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Edinburgh Galleries, cont.


Bellortl Road. 024 (i200 trecortletl intormation 332 226m. Mon Sat

ltlam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. ('ate. Circle Of Friends: Leslie And Sadie Martin And British Modernism From The 19303 l'ntil Stiii 23 ()ct. Architect Sir l.ex|ie .‘xlartin t NUS 2000i along with Ben .Nielttilxtin and Naum (ittliti co-edited the xeniinal publication (in Iv: Illlt‘l'lltlIHIHu/ Suri't'x ()l ('mixlrurlii't' xtrl. while hix wile and artixt Barbara llepworth were rexpoiixible for the lltttgtt/llte\ la_\ottt. While working on the publication. the .‘xlartinx became lifelong friendx with leading artixtx and architectx. 'l‘hix exhibition featurex workx bx (iabo. llepworth and \Vallix. drawn from llicir collection together with workx from the (iallerx ix own collection.

Can You Judge A Book By Its Cover? l'ntil Sat 9 Jun. Six of Scotland’x leading artixtx hax e been commixxioned to produce a cox er image for oiie of('anoiigate Bookx' new l’ocket (‘laxxic xeriex til' Setittixh writing. :\ll\t)lt

Watt liax painted an image of blank paper

to illtixtrate Muriel Spark‘x xelected xtoriex; John erne liax created an ‘iuipixh x ixion‘ ofJamex lx'elman; ('alum (‘olx'in liax reconxtructed Robert Burnx' head arid will be xeen in itx original form ax a corner iiixtallatioii along with the final photograph); John Bellanx liax created a portrait of Sir Walter Scott; Douglax (iordon hax illuxtrated xtoriex and poetr)‘ bx Jamex llogg and Bax id Mach liax created two matchxtick headx to illtixtrate R.l.. Stex enxoii'x Strange ('uxt' (If/H .lt'kx7/ xllltl .llr Hit/c. Alison Watt Sat 26 Ma). l2.~15pm. 'l‘icketx are free from the Scotxman and Scotland ()ii Sundax on (it 3| (i2t) 8335/0. Alixon Watt ix in conxerxatiou with BB(‘ Radio Scotland‘x Brian .‘xlorton. talking about her coinmixxioned cover image for ('anongate Bookx. John Byrne Talk Sat 2 Jun. l2.45pm. 'l'icketx are free from the Scotxman and Scotland On Sundax on 0131 (i2() 8335M. John B_x'rne ix next tip with BB(' Radio Scotland'x Brian Morton. dixcuxxing hix commixxioned cover image.

Lee Miller l'ntil Sun ‘J Sep. [-1 (£2.50). Joint admixxion with Roland l’enroxe exhibition at the Dean (iallerx. 'l‘he largext and moxt comprehenxixe exhibition to date of the work of the New York born photographer Lee Miller (1907: 77). Miller. a former \iiguc model. wax married to Roland l’enroxe. the .xubject of a major exhibition at the Dean (iallerx'. Snapping people. placex. faxhion and war. the exhibition fealurex portraitx of l’icaxxo. Man Ra). liileen Agar. llorxt and memorabilia from her time ax a war correxpondent. See l)ean Gallery and llitlixt.

Jake And Kate On The Isle Of Wight by Winifred Nicholson Mon 4 Jun. 12.45pm. Jake Nicholxon. the ttt'tixt'x xon. tlixetlxxex hix ItiotlierN painting.

Roland Penrose Talk Mon 28 Ma). l2.-l5pm. Keith llartle) tllxettxxex the life and work of Roland l’enroxe.


The Hound. 624 (i200 ti'ecorded information 332 2260). Mon Sat

ltlam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. lidinburgh'x National (iallerx ix the oldext of the four galleriex houxing Scotland'x tinext collection of liuropean paintingx and xculpture front the Renaixxance to l’oxt-liiiprexxionixm. Venus Rising From The Sea by Titian Fri 1 Jun. 12.45pm. Michael Bur) from the l'nixerxitx' of lidinburgh gix'ex a talk on 'l'itiau'x painting. Three Tahitians by Paul Gauguin Fri 25 Ma). t2.~l5pm. Freelance art hixtorian Belinda 'l‘houixon dixcuxx'ex (iauguin'x painting.

