’c‘c‘l. lll-ll .‘ i: 5125. (idle/hat.

.\l| pertoriiiancex bookable. ||)|. [l l.

laveiiingx: L11."5 (£3.

_5i. Matiiieex: £375 (L: IN \\ed (belore 5pmi: f3."5

til."5i. Double bill {.5 ((3.5(0 l'amily

liiii iii.itiiieex: £2.35.

71w “any. rim 1.The Dishiiji 1.30. US. 2. The King IsAliveiISi H xfi.

Surreally Scozzese l iSi (v.30.

ilx‘ll FAY


1. Le Gout DesAutres l is. 3.30.

.\ 3i).

(i. l .5. Kill. 5. 1.00


2. The Last Resortt IM 1.00. (v.30.


SAlLiHEEA‘Y . D MAY 1. Small Soldiers t |’( it Hit).


Le Gout Des Autrest (M 3.30. .xsn.

2. The Last Resorttifii 3,00. 0.30. x45.

81 JNlJA‘i/ IV MAY

1. Le Gout Des Autres l l5l 3.30.

.\'__§(l_ 2. The Last Resort t J51 The Diplomat ( (M 0.30.

M( )N[ )AY i 4-“, MAY

1. Le Gout Des Autres ( l5) 2.30.

Faithless (Triilosa) ( ISi X00. 2. The Last Resort ( |5i 3.15.


1. Faithless Le Gout Des 2. The Last Resort ( ISi

iilosa)(ISi 2.30. utreSiISi (v.00 .xgyn. 3.00. 8.15.


5.1)“. 3:15.


illll (will,

Borders/Nazareth 2000 l l5) (v. I S.


1. Le Gout Des Autres ( l5) 3.30.

Faithless (Triilosa)ii5i it 2.The Last Resorti W 1.00 3.15.


ll {URSDAY fit MAY 1. Le Gout Des Autres 1 iii 3.30. 000. 3,30. 2. The Last Resort l ISi 3.45.




itli), (1.30.

Kate Beckinsale plays the Florence Nightingale in Pearl Harbour, a role that’s

lead to her being hailed by American critics as the English Kathryn Hepburn