Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Glasgow club listings compiled by Jack Mottram.

Iasgow Thursdays


I Bounty at (J. 5pm larii. l'ree. \VL‘L‘kl). Bill} hltlltgittt l\ til the llL'llll Hi this iiew night. leaturing part} tunex ltCl‘t)\\ the genre\. l'r‘orn RtUi to eluh L‘l2t\\ie'\.

I Diamonds at the \at‘iet} Hat:

Spin eltwe. l-‘ree. Weekl}. l)J .\ltieei pr'exentx Southern \mooeh to roekahill) i'auneh t'or roekxtead} liddiex. ll _\ou know what that lllL‘;ttt\. )ou'll pt'ohttltl} want to go.

I Nico’s at Nieo‘x. 0pm midnight. l‘r'ee. Weekl). l)J Miguel (Wall lo Wallt \pinx upheat houxe \eleetionx tor a \lltdcnly crowd.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7.30pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Resident ‘l)onut' Ja} ix joined by Kris Keegan. lair 'lhonipxon and .»\.J. spinning the hext houxe \tttttttl\. I The Operators at (‘mia (‘ot‘t'ee ((ireat Wextern Road). 7 l lprn. l‘i‘ee. Weekly. The loeal heroex axxixt eapitalixt eot‘t'ee eulttir'e with their iniinitahle hlend ol'ja/I. funk and hip hop.

I Pousey Cafe at Air- ()rgaiiie. S t tpm. lir'ee. Weekl). 'l‘he Jengaheadx get _\ott \toked up tor a night out. with a riii\ed hag (it heats. from eleetr'o and tunk through to house and techno.

I Phatboy’s Kitchen at .\te(‘liuilt\ Way Out West. Spin midnight. l’ree. Weekly. Hip hop. breaks and heat\ eourtes)‘ ot”|'he Wax Monke}.

I Sample & Hold at Bar Soha.

Spin midnight. l‘ree. Weekl}. l.i\ e hip hop. replete with guext \Ueitllxlx. \ei‘ateh} littxlttcsx and per'euxxion.

I Shogo at The Brunxw iek ('ellarx. 9pm midnight. liree. Weekl}. :\n e\ening ol hr'eakx. heats and \uehlike lrom (i— Man and oeeasional guestx. with skateboarding \‘txttttl entei‘tainmentx.

I Syntax In Small Doses at liar San/a. 9pm midnight. l-‘ree. Weekly [)1 Jaee t‘r'om Syntax lL‘tlltt\ up with Mark Welxtord from Small l)o\e\ tl’aixle} t lot' weekly L‘XL‘tll'Slttlh ot' the teeh-houxe and eleetro variet).

I The Thursday Broadcast at the Living Room. 0pm midnight. l’r‘ee. Weekl}. Rotation of (ilaxgow '\ top I” talent featuring Stevie lilernentx among others.

I Tilt at Bar It). 7pm late. l‘ree. Weekly. An evening ol liur'o tranee t'rom the 'l‘ilt erew'.

I Virunga at lirel ‘tprn rrirdvrrght l'ree. \Veekl}. .\ top \L'lL'Lllt'll wt turre\ with a world l‘t.t\. rneluding wea. l atrrr danee. .-\triean and reggae


I Affinity at Media. llprri larn 1-1 “43 t. \Veekl). l’rtigie'\\r\ e and l‘tttit Home in the main arena w ith te\ttlerit\ Ste\e (‘oneannon and Paul l lerning Rotational talent ahoundx in the hat k \uite,

I Bennet’s at lieririet'x l lprn iam L3 it: t. \\eekl_\. Shawn delnerx a eornmer'eial danee rnr\ in the main room. while .-\nnre \upphex "ttx and Mix hrtx at the pr'eiiirer ga} \enue.

I Club Salsa Sabrosa at the Ila\ana liar. llHltpm iam. Ll :L iStti \Veekl}. 'l'op noteh l.atin \ittttttl\. w tllt all hip-\haking genr'ex eiweted lll;tttk\ to re\ident\ Keith. .\le\t\ and ( ieo l),

I Columbian at the \\_\ luin liaek Roorii. Spin lam. l-i'ee to(‘l Sl' rnemhei‘x; Ll otherwrxe. \\eekl} \lll\lk with hr‘eakx li'om hip hop and hrg heat to mild and tank.

I Cop at .\rehao\. llpiii iarn. [-1 it; i i. \VL'L‘hl}. :\l\\0lttlel'\ eitlit\\;tl \ltttlettl lttgltt with Vanee and ('..l. \uppI} rng hard

part} ing lttttt\L' atttltentx til the main room and dal't elaxxtex ti'oni 'l'am (‘oi le downxtair'x.

