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Keb Darge’s Legendary Deep FUNK ill 'Ihc \t'lltlc (lop llool'l. 9.30pm 3am. L'X in athancc lroin l'ntlcrgrounil Solu'xhn and l-'opp; {Ill on thc door. 2 .lun. .\lonthl_\. 'l'hc Soul Bop oncc again \xclcoinc thcir lunk) coili- path'c Kch Ilargc lor anothcr lion—\lop dancc l'rcn/_\ ol'cpic proportionx. Dargc “ill hi.‘ taking it tlL‘L‘ll antl hcll l'unk} l'oi‘ li\c \(lllti hour\ and carl} arri\al guaran— tcc\ cntt') 0n [lll\ onc hccauxc it’x tlk‘\- tinctl to hc an intitnalc allair. Scc llitlixt. I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at l’o .\'a .\'a. I lpni Fain. £3. \Vcckl}. l).l 4th Varmint. kccping it rcal \\ itli thc (llti \htltil lo llll \kool l‘L‘ill\ thing. I Latin Explosion at llic .\latnho (‘luh ltlpin 3am. £5. \Vcckl}. Your \\ cckl} tlU\L‘ oi high octanc |.alin rh}thin\ (run c\c|u\i\cl} h} \xoincni. with dancc claxxcx \tarting at ‘lpin l'or hcginncrx and lot" inoi'c cqwricncctl \alxa alicionatlox at lllpin tpricctl U which lllL'llltlL‘\ cntr} to thc cluhi. I Latino LOCO at lil Barrio. ltlpin 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckl}. ’l‘hc original Latino chart part) L'UllllllllLN \\ ith thc lrcxlicxt hcat\ ll'tiltl thc harrio from D] llcctor and hix l.atin (itme. I Luscious at ('luh .la\a. .\lonthl_\. Nut tlatc lo .lun. I Luvely at ’l'hc lionc} coinh. .\lonthl_\. Ncu tlatc to Jun. I The Mambo Club at 'l‘hc ('awntlixh. ltlpin .‘iain. Lil hcl'orc midnight; £5 al'tcr. \Vcckl). 'l‘hc highl} rmpcctctl llll\ ol rcggac. ragga. Rtkll. rap and hip hop continua to hc onc ol thc \trongcxi lligllh l‘or llltl\lc ol' hlack origin in lt)\\ll. I Messenger Sound System at

'l’hc Bongo ('luh. ll mi 3am. t l. 3(\ .\la\. . l

l-‘ortnightl_\. 'l'on} Root\ and Root\ lli-lck pla} li\c at tho capital\ lcatling rool\ and duh rcggac \houcaxc.

I Mingin’ at Studio 34 :up\i.ur\ i. ltlfiilpin 3am. L5. 2 .lun. l-ortnighil}. .\'o»non\cn\c. ga} ~lricntll_\ cluhhing uhcrc it‘x thc hartl houxc and \c\_\ trancc troin lhc rcxitlcnh Brian l)crnp\tcr and ;\|an lo} that inallcr and not lhc tlccot'. tilt“ cotlc Hl' illllllltiL‘. :\lliig‘clllcl .t gitttti placc to lct _\our hair tlou n thcn.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

llpin 3am. L5 (Hi. In \la}. l'orlnightl}. .'\\iilllllti|llf_‘l} popular haunt lor thc altcrnalccm ol thc capital lcaturing thrcc roonix ol up~lo~tlatc darkncxx: hcatl upxlaux loi goth and intluxtrial going\ on. to lhc niain lloor lor rock. nu inclal and guitar-hawtl \llllllti\ and up to lhc \xcc lront rooni lor gcncral “cirtlncxx. \oinctiincx on a \katc. punk or intlic \lant.

I Mondo at 'l'hc i.ltllllti Room. Monthly .\'c\t tlalc lo .lun.

I Oxygen at Studio 2-1 (\lii\\ll\l;tll'\l. ltlpin 3am. \lt'llll‘L‘H LR hclorc initlnight. L'lil altcr; nonancinhcrx [Ill hcl'orc initlnighl. t' l 3 altcr. 3 Jun. l-ortnighll}. \o tlrcxx cotlc and no gucxtx thi\ inonlh. (uxt qualil} haul hoth tuncx ll‘tllll lhc rcxiilcntx lor thc highl} ilk‘tltllll\ilk'. glaininctl~up croml to go “litl to.

I Phosphoresence at the \cnuc lloucr l\\o l'loorxi. Monthly \mt datc ‘) .lun.

I Posh at (‘luh .la\a. ‘lpin latc. £5. 2 .lun. .\lonthl_\. Rohin Rich and DJ Schinccia} trcat thcir \ophixticatctl clicntclc lo a inaxtcrl'ul inclangc ol latniliat‘ cltt\\tc\ antl \upcrior inotlcrn

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llt'lti\ ol nu-ia/I. \oul and lcixt} l'unk. .'\ll'l\L‘ call} to capitalixc on thc coniplinicntar} huth} and oli\c\ \crwtl in thc upxtairx loungc and il' )ou lanc) lrcc cntr} and a lrcc (‘1). tlll\\\L‘l' thc i-tllltl“ illg ([tlcxllotl \Vhat titlL‘\ ‘pthli \tantl tori’ and \L‘llti it to:

poxhtil inac.coiii.

