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Drama & dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


\VA : \Vheelcliarr' .v\ccess; l’ : l’arking l'acililtL‘s: \\'(' I Adapted 'lriilclts). TICKETLINK

'lickets for major yenues in (ilasgow are ayailable lit)!” the linker (critic. ('andleriggs. .\lon Sat lt).31)arn (>.3()prn: Strrr noon 5pm in person or until 9pm by phone on tll-ll 387 55l l. .-\ny ’l'icketlink liri\ office cart sell tickets for other


'li'l‘ indicates \emres where 'l‘lreatr‘c 'l‘okens can be e\changed for tickets. 'l'okeris can be bought lr‘om the Ticket (critic. ('andler‘iggs. (ilasgow. (ll-ll 387 59H): most branches of “I”. Srrritli. .lolrri .‘ylen/ies and James 'l'hin Booksellers: or by credit card from ‘l'rikt‘ltltltt'. (ll 7l 3-“) 8800.

Glasgow Drama


U3 05 llyndland Street. 357 3808. Ill. wttwwt

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin the 2‘) May Hi | Jun. 7.30pm. £l3 t£‘)t. .-\ hit at last year's lidinburgli l'"r'irige. this musical adaptation of l.ouis dc Berniercs' poptrlar noyel does the rounds just in little fur the hooks L‘ltlL‘tttttllL' t'L‘lL'ttsL‘. Did You Used To Be R.D. Laing? lth 3‘) May l’r'i I Jtrri. 0.30pm. £(r t£~l). Mike .\laran retells the life and work of (ills philosopher“ and psychologist. R.l). l.aing. .'\n enigmatic ligtir'e. l.aing was largely dismissed by the medical profession btit loy ed by many suffering from rrierital illness. feeling lliey had found a soul mate. the tan score accompanimerit is based on the music of Bill liyans. (’liick ('orea. Keith Jarret and ('hopiri.


397 Bath Street. 387 55l I. Hi. \\'(‘. \\'.-\| Jesus Christ Superstar t'nrtt Sat 2 Jun rnot Suni. 7.30pm tSat ck \Ved riiat 3.3ttpnii. £7 £3050. l.a\ isli touring production of tlle Andrew Lloyd \Vebber/l'im Rice biblical musical. featuring top times such as 'l l)on't Know How To Loyc llim’ and ‘Superstar'.


(r (irany ille Street. 387 55l l. Ill. 'l'l’. \\'('. \VAI

Linedance Frenzy l'ntil Wed 30 May (not 'l‘liu 34/l‘ri 35). 7.30pm (Sat & Wed mat 3.30pm). L' l 3 (£8). (ilasgow taxi dr'iycr l)ay id Branch turns his hand to writing. with this new musical comedy about a pair of linedancing women and their neglected husbands. See rey iew.


l3l Renlield Street. 333 1846. ll’. \\'(‘. WA]

Wake Me Up In The Year 2001 l'ntil Sat 36 May. £6.50 £l3.5(). Set in (ilasgow. l)a\ id (‘osgroy'e and Bruce Morton's new musical comedy follows one man‘s readjustment to society alter he falls asleep for 35 years. See r'ey'iew. Derek Acorah 't‘hu 3t .‘slay. 7.30pm. £ It). The popular ‘clair'atrdierit’. seen on prograriirnes like ’I'lie .lumt's' ll'lru/e Show. rises his psy cliic abilities to entertain and


98 lngr'arn Street. 387 55l l. Il’. \\'(’. WA. \VAA]

My Sister l'ntil Hi 35 May. 8pm. £8 (£4 t. Written and directed by Daniella |)e Marnbro. this debut work from new Scottish theatre company Amira explores issues of truth and deception. A woman w liose sister ran away from borne thirteen years earlier ponders whether to try and find her. now their mother is dying.

Piaf Tue 3‘) May Sat 3 Jtiri. 8.30pm. £8 (£4). Scottiin Music 'l'lieatre perform this rrrtrsical look at the often tragic life of diminutive l‘rench chanteuse. liditli Piaf. Love, Laughter And Learning Sun 3 Jun. 8.30pm. £8 t£-l). (iar‘y Hume. musical director with Scottish Music 'l'lieatr'e. performs songs from Various international shows. including Les .lliseru/r/t's. ()II('(' ()n This Island and Passion.

