Richard Smith Fri l Jtiii Sat l4 Jlll ti‘ound room). The xecond round room project featuring recent lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art graduate Richard Smith. For the xpace. he createx an inxtallation of axxemblage. painting. print and drayx iiig. NEW SHOW.

Transparent Memories Fri 25

May Sat l(i Jtiii (Red (iallery). .-\n exhibition of yyorkx by Marcello .\londa//i accompanied by a film by Marco Agoxtinelli xy hich doeumeittx Mondani‘x tttoxt recent ttt‘lixlic actiy‘itiex.


3t) l)undax Street. 556 Moo. Mon Fri llani (rpm: Sat l(l.3(lultl~4plll.

Ken Ferguson l'ntil Sat 26 May. Recent paintingx featuring landxcapex of

mountainx and ixlandx off the next coaxt of


Enid Foote Watts And Moyra Muschner Sat 3 Sat l(i Jun. Recent paintingx.


Further information and a detailed itinerary can he obtained by phonittg 53‘) 3930/53) 3683.

Wish I Was Here l'ntil Sat 2 Jun. Firxt xeen at the National Portrait (iallery. the 'l'ray'elling (iallery goex on tour yx ith an exhibition of portraitx commixxioned front .xix Scottixh photographerx. of tlte 25 poctx yy'ho haye contributed to a neyy pocket book anthology. The gallery will he iii lidinhurgh at the folloyy ing yenuex: Steyenxon College. Bankhead Ayenue (Tue 2‘) May. 9am 4pm); Moray llouxe. Faculty of liducation. llolyrood (‘ampux (Wed 30 May. 9am 4pm): National Portrait (iallery. Queen Street (Thu 3! May. tttam -5pmi: (‘ity Art (‘eiitre Market Street (Fri l & Sat 2 Jun. l()am»5pmi and Fextiyal Square. off Lothian Road (Mon 4 & Tue 5 Jun. l()amr-5pmi.


Fine .»\rt Department. 9 (ieorge Square. (150 4126. Mon—Thu S.3(laiii—‘)pm; Fri 8..‘~()amr-7pm. £50 (£25).

The Stuart Court In Exile 1689- 1766 Fri l & Sat 2 Jtiii. £50 (£25i. .-\dy'anee hooking recommended. To accompany the King Over The Water exhibition at the National Portrait (iallery. a conference organixed by Dr Edward (‘orp from the l'nixerxity of Parix V”. For full programme detailx log on to

xx xx\arie.

Bear Pit (detail) by John and Margaret Grant at Edinburgh Printmakers


lo South Fort Street. 47S 7S“). .\lon Sat llam ll.45pin; Sun l2.3(l l 1.45pm. Journey Of The Water Of Leith l'nlil Sat ZS Jul. In tltix neyy ly refurbixhed bar. an exhibition of photographx by

Day id Morrixon. documenting the architecture attd landxcape of the Water of Leith.


(formerly Malcolm lnnex (iallei'y t. 4 l)tmdax Street. 558 0544/5. Mon Fri l()am 6pm; Sat llam Ipm.

Mixed Exhibition .-\n ongoing xelection of Scottixh landxcapex. xporting paintingx. military oilx. yxatercoloiirx and printx.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 99.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 (‘harlottc Square. lidinbtirgh. 243 9365. Mon Sat l()am 5pm; Stm

noon 5pm. Free. Not only the Head Office for the National Tom for Scotland. ZS (‘harlotte Sqttarc alxo houxcx a permanent collection of 20th century Scottiin paintingx featuring yyork by Pcploe. Hunter and (‘adell


42 High Street. 53‘) 4l42. .\lon Sat l()ani~5pm.

Out To Play l'ntil Sat 2 Jtiii. 'l’hix exhibition lookx at the changing nature of childhood gamex from the paxt to the prexent day. Peey er. boolx. tig and diablo are juxt xome of the gainex played before the inxcntion of computer gamex and teleyixion and there yy ill alxo be more old reproduction gamex for children to try out.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'eyy hay en Harbour. 55f 4165. Mon Stiii nooii~ 5pm.

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present l'iitil Mon 3| l)ec. The l'nited Nationx' Year of the Volunteer ix celebrated in thix exhibition yyhich loolxx at the tradition of yolunteering in the

.\'eyy hay'en community.


5“ High Street. ()ueenxterry. “I 554.5 Mott. l'hu. i‘l‘l ck Sat l‘lalll lpin ix

3 15 5pm. Sun noon 5pm lice

Food For Thought x look at eliittlieii'x diet and eating habitx oyei the paxt I51l )cat'x


3(‘hambeix Stiect. 3-1543” \lon Sat lllaiii 5pm t ltie Spini. Sun noon 5pm l'l't‘c'

Millennium Clock .x chance to \ ieu Rtixxiaii mechanical xculptoi ldtiaid iiCl'SlltJSb} 'x millennium clot k. a kinetic xctilplurc. meaxtii’iiig nine iiictiex high The Jackie Stewart Formula lltlll Stiii 3“ Sep Ilel. Jackie Steyyart ()lll: and the National .\luxetimx of Scotland hay e joined t’oi'ccx for the firxt time to create thix unique recreation of the WW Steyxart l’ord Pit (iaragc. .\ muxt tor all (hand l’i'ix tanx Silk Roads: Glimpses Of Central Asia l'ntil Sun I .ltil. Recently acquired contemporary textilex and ci'attx fioiii ('cntral .v\xia.

