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than The EDGE OF THE CITY (18) 90 mins 00..

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haxt- r .4": rent hoys filltt‘t: T'r»: age of tlllltt'tflt. r. explores therr err‘otrorral lrtti- rn a non Jtrdge'nental.

(tr ~rr‘passronate One rut the troys lrer‘otr‘es a trarnee pr'rip toa rrrt‘er‘rtiy T'ro'r‘ l\'la:;.‘(\‘.'.' ar‘rt

’alls rn low- arxl takes h(:-r

.e'r‘ale prostrtute lied ht-

horne to rnee‘. hrs farrtriy all hell hrcaks loose. lt's acted try a cast of non. prt‘tessrtrnals who hrrng tenderness. grrt and lttltl‘tttr' t t the story. lylrllryres rental and retarlr «John Brnnzt-r


(15) 91 mins .00

‘He's a Sta'trsla‘.skrar‘r loon' yelps t-tldre l.‘.'artl at one porn’. durrng {hrs .rtter'ly entertarrvng ta=e ot mi“:'l*‘d'7‘hltlt"l, 'r‘ethod 'natr'ness and the hell bent txrrsurt of authev‘trtwty. The scream rs dr'ecte.l towards \‘y’rlle'r‘ Datoe‘s Max Schreck. Tr.

actrng rs rr‘- the brand.

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tt'ur‘rng frl'r‘rr‘g tl‘e ar'rgrr‘al \t‘s‘e'a‘f... l‘teres a tetrt‘t‘ of the Ed \‘a‘ods about .lo'rn Malkcy rch's F\'y.

lyltrr‘r‘..ttr. the man who was ptten 'r‘entronet‘t I" the breath as D.\'y. Grftrtl" and lxrng \Vrt‘tor.

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.'.E ‘1" SHANGHAI NOON (15) 105 mins .00.

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<,.r‘r‘~:: "re "vexed 3’.) er‘rrrca he's 'ne'ely 'Il‘rtll'l'il'tj "rut pate 3'l“’.4ttir)llf;. (trouble /'r l're [tron-g sloy'.'ed ()han's ar‘ro'tratrc antrcs tr a sna‘i's pace. ‘.'.htle the ':‘.'e:r.'atrkrl. though (‘rvt‘fl‘dtf‘lttll‘y successful /~.‘.,:;r‘ Hour rntvoduced a la'r‘e l>urlrly huddy

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“hm: $0. I.” '

e e . (i2) fingr'rg,“ar (\r’oon erases past farlur'es. Tearnrng Chan's Yorhrdden Crty guard yy'rth Owen \‘y’rlson's wrse ass. but gun slow outlay'.’ to save Prrnt‘ess Lucy Lru out tn the y'xrld wrld West y'r.’orks lrke a dream. \’\'rlson rs a leftfreld cornrc genrus. ‘.'.’hr|e playrng the str'arght man alloy-rs Chan to do what he does best: Insane stunts. Hr-yaf and yee—hal (Buena Vrsta VHS and DVD r'etarlr Mrles l‘relder'r

'Tthll ltiR THE YARDS (15) 110 mins .00.

Dt‘o't‘laden rn the t=xtrt.:-'t‘e. fhrs tolloy'nup to rrter drrector' Ja'nes Gray '8 superb L'ftre Odessa folloy-.s the hapless exprarts ot the ‘.'.‘L‘rlt—'t‘:0dttlttd but sadly put-upon Lee (Mark \‘.‘ahlt‘ergr. Ne.'.ly released from pr'rson hayrrtg taken the rap for hrs frrends. Leo rusks 't‘akrng all the same n‘rstakes oy er agarn

'. ten he returns to hrs cid neghheurhood and

\[ N\\l!(_‘)r\‘;\lll‘\ _l It'liillHNt -

\‘(\l’ DR 1 \. .

0 takes a jet) .'.rth hrs uncle games Caan's Strt)‘.'.a‘y t'a "r racket. Tr‘rs tr'r‘e art,th the stakes are consrxlerally hrgher‘ and what follows rs a hrghly accon‘prrshed example of Mn norr that. although rndebted to Scorcese's New York crrrne dramas. bears a bleak heart all rts own. (lirlrnFcur VHS rental: DVD retarll (Catherrne Bromleyl


(i scenes

The Replacements

Sixth Day

spots and trarlers

the movre Gone In 60 Seconds

Magnificent Seven Classrc feature gets the speCral edrtron DVD treatment drgrtally remastered prrnt and setrndtrack. makrng of dOCumentary and audro commentarres from cast 8-




Omen - Trilogy Box Set

Released to corncrde Wrth the frlrns 25th annrversan,’ -- The Omen drsc rncludes a drr'ector commentary from chhard Donner and a host of spooky extras

Wu-Tang Clan - The W

Debut DVD from the awesome rap collectrve rncludes unedrted pop promos from therr latest album. rrrcludrng extended martral arts scenes from Gravel Prt

2001: A Space Odyssey - Box Set

Specral edrtron box set of the rnfluentlal sci-fr opus » cernprrses of the usual drsc wrth a few extras. the soundtrack CD. booklet and a collectable frlm cell from

(01:1 : lrléttltélt}‘Ftttr'?’

