Comedy listings

Tuesday 29


Skitters 'l'lic Stand. 5 York l’lace. 558 7272. .‘s‘pm. £5 (Lllr See Mon 28. Hairy Watt Comedy Club llcr‘rol- Watt l'ni\er'sit_\ l'riiori. Riccartori. ~15l 5333. 9pm. £3. ll}peracti\e liilarit} l'rom Stephen (iranl \\ rth support lr'olll Bill Dewar and Ben l)arc} Students and guests ()lll).

Wednesday 30


CACK liar /.oo. St) l)umharton Road. 334 Xlll2. 3.30pm. £3 lt'2i. l'ortniglitl} rieucomers corned} exening leaturirig sl\' open mic tr} -outs. wing for their position in the Men 200] .\'e\\ ('omed) (‘lialleiige


Crazy Cabaret the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. Ll ll'3i. :\ pic ‘n' mi\ olcoriied}. magic. characters. sketches and riiadness. Join Reg Anderson. Stexeri Dick and John Sinclair lor an inspired menu ot' gags. serx ed up to heat those midiseek lilues. Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night The Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7272. 0.30pm. L'I to pla}. l’it _\our “its against host Reg Anderson tor the chance to \s in cash and pr'i/es.


The Stand 'l‘lle Stand. 3.3.3 \Yoodlttllds Road. (lS7l) (illl) (ill55. 8.30pm. £5 (£3). Resident coriipere lirankie Boyle is joined in much laughter and merriiiieiit h) Mike Milligan. l)es ('larke. .lupp & (ieorge and three Velvet Virgins.

Dr Gorman’s Comedy Club l)l‘ (iorman's. King Street. Rutliergleri. (i»l7 5155. 8.30pm. l‘ree. With the laughs coming courtesy ol l)es .\lcl .eati \\ itll support from Keara Murph} and .\l(' Scott Agnew.

Edinburgh Big Word Performance Poetry

(iilded Saloon. 233 (‘o\\gate. 220 2 l 5 l. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). \Vildl} \aried poetr} cahar'et with a comic edge l'eaturing Roh (iee. Stephen Barnah). Rehecca 'l'hoiiipsoii and Raoul Ktt\\ttlsk_\.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l‘lll .\lac(‘ools. llil l.othiaii Road. (i22 7ll)‘). 9pm. Free. longh- talkirig Raymond Mearns is joined h} (‘ormac Quinn. \’i\ (Ree and host Reg Anderson.

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£3). lleadliner' (‘ary Marx alternates lewd musings with some impressive riiagic. Adrian l’oj ntori and l)elia (iallagher stand-up tn support.


The Stand The Stand. 333 \Yoodlands Road. 0870 (i()(l (i055. 9pm. £6 (£5). l.;t.sci\'ioll.s suggestions and magic touches l‘eature highl} in (Hire) Marx's routine. Joining in the comic debauchery are Mark Rratclipiece and Adrian l’oynton in an exeiiiiig compered by Jane Macka}.


The Craic House ’l‘llL' ()tllllollsc‘. l2a Brougliton Street Lane. 557 (iooh‘. 9pm. Free. Raymond .\learns tells it like it is. and standing up in support are John l.ittlejohn and Rene l.iricliestico\. As usual. Reg Anderson and Rex in Spence join in the comic shenanigans. The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £6 (£5). More hilarious goings-on courtesy ol‘ main man Ronnie Rigsh} \\ itli support from .\like Milligan. l)e.s (‘larke and odd couple Jllpp and (ieorge.

68 THE LIST .3-1 Max ~ a

friE'us'EL'Ess GUIDE 70 SCOTLAND Boom Boom. Edinburgh coo.

Two men stand on stage, both near collapse while trying to suppress their own laughter. The audience look on, as amused as the performers themselves. Welcome to The Useless Guide to Scotland. Brian Hennigan and Bill Dewar continue to delight in bringing their own take on the country we live in. What’s more, they‘ve got furry hats and they’re not afraid to use


The style and structure of the show are incredibly laid back, comparable to two children looking through a box of things and playing with whatever they find. Hennigan and Dewar play off each other with great results. They present a fast-moving sketch show, helped along by home-made props and the best use of a portion of chips ever seen in a comedy show. The informal nature of the show also means that they are more than willing to move away from the script whenever the opportunity arises.

They are both generous and eager comics who show a great pleasure in performing. Their enthusiasm is contagious, with the audience sharing the fits of giggles that occasionally overcome the duo on stage. They are both natural performers with a real joy for the job they are doing. The end result is a very funny romp of a show, brought to you by two men who look like

they should know better. (Anne Brooks)


Madcap Comedy Club At Cumbernauld Theatre ('uriiherriauld ‘l'lieatre. ls'ildr'urii. 0| 230 732357. .\‘.l5pni. £5 tlclli. \Vitli Ra)iiioiid Meariis. 'l‘all) (iroans. The Ram ()l' l’tirit}pr‘itltl and more.


Dundee Comedy Club the l)tigllllll\c. l5 lil‘lm ll Sll'c‘c‘l. ill .332 22703”. ‘lpiii. £5 (H i. ('amp shenanigans and di\a impersonations lrom (‘raig llill. l‘iri .\lc.-\rthur. .lariies l‘ergusori and Kate l’inri stand-up in support alongside host .loon llr'oori.