Awesome Insects l'iiiit Sun 2 Sep. Kiioyxn to iiioxt ax creepy craxy licx. thix exhibition prox idex a balanced profile of thix rich and diyerxe group of aniiiialx. Tutankhamun’s Wardrobe l’niil Sun 1 Jul. Since the early l‘Nflx. the Stitching 'l‘extile Rexearch ('enti'e in Leiden “ith the lagyptian .\ltixeuni in (‘airo hax been carrying otit iexcai‘ch on the clothing fotitid iii ’l'utanlxhaintin‘x lotitb. ()ii xhoyy at the .\luxeiim. are replica garmcntx including loinclothx. tunicx. glox ex and fooixxeai'. baxed on thoxe lotmd. along xx itli original excayation pliologt'apltx.

Stone Cut: Wood Cut l'niil Sun to .ltiii. .\'cyy yyork by printmalxcr Paul Furneaux created during liix Year ol the ANN rexidency at the .\luxeumx in January. Furneaiix xpecialixex in yyoodbloclx printing and thix iieyx body of yyork ix inxpired the .\ltixeum ol Scotland building and itx collection.

Meeting Points: New Works In Fibre l'ntil Stiii 23 Sep. 'l'he firxt iii a xcriex of exhibitionx to mark the Japan Fextiyal Jiltll. ;\ collaboration bctyyeen xix textilcx artixtx from Scotland and xix from Japan. the exhibition aimx to highlightx the xtrong tradition of textilex xkillx in both countricx featuring a dixplay of hanging piccex. tapextriex. xculptui‘ex and computer imagex.


l.ady St;iii"x llouxc. l.ady Staii”x ('loxe. 52‘) 4‘)()l. .\lon Sat l()am 5pm. Free. Letters Home t'ntil Sal 3o Jun. Poetry and proxc by incmhcrx of the (lettllu‘ \Vi‘iting \Vttl'lxxlltip of Bethany (‘hrixtian 'l‘ruxt. an lidinburgh—baxed charity yy ho help the homclcxx.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS l5: Nethergatc. lll 5S2 (illbzlll. ltlc‘ (K “ed. Sat ck Sun 10.30am 5.30pm: 'l‘hu ck Fri 10.30am 8pm. Free.

ORichard Deacon: Sculpture t'niil Stiti 34 Jun l(ialleriex l R It. ln llix fier \lttm in Scotland xincc l()H-l. one of tltc l'K'x iiioxt t‘eltoyyned xctilptorx and former 'l‘urner Pri/e yyinncr. Richard Deacon. tranxfoi'mx the gallery xpace yxith a xculp- tural yyork created from bent yyood. .-\lxo iii the xhoyy ix a ceramic xculpturc 'Iimiurmii' um/ 'Iomurmn (UNI ’Iimiurrmi; the fier l'lx' xhoyying of photographic yyork and a recent xound piece created in collaboi'ation yyith Martin Krey xigg. See llillixl.

Extra Sensory l'ntil Sun l7 Jun l()ltC Fiye 'l'yxoi. An exhibition of applied aitx to complement the (inning Yo (Mr .St'lixi'y exhibition at .\lc.\lanux (iallcricx. Featured artixtx include lxixlcetmalcer l.i//ie Farey; ceramicixt Kate Schui‘icht; hand-hooked bagx and tea coxiex by liy \ Saundcrx and Vieyyellery by Fill-hill] Yip. Wendy-Sarah Pacey t'niil Sun I7 Jtiii l()ne Fix e 'l‘yyoi. chy ellery by Wendy Sarah Pacey xx ho combincx clear and opaque Pcrxpex yy ith metal foilx.

listings Art


:5 3b \lid \\ynd lntluxtiial l xtate. Hl 3S2 335W: lliu Sun 1 opm

The Republic Of Leather t‘iiiil Sun I" \lay \rtixtx \lex Pollaid. \uguxta

\\ ilxon and \ndieyy Ken “I” produce nexy \yoik yxhicl‘. yxill eyolye thiotighout the inxtallation and exhibition period


\lbei‘t Square. “1 ‘SI 4 CHM .\lon Sat Illani 5pm. Stiii l: 1H 4pm. l'hu

lllani “pin

Coming To Our Senses that Sun I“ .luii 'l'he only Scottixh xhoxxing ot thix national ctaltx baxed toiiiing exhibition .\e\x \\tlli\\ include magnetic gloy ex. a yyall mounted piece made from leather yxhich explorex xound through \ ibration. neon xound xculpttircx and emotional light fittingx that i‘expond to you.

Outside The Cities



('allendar Park. “I 334 5“ V5” \lon Sat l()am 5piii;Stii12 5pm.

Caroline Saltzwedel l'iitil Sim It) .liiii Poetry by Robert ('iayxfoid and Kathleen .lamie pi‘oy idex the tnxpiratioit foi an exhibition of etchingx by ('aioliite Silll/“x‘tlk'l

Kilmamock DICK INSTITUTE MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY ltltiibaiik .\yeiiue. fll 5bz 55-1 ‘4 l, Mon Tue ix ‘l'hu l‘ll litam Spin. \\ed ix Sat l()am 5pm. {JCuba lilllll Sat l(t ill!) I( ‘itlSL'ti 2S .\lay i 'l'he only Scottixh \eiitie loi thix international touring exhibition of ox er 25ft photogiaphic pi'intx coyering ('uba from pre—reyoltitionai'y tiiiiex to the prexent day. Featuring the yxork of xonie of ('uba‘x great ext photogiapherx. the centrepiece of the exhibition ix .'\ll\t'l'ltt lx'oi‘da'x l‘Wl iconic portrait of ('he (itieyaia. Sec reyiexy and llllltxl,

An Exhibition Celebrating the Millennium Forest for Scotland

'.'.‘.;, ,.' k THE LIST 93