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yl:l- J,_ynrr': 3.-:.;g: hungry

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ALSO RELEASED Amon Saga (lyla'taa retari May: and rr‘ystrr‘rs'r‘. 'r‘arraacm. 1 rl‘ thrs Japanese .tr‘r'r‘re. Angel season 2/Buffy season 5 chx r'etarl

Hrn‘ zan‘prre anrt st‘e slayer 's orrgzrr'ta adyt‘entures. Uncat tn Gangster No 1 rF—rl'anrur VCl retarl The best Br‘rtrsh gangster flick srnce Lock Stock. But better.

Meet The Parents r'Un;yersal VHS rental: DVD retarlr Bob De Nrro and Ben Strller' go head- to-head In thrs rn-Iay‘.’S comedy.

Me, Myself And Irene (Fox VHS and DVD retarlt The Farrelly brothers' splrt rdentrty comedy starrrng happy. funny couple er Carrey and Renee Zellweger.

Tech clubbrng comedy set rn the San Francrsco rave scene —- extras rnclude audro commentary from drrector (3mg Harrrson, muSrc promos and deleted

Actron comedy based on the US footballers strrke rn the 80's starrrng Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves DVD rncludes makrng of and commentarres

Arnre stars rn another clonrng actron sCr-fr movre great extras rr'tcludrng stOryboard comparrsons. anrrrratronrcs. makrng of’s. behind the scenes. TV

Hr-octane car herst movre wrth the ever watchable Nrcholas Cage extras rnclude rnterVrew wrth Jerry Bruckhermer. mUSlC promos. frlmographres and trarlers



8801. Sat 9 Jun. 8.10pm 00

T'te taunts ‘ttottarn 's."ar‘:ng' arm 'harre' sprrrrg to r“rn t as BBC‘ .teyt‘te ar‘ eyer‘rng to the phenomenon ot text messagrng. \\hat ;‘ NO mere classrc eprsodes of Dad's Army ’? Hosted by Ulrrka Jonsson, the nrght COlT‘tTTRlTCGS ‘.‘.rrth a he show teaturrng contr'rbutrons from Steps. Vanessa and Ian Wrrght rno budget them and some ‘hrlarrous' textrng stones.

A documentary examrnes the (oy s of textrng. rncludrng such heart-warrnrng tales as the couple who found love by phone and the schoolgrrl who was bullred by text. The programme also reveals some not-very- surprrsrng statrstrcs. Drd you know that srx lrrllron text messages were sent rn the UK last year"? Most of them rnconsegtrentral and rncomprehensrl)le

wrthout access to Marco

Mrranda's text abbrevlatrons drctronary. Now. I know textrng rs a huge craze and wrll revolutronrse the way we communrcate (sorry. communrc8l but l don't recall an entrre nrght of precrous telly berng grven over to CB radros or the Speak n' Spell.

Froatrng y'rev.ers are adyrsed to stay rn the pup and text therr frrends. (Allan Radclrffel

Ht M

PEEPING TOM Channel 4. Sat 9 Jun. 3.3Sam 00000

Qurte Justly reyrled upon rts orrgrnal 1960 release. Mrchael Powell's tale of a murderous \oyeur rs as drsturbrng as rt (8 brrllrant. That rt’s Strll shockrng today ought to gry'e yOu some Idea of Just how repulsrye Peep/mg Tom was back rn the days when rrsgue was an angry young chhard Burton knockrng hrs mrssus about.

In the same year that Hrtchcock unleashed Robert Bloch's Arnerrcan psycho. Powell and hrs screenwnter Leo Marks unleashed another Freudran nut on crnema- goers. Tormented by mernorres not of a mental mother but a (‘lernented dad (played by Powell). London lad Mark Lewrs (Karl Bohm) can't help but try to capture on frlrn hrs vrctrnrs' frnal look of terror. And Lewrs rs good at rt.

Powell who remarns better known for hrs dreamy fantasies Black Narcrssus and A Matter Of Me And Death was a cheeky. smart fellow. And. lrke all genruses. way ahead of hrs trme. (Mrles Frelderl

_ .4 v-\ \I'

Ulrika gets the message

7—21 Jun 200‘: THE LIST 1 17