I Fat Sumo ttl .l-llt' (ilttNgtiw Seltiitil ttl :\rt. Ittpni 3.30am. Li. \\eekl_\. .\ new \enture lor‘ the \ie liar. with l.'l‘.l Itoxoni and her tra\h_\ eleetro pop getting ample \upport t'rom lli l‘idelit} K Sean l)iek\on in the \eeond and totirth week ot the month. with llll\lt l’upp} tl)i\ inei \tepping into the hreaeh in the third week.

I Freak Moves at the ( il;i\gow Sehool Ul:\l‘l (ltp\l;tll'\t. lttpm I. ittam. Li. Weekly l).|\ l)ema and Mr \iee \lto\\e;t\e hip hop. daneehall and tank. now on a w eekl_\ haxix. 'l'hix tor'tnight the ho} \ are joined h} [K l).\l(' (‘haiiipion .\lr 'l'hing til Ma} i.

I MFI at l'ni\ei'\e t('oathridgei. llpiii 1.10am. [-1 till. \Veekl}. liig tell) man liwan .\lael.eod and DJ Hoh with tt tll\L‘ti-ltltgL‘tl \L‘leeltittt til. lttitlu‘ old and new.

I motion til the \t‘l\L‘l l<ttttlll\. llpiii 3am. [-1 ([2). 3| .\la_\. \lonlhl). l’timping hard houxe to get _\ou teeling lil't\k_\ lot” the weekend.

I Pimp at Planet l’eaeh. llpiii 3am. L4. \Veekl}. Ste\ e (iaxton pump\ out the l'trnkiext dixeo and lighten\ the hlend with the oeeaxional kitxeh elaxxie.

I Polo For Me at the Polo lounge. ltlpm lam. l'i‘ee. \Veekl}. You. the luek} punter. take the helm tonight. to requext eardx are a\ailahle o\ er the hai' and in the hootli.

I Revel at (33. llpiii .iain. L5 ten. 3-1 Ma}. lioi'tnightl}. Simon lo}. Ste\ en ('oneannon and Donnie .\lae \pin a \L‘lL‘L'lltlll ol pr'tigt'e\\l\ e. litlt'o tt'tittee tunex rni\ed in with \orne ('hieago hottxe and tank.



Live Music and Brazilian DJ

81h of June £10 entry




IPANEMA v1. (we oi the t‘r((‘.‘<'. and most tosnionohlc benches ol Rio dc Joncrio, IPANEMA IS .-.t‘n"o- "to lri'tioux o '5 ol inc li’ttttOUS song it.‘C(l, IPANEMA is the name Rio's bohemian liner “PANEMA ()iH) mantis hlcssmi '.'.’(tht in hrrizrl's notwc language Tupr_Gu0rini, 0nd IPANEMA s. <: oreot none that '.‘.’tll hung to Glasgow Brazil's finest t‘ltUStC or the Ronlrcw Ferry, "t rr giro ()t Po Viiodo, (ttt(l With an enCyclopcdra of brozilimi music to dance to.

74 THE LIST 2-1 Mtt‘,~7 .Jtrt‘ '

I Rhythm And Blues .tl t n.- lltprn iain L; \\eekl_\ ()neot the ert} \ tine-\t RAH mghtx \\tllt rexrdentx l’aul lra_\ nor. \aeern and Stuart \leLallnrii

I Routes at \d l 1h llprn iarn L; \\eekl} the dining home etrrn \t_\le har relatmehex rt\ \ lnhhrng \oireex w ith lltl\ regular deep lti‘tt\\' date that \oinex eottrte\_\ oi ()wen ('aldwell and ( 'olrn l).i\ It"

I Skint at llie ( 'athouxe liprn iam Lt «1'3. \\eekl} lough elierrrreal lite.ik\ and\. l\‘\ k and indie tor a \tudent} erowd

I Skycop at \k}l‘at \rehaoxi ll.15prn iarii (-1 «L in \\eekl_\ lhe poxli hit ot \rehao\ llttlll\ to the deep hou\e \t_\ ling\ ot l\’_\att l\eri. .i\ the regular \tudent night paek\ them in tlii\\lt\l.itt\

I Streetsoul at the \el\et Rooiiw. llpiii iani Lt it'li \\eekl_\ ie\\ept laxt 'l lnr ot the niontht. Ra_\ rnond \\ood\. l).\l( i. John I )tt|t\ and \.t\'t'ttt take it in turn\ to pro\ ide the Rtkli and \ttttl \t‘lL‘x'llttllN

I Thursday Is Enough at (‘luh litrdda. llpiii iain. Ll it.' ‘~ t. \\eekl_\. l)i\eo and houxe troni Ste\ re Smith.

