232 Hope Street. 332 0000. [R H. \\('. \VAI

Scottish Ballet’s Carmen Inc 3‘) Ma} Sat 3 Jun. 7.l5pm (Sat mat 3.|5prni. £3.50 £35 (£3.(i5 £lS."5i. .-\n ingetiinusl} simple set. a hnt-hlnoded scnt'e perlnrmcd In e \\ rth l'larnencn singers and Rnhert \nrth's simple hut ell'ecth c chnrengraph} all cnnspii'c m Scnttish Ballet's adaptatian nl Mer'tritee's classic shnrt stni'}. lzarth}. entertaining and lull ot lllslllll passinn.

Jaleo Hut 7 I‘m S Jun. 7.I5prn.

£3 £ l 5 (cnncs mailahlci. 'l‘hc auat'd-

u inning llarnencn trnupe return to Scntland with more tier} guitar p|a_\ing. hand clapping. song and dance. ll _\nu'\e nc\ er experienced the passion and energ} ()I I‘latltcticn dance. this Se\ illc--ltascd nutlit are the Inlks tn see it _\nu‘\e

\\ itnessed them hel'nre then )nu'll knrm ltnu gnnd the} arc.


35 Albert l)ri\e. 3S7 3000, ll’. 'I'l‘. \\'('. \\'.-\|

Kneeling Down Softly/And What Is Something To Cry About Then I'ntil Hi 35 Ma}. 7.45pm. £0 (£3). Dancer artd chrrreographer I-‘inna Wright C(iltlilttlcs her imestigatinn iritn the image (it the lone ligure. :\d\;rrtce honking advised due to limited capacit}.

Edinburgh Drama


Lad)“ ell \Va). Musselhurgh. 005 3340. ll’. lI. 'I"'l’. \\'(‘. \\'.'\|

‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore Wed 30 .\Ia_\ Sat 3 Jun. 7.30pm. £ts’ (£4). theatre hahel l'nllrm nn trnm their acclaimed prndtrctinn nl' .Ilerlea. \\ ith this IIL‘“ adaptatinn of John I‘nrd's I7th centur} masterpiece. lixplnring the darker side of human relationships. the pin} focuses on that Inng—standing tahnn \uhiect. incest.


55a \lttl'ttiltgsidc Road. 553 USIIII. Il’. Ill The Murder Of Maria Marten t'ntil Sat 36 Ma}; 7.}0pm. £0.50 ( £5.50). lidinhurgh l’enple‘s 'I'heatre perl‘nr'tn this Victnrian melodrama. complete \\ ith

\\ ill) tnusical interludes and audience participation. hased nn Brian .I. Burton‘s The Red Ilarn.

Pal Joey Tue 3‘) Ma} Sat 3 Jun. 7.30pm; Sat 3.30pm & 7.30pm.

£7.50 £0. .»\Ilegrn present this popular ('hicagn musical. based nn .Inhn ()‘llara’s shnt't stories about a last- talkrng had ho} uhn runs llls nun nightcluh.


l5 3‘) \Ic‘tilsnlt Street. 53‘) ()(lle. Ill. m ‘. \mi

Halfway To Paradise: The Billy Fury Story Sun 3 Jun. 7.30pm.

£8 £l4.50 (£5 £I l.50i. Dubbed the ‘llritixh l'.|\is‘. Bill} l’ur} spent 3S0 \xeeks in the charts. \\ ilh 3‘) hit singles spanning three decades. In this tune- liIIed drama. ('nIin (inld is joined h} l'ur} ‘s original hacking hand. the 'I'nt‘nadns. tn r'e-teIl the stnr} nl‘ this legendar} rocker.

Anything Goes Tue 5 Sat ‘) Jun. 7.30pm ('l'hu & Sat mat 3.30me

£33.50 (£5 £ I‘).50i. (lemma ('raxen and Ifr‘earl'x .lnnathan .\lnrris step nnhnar‘d the SS .-\nierican for this l’.( i. \VndeltnuseK'nle l’nrter musical. l'eatttring tnp slum tunes such as ‘Ynu‘r‘e the Top and ‘I (let .\ Kick (hit ()I' Yntt'.


(irindla) Street (‘nurt. (it'ittdla) Street lane. 33S I404.

Once Sat 3 k Still 3 Jun. Denmark‘s 'l‘eatt‘et (‘arte Blanche ghe traditional lair) stories a hen t\\ ist. I’ar‘! rrt‘t/te Bank at Scat/anti ( 'lii/t/r‘en '\ International Theatre /'¢'\I(i'rl/. Scc Kids listings.


3 Lu en Street. 53‘) (r000. Ill. 'l'l‘. \\'('. WA] The Weir l'ntil Sat 3(i Ma}. 7.30pm (Sat mat 3.30pml. £8.50 £ I(r.50. .-\s the locals in a remote Irish ptrh tell spunk) tales tn

\\ hile aua) an e\ening. a tie“ girl in (nun arrnes \\ itli her nun hatttttirig tale arid changes their Ines irrexncahl}. (‘onnnr Mel’hersnn’s auar'd-uinning pla} llits ertin} ed sell-nut runs at London‘s Rn}al ('nurt and on llrnadna) arid mm makes its Scnllislt debut.

The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon 'I‘hu 3| .\Ia_\ Sat 3 Jun. See Kids listings.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (it‘indla) Street. 33‘: I404. ll’. ll. 'Iil’. we. \\'.-\|

Playing From The Heart Hi I ts;

listings Theatre

V - my.“ Mp. ECG: 3F .

