I Marilyn Mazur ()uccn's Hall. ('lcl'lx Slt'cct. ()(38 2lll‘). 8.30pm.

£ 10 £12.50 (£6). \Vol‘ld class druinmcr/pcrcussiimist \y ith hcr hand. I Jaleo lidinhurgh l-cstiyal 'l'hcatrc. \icnlstm St. 52‘) 6000. 7.30pm. £l3 {fly l'lttlllcllco song. instrumcntal music and dancc l'rom thc \ ll’lll()s() Say illc group.


I Music At The Manor Manor Park llotcl. Kilmarnock Road. 01292 479365. 8 1 1.15pm. £5 (£4). Rohin Laing pcrlorms Scottish traditional and conlcmporary songs.

TT* ~


I Victoria Williams, Mark Olsen and The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers 'l‘ron 'l’hcatrc. 'l‘rongatc. 552 4267. 8pm. £ l 2 l0). Bascd in tlic Joshua 'l'rcc dcscrt. thc (‘rcckdippcrs mix country. hlucs. ia/l folk and gospcl inllucnccs. l’url of [fig Big (hunt/fly.

I The Good Sons And Tom Ovans 'l‘i'on ’l‘licatrc. 'l‘rongalc. 552 4267. l0pm. £8.50 (£6.50). Britain's till.c()tlnll'_\ pionccrs \\ ill) thcir litlcsl alhum ll(l/’/H)I(’.\.\. (iucst Support from 'I'cxan singcr-songyy ritcr 'l‘om ()yans. l’ur! u/ lily Big ('quII/jy.

I Millport Comes Up The Water l’;l\ ilitm 'l‘hcatrc. chlicld Strcct. 332 I846. 7.30pm. £8.50 £l() (£7 £8.50). A night ol country mtisic l'caturing Rcd ('anyon. 'l'hc .‘ylillport Hand. an lily is trihutc and much morc.


I Jaleo lidinhurgh l'cstiyal 'l‘licatrc. Nicolson St. 52‘) 6000. 7.30pm. £13 £5). lilamcnco song. instrumcntal milsic and dancc from thc \ irtuoso Say illc group. I Blues ‘n’ Trouble and Guy Davis 'l‘hc chuc. ('alton Road.

220 434‘). Information ()7000 794704. 8pm. £l() (£6.50). Bhics from Scotland's yctcrans. and young l'S star |)ayis hack altcr his astonishing yisit last ycar.


I Rab Noakes And The Varaflames 'I‘ron 'l'hcatrc. 'l'rongalc. 552 4267. 8pm. £l() (£8.50). l'K lcgcnd. singcr-simgwritcr Rab Noakcs with his group: lirascr Spcirs on harmonica and liyycn V'crnal on bass.

u ith tracks from thc latcst album. 'I'limii'ing Slut/nay. Support l't‘on) Monica Quccn. l’iir'l (if/fig Big ('ormlry.


I Meadows Festival 'l‘hc

Mcadou s. Noon 6pm. lircc. l.i\c music stagc lrom lpm. Scc Sat 2.

I Bob Fox \Vcc Folk ('hih. Royal Oak. Infirmary Strcct. 557 2‘)76. 8pm. Star North-cast ol' lingland \ctcran singcr/guitarist.

West Lothian

I Wrigley Sisters 'I'orphichcn Kirk. 'l‘orphichcn. 7pm. lnl'ormation 01506 653394. ('lassy ()rcadian [wins on liddlc. guitar and piano. with support from thc young lidinhurgh (iilchris‘t sistcrs on liddlc and small harp.

Monday 4


I Allan Reid and Rob Van

Sante Stirling l’olk (‘lulx 'l‘crraccs llotcl. 4 Mclyillc'l‘crracc.0125‘) 218521. 8pm. £5. .\lusic courtesy of' thc Battlclicld Battth .-\llan Rcid.

Glasgow QCmfl No Five (ilasgim- Ari School. 8pm. l-‘rcc. 353 4530. Six of

Croft No Five Coming down from the Highlands to launch Attention All Personnel their first album of their trademark spacey reels and funk. Croft No Five treat us to two free gigs. G/asgow School Of Art. Tue :3 Jun; Bel/e Ange/e, Edinburgh. Wed 6 Jun. Pierre Bensusan, Gordon Giltrap and Colin Reid This trio renresent the folk/worldiceltic side of the astonishing Kirkmicliael International Guitar Festival. The Ayrshire village is also weekend host to blues. country. flamenco. classical. rock and roll and jazz talents of world class. Various venues. Kirkrnic/rael Fri 25—-Sun 27 May.

Ifang Bondi This Gambian outfit bring sun-drenched cascades of sound. based on the kora (the West African gourd—harp) with African fiddle. percussion. keyboards. bass. guitar and complex vocal harmonies. Bongo C/ub. Edinburgh. Tue 29 May.

thc latcst young ccltic grooycrs from Scotland launch a ncyy album.


I Felicidade lil Barrio. \Vcsl Port. 22‘) 8805. |0pm 2am. lircc. Rcsidcnt 6 7 piccc Latin hand with gucsts.

Wednesday 6


0 CFO“ NO Five Bcllc Angclc 8pm. l'i‘cc. 225 7536. Scc (ilasgoyy. 'I'uc 5.

I Rory McLeod lidinhurgh Folk (‘Iuh (‘aharct Bar. 'l'hc l’lcasancc. 650 234‘). 8pm. £6 (£5). All-acoiistic poly - instrumental. vocal. rap/(lancc hypcracitiyity. :\ uniquc talcnt.


I Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham MacRohcrt. l'niycrsity of Stirling. 0l786 46l08l. 7.30pm. £7 (£3.50). (‘t‘oyyd- plcasing liddlc and accordion stars.


I Tallisker l)unlcrmlinc Folk (‘hih Thisth 'l‘aycrn. Baldridgchurn. 01383 729673.8pnr


I Martin Curtis 'l‘hc Star ('luh. Riycrsidc (‘lulx Fox Strccl. 56‘) 7287. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). .\'c\y [caland singcr.


I Sexteto Caliente til Barrio. \Vcsl Port. 22‘) 8805. 10pm 2am. l-‘rcc. Rcsidcnt hand \\ ith singcr Lino Rocha play salsa. rumba and Son.

Falkirk I Session Night l-‘alkirk l-‘olk (‘lulx .-\rnot Strcct. 0l324 6l33‘)5. 8.30pm. £ l.

folk 8 world listings Music


Friday 15 June 8.00pm Tickets £12.00 (£10.00)

the Queen's Hall

_ Clerk Street Edinburgh EH8 916 www.queenshalledinburgh.co.uk u m Booking hotline: 0l3| 668 20|9

Supported by:

' .

hebridean > 11th-

Stornoway,l '7

capercaillie cliar


rock salt & nails afro celt sound system

slainte mhath wrigley sisters


for more details contact by phone: 07001 878787 write: PO Box 9909, Stornoway,

Isle of Lewis

Transforming Stornoway in July,

the Hebridean

peltic Festival H82 90W (3 the largest Festival of email:

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