I Trash at 'l‘r'axh. lll. iltpni iam. LTl tL'Z t. \Veekl}. Student l;i\e\ w ith a tunk} theme.

I Tune! at g3. llpiii iarn. l'ree entr_\ hetore llpni; L i tt_'3i alter. \\eekl_\. Simon .\lor'r'i\on and .\nd_\ lloi'ri \eleet hr'and new houxe and tranee. plu\ lhr/a la\ouiite\ to log the memor'_\.

I Tunnel Thursdays at the tunnel, l lpm iam. L31 it. it. Weekly 'l'unnel regulai‘x l\\'\ in \lel-arlane and Seott Maekay plux l.r\al ittlewood in room two. \pin liott\e loi a di'exxed tip et‘iiw d til \ltttlettt\.

I Menage a Trois at .\la\,

llpiii 3am. L71 Mei \llltlt'ltht. \\'eekl_\. Studentx \eeni to like ltthltl\ that e\plieitl_\ r'eler to \e\u;il aetx. tor \oine r‘eawn. \o the name ehange tor .\la\~ w eekl} \tudent haxh \hould paek then‘. in. (ieott \lotttliit‘d and .loliii ’l'liompxon \uppl) the \tudent el;i\\ie\ and part} anthemx.

I 1210 at liaha/a, Spin .iain. l'iee helore llpiii; (-1 Neil, \Veekl). lop noteh hottxe. garage and name troni lari 'lhompxon and Max id ( iilmor'e. renowned tor keepmg the erowd on

their toe\ and dropping the odd \llt'ltt‘ht‘

traek. In a hid to eneom'age new talent. the rexidentx \tep down troin S llpiii. turning o\ei' the 'l'eehniex to up and eorning Mix. ('all the eltih on 30st ltlttl tor detailx ol how to pai'tieipate.

I Upfront at the .v\\_\ luin.

lllpm 3am. Ll (tree to ( 'l 'Sl' memher‘xi. Weekl}. Izddre 'l'onner' and Seott .\loehar with titialit} houxe and

I The Wha? at 'l he l.ith \ote ( 'ltrh. .\'e\t date the.

Chart & Party

I CJ’s Madhouse at Sliaek tlttt'tttL‘t'l} 'lhe ‘l'eniplei. lilillltttt iam. Ll IL'J t. (‘ra/_\ eliart ttiriex.

I Loveshack at l‘ltl'} .\lnr'r'_\ \. llpiii .iam. L-l t L2 i. \\eekl_\. .ltltl and Phil with a hlend ot eonimer'eial elaxxiex. \ intage indie and a toueh ot tltSL‘tt.

I Rumble at the ( iai'age.

llpiii 3am. Lil til I. Weekl}. .-\li\oltrtel} er‘aekei'x \tudent night. \tulted to the gunnelx e\er'} time with kidx \hai'king to the \otttith ot ehart hitx. indie l;t\ttltt'tlL'\ and lowrhrow home.

I Shag Tag at l’rix rlege. llpiii iam. Lil ith. \Veekl}. lnxanel} \ueeewtul night haxed on a eoniple\ riurner'ieal

tlir‘ting \_\ \tem; meryme get\ a nurnher

upon enti'}. then. rt \oineone eatehe\

_\otir e_\e. )on write their nmnher on the

hoard ne\t to _\our own. with the idea heirig that the} then t'tl\lt tip to _\ou and get hi/—a_\. .\ltt\le‘ wi\e. rtix eommereial home and tranee trom Se\} Ste\ e and

Kink} Kenn}.

I Skint at lhe t'athothe llpiii iam, :31 1L3» \\eekl} l‘unk. punk and part} pap w rtlr plent} ot \ltlttk\ promm IWired at l)t‘\lltt_\ lttpm iani L2 hetore llpm. L' i alter. \\eekl_\ (iaxual night at the wrought non e\hihition euin eluh w tllt a danerer lttll\le polie_\. lltt\ r\ the onli time when denim and trarnei\ are .ieeeptahle apparel here. \ii _\on don‘t ha\e to iron _\om lien Sherman

Glasgow Fridays '

Pro eluh

I Brian Murnin at the t t\tttg Room “pm midnight l‘ree \\eek|_\ Hiran eiitttttttte\ to ‘pla_\ the \ottgx that make the whole world \rng'