The Stand lllc Stand. 5.33 \Yoodlttllds Rodd. “Halli (illll (ill55. ‘lpllt. U ([4 l. See liri l. Ulll} Strsari Morrison coriiperes. Madcap Comedy Club the State Bar. I48 llollarid Street. 332 2|5‘). ‘).3llprii. £5 rL'Ji. Bill} l’rtillkc‘h introduces l’arrot. |)es .\lcl.ean and Brandon Reed.


Boom Boom! 'l‘lie ll'llll. ‘) llunter Square. 557 43 l 5. 9pm. Ur. '1‘) picall} unpredictable \\ itli more energ} than sense. .'\llttll .\liller takes the top slot. (‘omed_\ hacking comes ll'lllll (ierr) (irarit. (iraeme llllllllth. one open spot and compere Hr'iari Hennigan.

The Stand 'l'he Stand. 5 Yor'k Place. 553 7272. 9pm. £7 (Hi. See in l.

East Kilbride

Noel Fielding l-.;isr Killii-itle .-\rls (.clllt‘c‘. ()ld (’oach Rlitld. lll555 2(i lllllll. 8pm. £7 (Hi. 'l‘aking timeout t'rom his l‘llitisll responsibilities. the l’errier nominee lll\ ites _\ou into his surreal

lah} rinlh ol' comic ahsurdit}.


The Vigorous Lime Quiz Of Joy ('urlers. 25o l3}res Road. 338 (i5l l. 3pm. l‘ree. See Sun 27.

Six On Sunday the Stand. 333 \Yoodlallds Road. USN) (illll (ill55. S.3llprii. £3 lL'2i. .\laniacal meandering

lrom .-\ll.m \liller. “ho is ioiried h) .\like \lilligari and corned) 's odd couple .lupp & (ieorge

Canvas Comedy Club (liners.

l.3 to \\.ills Street. 552 2llll ‘lpru {.5 _\l(‘ .laniie ls’olirrison introduces headliner |)es .\lcl can and support .rcls ('hr'rs Broomtield and ('oliri l-lxes


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? the Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S 7272 lprii l-iee \\ itli drinks or a meal See Sun 2" Six On Sunday the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272 S3llpni L3 rt2i Staridrup si\ pack lealurrng llrucc

l)e\ llll. \dr‘ian l’o_\riton and John (iordon.

Monday 4


Crazy Ape Comedy Club liar /oo. SH lhrrirhartoii Road. 33-1.\’ll|2_ S3llplll (-1 ii 3 i. Ra} riiond .\learns headlines \\llll hack»in lrom Roli .\lil|er .uid compcre ('hrrs llr'oomlield.


Red Raw We Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55X 7272. S3llpm. L'll'ompere llruce l)e\ Iiri and headliner Richard Smrlli ptrt around eight coined) lll‘\\clilllt‘l\ through then paces.

Tuesday 5


Rhymes And Misdemeanours 'l'lie Slarid. 5 York l’lace. 55S "272. Spin. Ll 1L3 i. (timed) \\ itli a poetic t\\ rst l'rom l)oriiia Krachari. Sheridan Straulierr}. ltric l)a\ idsoii and lireridan .\looliari.

Three Fat Ladies lllt‘ Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0.30pm. Ll it 3 i. .loori llr'oori. Jane \lacka} and llruce l)e\lrri imite _\ou toioin in this interactne riiur'der m)ster} e\ening. (iuest star .\liles Jupp takes on the role ol the rand)

Wednesday 6


Crazy Cabaret ’l‘lie Siantl. S Yolk Place. 553 7272. .S’pm. H lL3i. Sec \Ved in.

Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night the Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7272. ‘).3llpm. [l to pla}. See \ch 3t).


The Stand ’l'he Stand. 3 33 Woodlands Road. 087“ (lllll (itl55. H.3llpm. £5 1923i. Standing up tor stand up this e\enmg ar'e John (iillick. .'\llttll .\liller'. three \clH‘I Vit'gllh and resident liosl l'ltillklc liti}lc.

BBC New Comedy Awards - Semi Finals 2001 \L‘lu‘l Rooms. 520 Saucliieliall Street. 3 32 H755. 0pm. £5. 'llie search l’or new comic taleril is liottirig up mm the lill(' getting in on the act in preparation lor their lirials at the ladinhurgh l’ringe. lmprox riiaestro and l'ririge old»tiriier Rliss .\'ohle is ill he coriiper'ing the e\eriirig. in part preparation for his third solo lestrial \llll\\. \\;i\irig l}i'ical ahout :tll}llllllf_' and e\er'_\lhirig that tickles his laric}. lot more irilormatrori. \ isit u“u.hhc.ctruk/talenl


The Stand 'l'lie Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm. £5 tL'3i. llostess with the lliostess Jooll llt‘ooli introduces musical coriiediari Sand} Nelson. is itli support l'rom John l.ittleiohri and James l’ergusori.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'iin .\lac(‘oo|s. l(il l.othian Road. 022 7lll‘). 9pm. l‘ree. Reg Anderson is the e\ening's riiairi attraction u itli support ll'lllll Ben Marc}. (iraeme Phillips and ('olin Simpson.