Sat 3 Jun. 7pm (Sat mat 3.30pm). £5. l.nndnn's I’nlka Theatre and the Royal I.) ceurn Theatre (‘nmpan_\ learn up to present this stage adaptation nl‘ Ii\el_\n (ilennie's touching autobiography l-rnm her childhood )c'ars on a rural Aberdeen farm to her acceptance at the Rn)al Academ} nl' Mtisic. the pla} captures the per'cussinnist's determined r'el'tisal to let deafness stand in her way. I’tII'I It’ll/It' Bank Uf-SCUI/(UH/ ( 'llllr/I'en '.\ International 'I‘lreatre I'estr't‘al.

1984 Northern Stage rea‘rstls ‘.' ~ dark political visions of Preemie Orwells novel through 21::


. . . Characteristic rnultrrn ma ‘. a. r 34 llamiltnn Place. 338 I404. Ill. \\(. it . ( WM ,1. Alan Lyddrard directs a puniu ‘t

With as much social relenarw. ' as 50 years ago. See pro. maCROberT. Stirling, Inn .‘53 May—Sat 2 Jun.

Beauty Queen Of Leenane The Tron's splendid protlavtr " Martin McDonagh’s hiattk cw» :. combines a touch of thu / at": v Teds wrth some ugly (:orrirrrti'ita'.

Wave Me Goodbye t'niil Sat 26 Ma). 7.30pm (Sat ntat 3pm). £7 (£4). (ir'ace Barnes' tale nl‘ Scottish ‘Iumherjills' in the Women's Land V_ Arm) during World War II. perl'nrmed h)’ the local communin with a little help from theatrical prns. 5‘. A Friend For Boltan The Lion 7‘ Hi I Sun 3 Jun. (ierman cntltpan)‘ 'l'heater 'l‘riehwerk present this engaging and award-winning tale. Part 3-1

n/ the Bank a/‘Sentlanrlt lit/(lien .x f, on Violemce mm HHHUSSW} 1,. Internatrmtal llieatre l‘t’.\ll\‘(l/. See 1 , Kim “mum. 3;; Ireland. Iain Heggres pr rout ‘r

. brings out both the corned; .i' 2

:T tragedy to strong effect. Sta»

i'i revrew. Tron Theatre. (Harm

Sat 26 May

Damaged Goods lvtartrrr McCardie's satire of serttarrar :,'r Scotland which was first proriu. w i at the Citizens Theatre III 100.“ sharply observed comedy of w The play uses the l<l(,lll’dl)l)ltlt} r f .3' English army cadet by a Set It thinks he's Irish to question mi.» of national identity. Tron 'Hruam -. Glasgow. The 29 May Sat 2 ./.’/'r‘ The Weir Conor McPherson}. quietly effective tale of a group 2/ men in a remote Irish puh ttfllll‘rtl each other ghost stories. I hey encounter a mysterious young woman, whose story is the rrrr»; effective Of all. King '3 Meat/t). Edinburgh, until Sat 26 May.

Moby Dick Sat 3 Jun. (iermany‘s 'l'heatre 'l'riehwerk present a musical retelling til the classic novel by llerrnart Melville. I’art aft/re Bank of Seat/aan ( 'lri/(Iren 's' Internatimral 'I‘lreatre festival. See Kids listings. The Night Maze Sat 3 & Sun 3 Jun. Denmark’s Theater In Balance present this Iccl-gnnd story tackling issttcs nl‘ sell-confidence. I’art aft/1e Bank n/flS'ent/aml ('Itilrlren '.\' International 'I‘lteatre l'extit'al. See Kids listings. ' TRAVERSE THEATRE

('amhridge Street. 338 I404. [l’. ll. 'I'I‘. WC. WAI

The Gruffalo Sat 3 & Sttn 3 Jun. Tall Stories present their adaptation nl‘ Julia Donaldsnn‘s zm'ard-winning hnnk. I’art aft/re [tank a/‘Sentlanrl ('lri/r/ren 'x Internatirma/ Theatre I‘i’.\'lll‘(l/. See Kids listings.

Hansel And Gretel Sat 2 & Sun 3 Jun. Denmark's lignsteatret (iruppe 38 rework this popular children‘s tale. I’rlt'l rift/1e Bank (gliSr‘rnlunr/ (Vii/(Ire)! '5‘ International Theatre I'estr'i'al. Sec Kids listings.

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 31 Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 Monday 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 R l) lamg/(‘pt (‘nrellr R I) I.aIrtg/('pt ('nrelh 3 _ “I . . . i . ()nce ()n 'I‘his Island ()nce ()n This lsldlltl 2 Jesus ('hrist Superstar Jesus (‘hrist Superstar Jesus ('lurst Superstar . _ a Mltchell Th F . . . r 1’ Derek .-\cntah sec l'nlk See Jazz See Rock & Pop : m . . . . . t n l’ral l’rat l’iat l me. laughter tk luuttrng “"00 ()"L' A“ PM.“ Thrcc 0"“ A” Mil.“ o ('armcn (‘armcn (‘armen ~ E Tlamway Damaged (innds Damaged (innds Damaged (hunts Frankenstein l-"rankenstcin tram She\;\\\hnre is I’ll) sits \\\lt(‘tc 'lisl’ll) silt-x \ \thrc Sec Rock & PUP BfllfltOfl l’al .lne} l’al Inc) l’al Joe) ' l m Jalcn lalcn ll.t|l\\.i} In l’aradrw :\ll)llttllg (itK‘s Anyhmg (inc-s Anything Goes Th 2 See Kltls Sec Kltls Sec Kids - a l’|a_\uig l-rnrn lhe llean l’la)mg l min lhc llcart g Sec Kids Sec Kids —- e r - - Th g sn- Kids st-t- Kids st-t- kirk strt- Kim \lnnda} l.t/.’Inl Borders i-‘usmn ‘ll'averse 1 _ l Physical Recall Traverse 2

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