I Budda at liar l’iudda .\pm midnight l ree \\eekl} (‘hih ll.ittt\ \pinnrng j..‘tth\ C lk'kl ltttttu‘ li' lltt‘ lt\ patty etit\\ tl I Chi at \let ‘hurll'x Spin midnight lree \lonthl) lhe tirxt III a \ueeexxron ot rather eool tttgltl\. the exerting \l.ttt\ with mellow \liaolttt heat\ and l‘tt|l\l\ to tunk) hotixe and hotirie_\ teehno

I Critical Mass at .\iee 'n' Slew}. Spin late lree. \M'ekl}. .lorr l'opp. aka \oi. w rtlr a wiltii|l_\ peeulrar \eleetion. ranging lr'om punk to [rink and all point\ in hetween. \othrng to do w ith hike riding aritr eaprtalmn.

I Cut De Sac at (‘ul l)e Sae.

“pm midnight. l ree. \Veekh llottxe aetion hour a pool ot l).l\. inehidrng

Ste\ ie l)oti.ild\oti. l)onienie ('appello. (irahani \\ tlwti and Kier'an .\le( ‘arm.

I Edward’s at lzdwar‘d'x.

“pm midnight. l'tee. Weekly l‘pheat \eleetioiw troni Keith Piper to get )oti gorrig tor the w eekend.

I Friday Street at lilaeklitan ttlit\\tt\lttlt\t. Spin lam, [the 25 .\la_\ the premier .\lod hangout in toer \trpplie\ Northern Soul and .\lotown ela\\ie\ eour‘tex) til the (itiitdloitl etc“. \o hop on _\oui \eooter‘ and iron that \nit. I Illuminations at the ltgltlltttttxe. S. itlpm midnight. l'r'ee. Weekl}. l).l l)attd_\ tl)i\eo X i and .v\lan ll. tlir'eaeht \pin 'tonior'row. _\e\teida_\. toda_\‘ muxre. I Nico’s at \ieo'x. ‘tprn midnight. l-ree, \Veekl}. llarr'} llirrnx with a tttl\t'tl* up \eleelron ot Northern. hip hop and houxe.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7. ittpni midnight. l'l'L'C. \\\‘t‘kl}. Kt‘h Kt't‘g'tttt. lltlt 'lhompxon and :\..l. ttillt ‘l)onnt' .la} at ihix pre eluh, l't‘ee eamer‘a hire addx a mee toueh.

I Paul Cawley at .-\ir ( )r'ganie.

‘tprn midnight. l'i'ee. Weekl}. .\ return to normal toi‘rn alter the reeent l'lower Reeiit'th \ltiiw eaxe. \\ tllt ('aw le_\ '\ heal and hteak haxed \eleetiom.

I PH at 5-1 Below. 0pm lam. l'r‘ee. \Veekl}. l’r‘eieluh to the main e\ent at .-\d l.ih. where Ste\ en Reill}. (ior‘don l.ogan and \l'ai‘k lleaxenor pla} tpialit} deep houxe.

I Rowan and Niall at the Halt liar. l‘iee. \loiithl}. 'l he tornier lialxa r‘e\rdent\. now enxeoneed in a new \enue. do then deep houxe thing.

I RUSSCII,S til Rttvell.»

(ipni midnight. l‘t'ee. \\eekl}. l).l Yaw ktek\ out the hext Rtklt. hip hop and \wingheat.

I Soaterama at .\'iee ‘ri‘ SlL‘til} igr'ound tlooi t. Spin midnight. lree. “eekly .v\n ;ier'o\»-tlie-litiar'd hleiid with an L'lllltll;t\l\ on the une\peeted. ti'om punk to drum tk ha“.

I Soulsa at the lirurhw iek llotel. ‘tpm midnight. l'i'ee. Weekl}. And} l‘iiger' and triendx ltthl an e\ening ot t‘ollei‘-di\eo ltttthL' and NY garage. |)rrnk\ promox and eluh paxxex an added honux. I Stateside Sounds at the State liar: -1 “pm. l'i'ee. Weekl}. l’aul Shieldx \eleeh alt.eountr) la\our'ite\. t'oek elaxxrex and hluex L'ttl\.

I Straight Ahead at Sp} liar.

‘tpin late. l'ree. Weekl}. 'l’he \uper'h Straight Ahead erew \pin northern \ottl. lunk and daneet‘loor ia/I.

I Syntax at the llalt Bar.

()prn midnight. New date 22 Jun.