92 THE LIST 2.1 Max—7 Jun .3001


(ieorge l\' Bridge. 22o 453i .\lon l’ri lttam 5pm; Sat ltlam 5pm; Sun2 5pm. The Write Stuff l'ri l Jun Wed 5] ()ct. Scottixh writerx ax xeen through the lenon ladinburgh photographer (iordoti Wright. featuring llugh .\lacl)iarmid. Norman .\lac('aig. laii Rankin and JR. Rowling. D’Annunzio And Publishing In Abruzzo lit 25 Max Sun In Jun. .\ xelection ot holdingx relating to (iabriele l)‘.v\nntin/io teaturmg earl} Italian and Britixlt etlttitittx til} ltlx work.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. (124 (i200 ti'ecorded inlormation 332 22(ioi .\lon Sat

lilam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. (Kite. l‘ree. Josef Breitenbach t'nnt Sun 3 Jim. The lirxl Britixh xhow mg ot rarel} xeeti portraitx bx (ierman-.\mericaii photographer Joxet lh'citenbach

MSW» I‘JSJ i. .’\x a regular contributor in the l'iiited Statex to iiiaga/iiicx 'Ii'mt'. I’m/tune and I/ur/it'r‘x li’uauu‘. tlicxe rare photographx produced before leax ing liurope in l‘Hl haxe remained hidden until hix death arid include iiiiagex of famoux artixtx and w riterx who xat for him in the l‘Btix. tASi Ct +£6.18? l 0 SH

Thomas Carlyle: A Hero Of His Time l'ntil Sun 3 .lun. .I\n exhibition dedicated to the Scottixli hixtorian. xocial commentator and exxax ixt. ’l'homax ('arlx le t I795 ISSl i whoxe theoriex about the publin need for heroex inxpired the extablixliliictit of the National Portrait (ialleriex in London and lidinburgh. tASl CHANCE l0 SH;

Portrait Miniatures From The Clarke Collection l'niil Sun l7 Jun. (her 70 portraitx from thix outxtaiiding collection of liuropean miniaturex dating from l5Stl to ISM. go on dixpla}. llighlightx include Nicholax llilliard‘x cop} of llolbein'x portrait of llenrx VIII and John lloxkinx‘ late miniature of (ieneral (ieorge .\lonck. lxt |)uke ot.v\lbermarle. King Over The Water t'nul Sun 30 Sep. £3 1L2 i. .-\n exhibition charting the life of Prince Jamex l-‘rancix lidward Stewart tloS’S l7(i(il. known to hixtorx ax the Old l’retender. Included in the dixplax are rarelx -xeen iconx of the Jacobite cauxe. a life-xi/c reconxtruction of('anoxa'x magniticent tomb to the exiled Stewartx and an important new acqtiixition 3‘ lim- ()f'l‘lit' I’d/(lfo .Uult. the lSth centur} painting of the l’rince‘x Jacobite Palace in Rome attributed to (iuixeppe Valeriani.

The King Over The Water Wed (3 Jun. l2.-l5pm. Nicola Kalinxkx dixcuxxex the l’ortrait (iallerx 'x l’extixal exhibition. Naomi Mitchison And Wyndham Lewis: An Unlikely Friendship wed 3t) .\la_x. l2.-l5pm. l’aul ()‘Keefe. biographer of \Vxndham l.ew ix gix ex a talk.

NEW-CONTEMPORARY-ART.COM ()n-liiie galler'}. w w w .new -contemporarx - tlt'tx‘ottt

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for thix new on-line gallerx which xhowcaxex the work of up-and-coming artixtx from (ilaxgow and lidinburgh w itli all workx axailable to bu}.


l-l New Street. 558 7on4. .\lon Sat

1 lam (i..‘~llpiii. l'ntil late on Bongo ('lub iiiglitx. Black Tide t'ntil 'l'ue 5 Jun. .»\rtexian Maga/ine organixe an exhibition of 'outxider art' tart produced outxide the extablixlied art xcene b} the untutoredi bx local and international artixtx. ’url of girtt’ (imx I‘t‘xllt'tl/ Soul.