I Progression at 'l‘hc liquid Room. \mt tlatc 33 Jim.

I The Project at 'l‘hc Bongo ('luh. llpni 3am. Ur. 3 .lun. .\lonth|_\.

Rannncd cxcr) month \incc ilx inccption.

thix highl} cntcrtaining cwning oi til\L‘l'\t‘ hrcakx and hcatx \xclcoincw gucxt l).l 'l'hc .'\llll‘;l\\tltitll‘ and thc l._\ rical .\i(' ('rcu. ('ollcctncl) thc_\ 'll hc \cn ing-up a rightcou\ ini\ of hip hop. rtin and ragga and \upport CttlllC\ l'roni lhc l'L‘\ltiL‘lll\ Atlain Bra}. .-\l licc and l";i\\a/. .-\rri\ c carl) or llll\\ out.

I Raw at La licllc :\ngclc.

lll.3il[)ltl Rain. LN (UH. ‘) .lun. Monthly ('liunlx}. l'unk} hoth lllll\lL‘ \upplictl h_\ \cil McDonald and Bcn .\lc(‘ahc. Rt‘ltlilttwcnl oi thc good 'olc tlu} \ oi cluhhing.

I Rotation at 'l‘hc \cnuc (limct' tuo l'loorsi. Monthly .\'c\t datc lo .lun \\ ith \pccial gucxtx Valcntino Killll};llll and i'ilL‘L‘ll’iC HIUL‘.

I Ruff Kuts at 'l'hc \cnuc (top lloori. .\lonthl_\. Scc \\'cd.

I Scratch :ll ’l‘hc \‘Cllllk‘ lltm Cl‘ luo l‘loorxi. llpni 3am. £7 lt'Si: £3 with


,s the very finest in n v 4


listings Clubs

The Honeycomb. Edinburgh. Thu 31 May.

Funky drum 8. bass from DJ Queen B

Make no mistake, a new drum & bass night called Behave? is set to take Edinburgh audiences by storm. As you read this, the intricate machinations of a military-style campaign are working overtime to guarantee its success. The press release is literate, the website (www.behavehoney.co.uk) is not only up but it also does all the relevant functions it purports to do, the pre-club sessions from the resident DJs have built interest and all this is co-ordinated by a PR company set up specifically to manage a Thursday night out.

‘Calm down,’ you cry. ‘lt’s only clubbing for chrisakes,’ but promoter and resident DJ Clare Conlon aka DJ Queen B ain‘t listening. Along with her business partner Daniel Boyd, Conlon has devoted a great deal of time and personal expense to making her night succeed. ‘We realised that's what it takes,’ she explains. ‘That’s what makes a difference. People come

because you’ve done your promotion.’

Blanket promotion aside, those who choose to sample Conlon’s product are unlikely to be disappointed. After earning her stripes with support slots at major drum & bass monthlies Manga and Jungle Magic (now defunct), Conlon aims at providing a night that will stretch the accepted envelope. ‘The idea is that it will appeal to a lot of different tastes, to people that didn’t think they liked drum & bass,’ she says. ‘There’ll be a lot more funky, soulful elements so it will appeal to a wider audience than Jungle Magic


As well as broadening the remit, Behave? will incorporate back room DJ delight from hip hop, funk and soul player Adam Bray (the Project) and Conlon’s sets in the main room will be augmented by live percussion from guest tabla player Crishna and vocal contributions from the up-and-

coming MC Bane.

All this, plus free mix CDs and free drinks await the potential punter of this enthusiastic new night. And, if we haven’t sufficiently stressed the sheer vision at work here, it’s worth noting these drinks and 003 will of course be served by promotional staff wearing specially—designed

uniforms. (Catherine Bromley)

athancc tickctx lor Rah/cl. 2 .lun. .\lonthl_\. .\lorc houncc to thix ouncc at thix imtittttional hip hop night lcaturing Scotland'x turntahlc kingx Ritchic Rull'tonc. li\tra. (iino and l.) lc}. .'\\ al\\a_\\ _\ou gct inorc than )iitii' nionc} \ north. \xith li\c gral'liti. \ itlL't) inxtallation. hrcakcrx and opcn mic \cxxions cratnrncd into thc taxt} \trccl culturc pic littll t\ SL‘l'ulCll. SL‘L‘ Kim]

ll\llllj_‘\ lor tlctail\ on thc onceoll \\ ith Rah/cl.

I Tease Age at The (“in-m ('luh. llpin iain. L31, \Vcckl}. .\'o\\ going into ilx llllllll _\car. lhix llltilt' \tahxai't l'la\ourctl \\ ith llllllx ol Mill] and lunk continucx to than a packctl and \ucal} L‘liluti \\ Ck‘h lll. \\ UCh Htll.

I Trafik at \oa. .\lonthl_\. .\'c\t tlatc lo .hin.

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l'OQI'BSSillg house‘and‘traiice

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