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I Woody Allen films wrll never be the same again. You will no longer see thelegend ‘Produced by Jean Dournanian' accompany the trad jazz soundtrack during the credits of an Allen film. Allen has

taken Doumanian. partner On eight films, to court for ripping him off over profits relating to films including Mighty Aphrodite. Sweet And Lowdown and Sma// Time Crooks. Bul/ets Over Broadway indeed.

I Ken Loach has hit but against British films. ‘The climate is to make films that look across

the Atlantic and that's disastrous.'

said Loach during an intervrew on BBC Radio 4. “It's time British filmmakers stopped allowing themselves to be colonised so ruthlessly by US ideas.‘ Loach. who has himself just made a movie in Los Angeles (though Bread And Roses is pomtedly anti-Hollywood drama). has been patron of the Director's Fortnight strand of the Cannes Film Festival. where there are no British films in competition. Too much Hollywood plagiarism? Loach, meanwhile. has announced his third film collaboration with lawyer-turned- screenwriter Paul Laveny (My Name Is Joe. Carla's

Song). Titled Sweet

76. it will be shot in Glasgow.


I What became of Faith Liddell? Last year the former director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival disappeared without trace inf/ell. Australia. anywayi. But wasn't she signed up to administer Kenneth Roy's Institute Of Contemporary Scotland. returning from down under specially to do it? Yes. indeed, but Roy. who had already lost most of his board including Sheena McDonald. didn't hit it off wrth Liddell and her job lasted all of a week. So after another stint in Australia. Liddell has been lured back as studio manager at a Scottish Arts Council scheme for the development of Scottish playwrights. llappy endings.

I Robert Redford is the latest Hollywood star to criticise George w. Bush's administration (followrng West Wing president Martin Sheen's description of Dubya as. “that rnoron'). Redford has shot down Interior Secretary Gale Norton. ‘You have compiled an abysmal record of capitulating to big business at the expense of the nation's public health. lands and wildlife.’ he wrote in a letter responding to Norton's mate to the actor to attend a press event to release a Condor into the wild.


I Inside" hues :t' Eé’..&‘:.".;ld in Cannes. [aG'.’i".1<r>5tx.t"‘eThe BK} i'oiif’h. the ".-’:‘.‘.' firm t)“. Fine French : irector Claire Denis Beat. Traua has had (If'lilt‘f; chomping at the lit. Gall... sex s','riibol Beatrice Dalle :Beff'. B/tiei plays a =.'.'r:man who picks up truck drivers. has sex. inur‘dr‘irs. then carirtbalises them. Even the French critics. “Mitt”: cool about sexual content in movies. lost it: 'I can't admire tliis.' said Preriiier's Jean-Paul Marceau. The words 'knee' and ‘Jei'k' come to mind. Can't wait to hear what the conservative British tabloid press make of Big Mouth.


I First night nerves got the better of Una McLean en route to Glasgow's Tron Theatre for a final line—run of The Beauty Queen Of Leena/re. So preoccupied was the actress With her starring role that she parked her' car wrthout putting on the handbrake. She got out and watched it roll. But 'Penelope Pitstop' was rescued by some passing women who. having heard her full-decibel screams. assumed she was being attacked. Happily. no such mishaps on stage. where her performance is immaculate.

I No one dared ask Irvine Welsh about the fresh scar on his baldie pate when he appeared at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in a List—sponsored O&A session staged by Borders Books. Havrng ditched his recent no-alcohol pledge. Welsh had been grvrng if large in a Manchester club to a Three Degrees soundalike band the night before. Upon leaving, he and his mate were mobbed by 80 clubbers who were having an altercation With the bouncers. Escaping up the road. he and his blood- soaked pal were pulled up by the police. True to term. they claimed their injuries had been caused by falling over. Say ‘.‘.’ilai you like. but erine's no grass.


‘The real Obscenities are hatred, war and bigotry. Sex doesn’t hurt people.’

‘There are a lot of freaks out there.’

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L i‘. ‘i ‘\l(1v. 'Liki ‘iii

‘l have been all shapes and sizes but I believe that being happy or sad has nothing to do with your body. Confidence comes from the mind.’

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Kill him! Kill him!

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‘We’re at a time when we’re being presented with fundamental issues that effect every single one of us, and we’re listening to the most hokey shite on the radio and watching vacuous bullshit celebrities being vacuous bullshit celebrities and desperately trying to forget about everything.’ Thom Yorke If; less than (f/It/iffld With our ,')rioritier;.

‘I missed Partick Thistle winning the second division. Doug/as (i()/(/()/} on i/lt.’l()i'1//)i'l/ll of being based //l New York.

‘lt’s random violence, rampant ignorance, gluttony, greed, ambition and TV shows where people can become

millionaires in

fifteen minutes.’

Johnny Depp on NI}; rio/i beloved Ariii 2/ica.

Johnny Depp