Re: Speed merchant (issue 414)

Mike Wilson wants to know ‘what WI” it

take for Edinburgh to become New

Amsterdam in terms of the Velo-CIty aims. Yes. 500 Cycle-maniac conference

delegates Will help. but so might fewer

hills . . .

Kirsty Regan

Via e-rnail


Re: The full picture (issue 414)

A big thumbs up to John Fardell for pointing Out how undervalued the work of children's book illustrators is by the mainstream media. The same goes for the work of authors who write for children (the Harry Potter phenomenon excepted). The Edinburgh International Book Festival programme this year features over 250 events for children and a special focus on the work of children's picture book illustrators.

The assumption is that because the art/writing is ‘for children‘. it isn't newsworthy or intellectualIy/artistically sound. The ignorance and short-termism of this view never ceases to amaze me.

Like John. I don't want to deny the importance of contemporary art and writing for adults. but when we begin to compare the utilitarian and social value of the two sectors it's difficult not to conclude that the media have got it seriously wrong.

Of course the larger point is that Our attitudes toward children generally need serious revision. Let’s face it. we're British. and not exactly famous for being child- friendly.

Marc Lambert

Assistant director (Children & Education)

Edinburgh International Book Festival


Phoning The List

The music that is played when you phone up The List and are put on hold is very loud. Please turn it down.

Tim Abrahams

Via e-mai'l


Re: Woyzeck (issue 413)

I enjoyed KTC's Woyzeck and it was an extremely thought-provoking night. I felt depressed afterwards as I thought it was an accurate portrayal of a descent into madness. showing just what an awful world it is we seem to be creating for the next generation.

Alana Student

It's been pretty fabulous but not as good as when Green Day were here last.

Steve Cramer's rewew of L/Voyzeck was interesting With regard to his views on the 'pomt of tragedy' being that however awful your own life is it cannot be as bad as that portrayed on the stage. He claims that the dark. depressmg world that is lived in by Woyzeck can lead to an uplifting in the soul of an empathetic audience whose own Situation must surely be radiant in comparison.

Certainly the black bin bag set deSIgn was likely to invoke a feeling of foreboding and gloom. However I have to take issue With him on this.

I firstly do not agree that tragedy is defined as depicting a situation worse than one's own. but more whether the audience is moved to feel the pain of what is happening on the stage. This then depends on the ability to open up the emotions to the head and heart. Only a fine piece of dramatic writing can achieve this and only when the indivrduals in the audience are open to suggestion. In other words what is defined by a tragedy by one person may not necessarily be the same as someone else.

Judy McCulloch Via e-mail

THE FINAL CUT Re: Film listings (issue 414) I have just opened your magazine. which I receive on subscription. to check out what was going on locally (in Stirling area) this weekend. particularly film-wise. only to find that out-of-town film listings have been omitted altogether.

Is this an error. or did you have too much copy to fit it in? Please could you explain.

The List Is so useful as reference. but not if it cannot be relied on to include same venues conSIstently.

Diana Hand

vra e-mail

Sorry. space got the better of us last issue. although we are revrewmg the number of Cinemas we list outSide the Cities. We It’d/ii to keep Stirling and Paisley. for example. but what others? Let us know: Ed.


The Kilmorack Gallery

One of my favourite Scottish art galleries is never listed in your magazine. For me this is a shame. because often I am down south and want to check quickly what their current exhibition is. to see if I should VlSIi on my travels through the Highlands.

It is called the Kilmorack Gallery. it is near Beauly in lnvernesshire and it always features some of Scotland's best artists. including Gerald Laing and James Hawkins. I think the website is www.kilmorackgallerycouk Kate Storm we email It is not our policy to cover events beyond the central belt: Ed.


Re: Trip Fontaine review, T Break Heats (issue 414)

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I never wrote any anthems to cod (nor any other type of fish as far as I'm aware) during the 608.

Trip Fontaine

via e-mail

Neil McKinven played Woyzeck, but was it tragedy?

Trevor Paul Karen

First Aid Student Student

Dude Its way too I didn't think it

The skate- hot in the was ever

boarding is SECC. why sunny In

CruCial! isn't this in a Scotland. I

field? happily came

all the way from

Newcastle for this. It's great.


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