2l St Leonard‘x l.ane. (m2 l(il2. .\loii Sat lllttttt~~5plltl Sun noon 4pm.

Be Seated Mon 4 Sat 3t) Jtiii. Seating for the garden and conxerxator}.


75 7‘) (‘umberland Street. 557 lulu. Mona-l‘ri Inamrrbpm: Sat lnam- 4pm. Perpetua Pope t'nul Thu 31 Ma}. Recent landxcape paintingx

Jane ButlenCole t'nut 'rhu .‘~t Ma}. (‘eramicx

Sheila Mclnnes l'ntil Thu 3] Max. Recent paintingx.

South Of Naples and The Fife Coast Sat 2 'l‘hu 2l Jun. l.andxcape paintingx b_\ \Villiam Biriue. Charlotte Howison Sat 2 Thu 2l Jun. Recent cerauucx,

Robin McFarlane Sat 2 Thu 2| Jun. litchmgx.

Nicola Becci t'nut 'rhu 3| Jun. ('ontciiiporarx jewellcr}.


l." l‘) Barcla} Place. 4—“ 2955. the Sat ltl._‘~tlam o..‘~tlpiii.

Mixed Exhibition .\ changing xelection ot paintingx includuig reproduction art

\an (iogh. l)ali. \lonet. Kandinxk}. .\liro originalx and work b} tip-and-coming local artixtx.


t\\'.»\Sl’Si l’atriothall Sttidiox. oft 4S llaliilltoti Place. 225 I239.

3 Makes 1 thin Wed 30 .\la_x t.\lon l'i'i noon (ipm; Sat & Sun I lam 5pm.i New work bx Sandra ('ollinx. Biddx |.anhaiii and l‘iona Walker. three artixtx w ho interpret the inner and outer world through rexponxex in paint. xalt and fibre.

Paul Donaldson, Alison McGill And Donald Proven Stiii 3 'l'hu 7 Jun ltlail} l Spitti. .-\ group xltow of work bx three up—and-coming artixtx featuring printx. paintingx and draw ingx.


('lerk Street. («)7 7770. Mon Sat

10am 5.30pm.

Allison Young l'ntil Stiii 3 Jun. l’aintingx and photograpr b} :\llixon Young inxpired bx walking tripx acroxx Scotland.


(i3 l)ublin Street. 557 0480. Tue Sat

llain 5pm.

Synergy l'ntil Sat 0 Jun. Nine artixtx prexent their iiioxt recent workx which range from glaxx xculpture and textilex to jeweller} and painting.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 75-15. Mon l"ri 9am 5pm.

Living In A Box: Contemporary Housing In Scotland t'nut Hi 1 Jun. .-\n exhibition of recent houxe btiildx in Scotland l'ocuxing on .xuxtainabilitx lxxllex.


lnxerleith llouxe. lnx'erleith Row. 552 7l7l. 'l‘ue Sun ltlam 5.30pm.

Heavy Duty: Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska t'ntil Sun 27 .\la_\ tlnxerleith Home). New work bx two _xoung artixtx from Scotland and Poland. (ilaxgow - born artixt McKen/ie wax xhortlixted for laxt .‘L‘ar'x Beck'x l'iuturex .-\ward and w ax included in the Britixh .-\rt Show. ()lokaa wax born in (idanxk and ix currentl} artixt- in-rexidence at the prextigioux Rijkxakademie in .-\nixterdam. 'l‘lie xliow featurex paintingx. poxterx. \ ideo. xculpture and a wall drawing which the two artixtx will collaborate together on. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Return Of The Natives t'ntit Sun 2‘) Jul tlixhibition llall i. The role of natixe woodlalidx in Scotland ix celebrated ili thix major new exhibition.


The Link (iallerx. 23 'l‘ipperlinn Road. 22‘) Vanishing Point t'nut Fri 25 Ma}. New work bx elexen artixtx ax a remit of collaborationx between pi'ofexxional artixtx and patientx ax part of l'thlth a txxo-xear artx programme taking place in lioxpitalx in lidinburgh and the l.othianx.


the Pelican (iallerx. l l.atirixton Place. For further information call Anlink on 22‘)

Address l'ntil Sun 27 Ma}. .-\n .-\rtlink

exhibition of photograph}. writing. digital imaging. painting and draw mg b} artixtx and patientx at St John'x hoxpital.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE landingx (iallerx. Inn l’rincex Street. 225 l5ttl. l)ailx litam bpm.