Three One Act Plays \y'ett t-‘rt s Jun. 7.30pm. £5 t£3.5(ll. (ilasgow (‘ollege of Nautical Studies present (ieorge Bernard Shaw 's Hie Sherri/re ('p U/ [flu/no l’owrt'r and Passion. I’Ulymr .vlm/ I’a'lrt/ii'itrioir. and Robert Harding's Steel .lluenolrm.


35 Albert Misc. 387 RUM). ll’. Tl. \\'('. \VAI

32,000 Points Of Light l'ntil Sat 36 May. Noon 8pm. l‘r‘ee. l'sing points of light and sound as your gtride. journey through this ltlttllL‘t'stVC eny ironment and challenge your own c\pcctations and awareness. Adyance booking is ady ised as only eight people can take part at each performance.


(i3 'l'r'origate. 553 4307.

The Beauty Queen Of Leenane l'ritil Sat 36 May. 8pm. £3.50 £lll (£3.50 £5.50). l'na Mclean and Ann- Mar'ie 'l‘inioney‘ star in Martin .\lcl)onagh‘s darkly comic play about a feuding mother and daughter. Stuck in each other"s pockets in their run-dow n cottage on the West (‘oast of Ireland. the two women struggle for domination. until

The Beauty Queen slips into violence at the Tron

a potential boy lr'iend corttcs calling

l’layw right larrr lleggre makes his tllt'L'L‘llltg' tlt‘l‘lll, See t‘ey lt‘yy.

Damaged GOOdS 'lttc 3‘) .\la_\ Sat 3 .lun. 8pm. £ ‘50 £lfl. .\lartrri \lt‘t‘;ir'tlrt"s political comedy receryed its first airing .rt the cam-ac in l‘l‘li. lyyo peace processes latcr'. llc's t'c~w t‘tllctt ltts tale til a young (ilasgow boy deterrrrrried to rnoye to Ireland and join the lls’.-\. tapprng into the /citgeist of religious bigotry. See prey iew.

Frankenstein Tue 5 .\ well (i .lrrn. 7pm. £5 (£3.5fll. Scottish playwright 'l‘orn .\lc(ir‘ath‘s new adaptation ol Mary Shelley is gothtc talc. Suitable for ages ten tttitl riy ct', See Kids ltslttigs.

Glasgow Dance


U l'niyersity Ayenue. 33“ 5533.

Once On This Island \y'ett Sat it Jtiri. 7.30pm. £0. 'l'he Dance School of Scollarrd bring this Broadway musical to (ilasgow. witli I’luui/om ()l The (i/n'm director James l’ater'son at the helm. l’acked ltrll of energy. this latelul musical sees two worlds collide. as a poor peasant girl falls in loye with a rich gentleman.

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Jesus (‘lirrst Superstar

Jesus ('lirrst Superstar

Jesus (’lirrst Superstar

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Jesus (‘hrrst Superstar Jesus( hrrst Superstar

% . . . l.rnedance l‘ren/y . l.rnedanee l'ren/y lint-dance l-ren/y l lllt‘ildlkC l rcrt/y l rnedarr. c l ten/j.

3 “Bl” M" l.l‘ I" Year 300] Wake Me [p In Year 300i Wake Me l'p In Year 3001 See (‘ornedy See Rock

5 RamShorn I M) 5N“ i M) Sister . . l’rat run

a Theatre Royal Sec (‘Iusmr (lumen on...” ‘1‘“ll’rimls Kneeling ilttott l’ornisJKneeluig .131“!l’orrrrs/Kneelrrig Beauty Queen ( )t lu‘riarie Beauty Queen ()flcenzuie Beauty Queen Of leenane Damaged (ioods l)atri.rr_‘cd (ioods Brunton Show loot Show :oot s.-.- 1.”, at. my sin-g \ wt...“-

3 CIIIII'CII Hill slut-au- or Marta stunt-n .Murder or Maria slant-if Murder or Maria stunt-ti raa rat-y ' l’at rat-y

g Festival Theatre s'nr' 2 sin 2 .s'rrr 3 s.-.- Rock a imp

a l‘be Weir ‘l‘lre Weir The Weir

5 Royal Lyceum

3 Th Workshop Waye Me (rimme- Waye .\le (ioodbye Waye Me Goodbye liaverse I s.-.- Kids st-t- stirs st-e rats 'll'averse 2

64 THE LIST Klara-7 Jar‘ if;