Dakawa Artists t’nut t-‘n ltl .-\ug. An exhibition ot work b_\ black South .-\trican artixtx from l)akaw a .-\rt and (rail (‘ommumtx (‘entre baxed m (iraliamxtown in the liaxtern ('ape


lb Dundax Street. 55S l2(i(t_ .\ton l-ri ltlam (ipttt; Sat ltlam 4pm.

Alexander Fraser t'nut wed 3n .\la_\. New paintingx bx the tormer llead ot Drawing and Painting at (irax 'x School ot .-\rt tlt .-\berdeen.

A Sense Of Place t'nnl \Ved to Max. .'\rtl\l\ .\taria Barnex. Sallx l'awkex and (‘olin Reed create glaxx xculpturex inxpired bx natural and built enx ironmentx. Annabet Wyndham t'nnl wea to .\la_\. l)omextic utenxilx in bron/e. xilxer and xtainlexx xteel.

The Earl Haig: New Paintings .\lolt 4 Wed 2" Jun. New paintingx featuring landxcapex of the Scottixh borderx and the Italian l)o|omitex.

Ann Little - New Work Mon 4 wed 27 Jun. New jewellerx bx lidmburgh ('ollcge of Art graduate .-\nn little which combinex xlate. xilx er and painted enamel, Janice Tchalenko - New Work Mon 4 Wed 27 Jun. :\ rare opportunit} to we new work bx ceramic artixt Janice 'l‘chalenko. In the earl} thlx xhe collaborated with Peter l’luck and Roger law of the Spitting Imuet' tcaiii to create a xeriex of ceramic ‘grotexquex' now in the collection at the xxx l-'or thix exhibition. xlie will be xliow ing her xtudio range ol’jugx and bow lx and highl) —co|oured new panelx.


5 Baron} Street. 478 7440, Tue Sat

ltlam ()Plll.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design .-\ galler} and xliop leaturing a changing xelection of hand-wox en and embroidered rugx and textilex from the 'l‘urkmen. l’lbek. Beluch and .-\imaq tribex of (’eiitral :\xitt.


53 Rtttelifle 'l‘errace. (i(i7 l‘)(i(i. Mon ()am 5pm; 'l‘ue liri 9am (ipm; Sat

ltlam 5pm.

Mixed Show l‘ntil Sat 30 Jun. .-\ wide xarietx ofcontemporarx printx.


23 ('ockburn Street. (i22 62””. Tue Sat lttam 5pm.

I’m A Stranger Here Myself t'nul Sat to Jun. New work bx fifteen Scotland- baxed artixtx who were xelected from an open inx itatioii and gix en free accexx to the gallerx 'x Richard llougli Rexource ('entre for one year. lieatured artixtx include Nick} Bird. Beaglex and Ramxa}. l’aul (ira). Arigux Hood. ('1') xtal ('ollinx and Rebecca Milling. See rex iew.


l'nixerxit} of lidinburgh. South Bridge. ()50 22l l.'l'ue- Sat ltlam 5pm.

Alan Davie Small Paintings 1949-2000 l'ntil Sat 20 Ma}. To celebrate the tx’tith birthdax of the

' (trangemouthborn artixt. .txtz‘m Davie. an

exhibition of xmall paintingx from butt-2000. together with ten major new workx and a tript_xch gifted to the galler) b) the artixt. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Liz Arnold At The Round Room t'ntil Sat 26 Ma}. 'l‘o launch the gallery'x new project and exhibition xpace. the round room. xmall xci-fi paintingx b} the late l.i/ Arnold who xadl} died of cancer laxt month. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

East - Kate Downie rri I Jun~Sat H Jul tWhite (ialler) i. Kate Downie prexentx a xhow of new work. Featuring film. painting and drawing baxed on her xtudiex of the eoaxtal landxcape north of Aberdeen. Downie ceiitrex on Slainx (’axtle and itx hixtor). NEV/ SHOJ/‘t’.