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Intervention has a history of impressing on the catwalk

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After three weeks of catwalks celebrating Caledonian cool, it’s time to pick a winner. Words: Louisa Pearson

n all things it's the taking part that counts. but that‘s not going to stop the eight finalists in the Rui/truck New

Cutting edge designs

Beca Lipscombe (centre)

don‘t necessarily think that is the case.‘

And that brings us on to the city with streets payed with gold. It‘s a word that's guaranteed to come up if you have a cony'ersation with any up-and-coming Scottish fashion designer. usually along the lines of ‘well I'd loyc to stay in Scotland but I'll probably have to go to London at some point.' And who can blame them‘.’ In the same way as aspiring filmmakers go to l..-\. someone who wants to make their mark on the fashion world is going to head for London. Paris or Milan.

But that doesn‘t mean we should take it for granted that Scottish talent is going to disappear. As l.i/. Merton says: "I‘hese days you can jump on an airline for relatiy'ely low cost and go and see ctistomers in London yery quickly".

With the kind of support and profile-raising that

Interyention is working on. contemporary

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along with the glamorous title comes a cheque for {I l.5()() to alongside the more traditional fabric—

support them in business in Scotland. as well as a valuable producing industries which Scotland is one-year mentor scheme. Last year‘s winner Beca Lipscombe to famous for. And given the talent so

has since been featured in lbgue. Nora and The Face. and her

success should inspire this year's contestants.

Liz Merton of the Glasgow Apparel Project. is one of the judges. and she knows what she‘ll be looking for: ‘The first thing would be design talent and strong fashion awareness. and then the other thing is their potential business acumen. because it's quite a large amount of money somebody"s going to win.’

The Apparel Project is the only one of its kind in Scotland. providing support to clothing and textile companies in the city. Merton is a big supporter of Intervention. ‘I think it has inspired a lot of designers to think they can go into business and make a success of it.' she says. ‘Not only that. that they can stay in Glasgow and Scotland to do it. because there‘s always a preconception that you have to go to London and I

obyiotisly in evidence. none ol us haye

90 any excuses for not getting out there and I buying some Scottish-made designs.

is case.’ We’ve got a whole host of tickets to

give away for the Catwalk Finale,

and one winner will also receive a pair of tickets to the after-show party. There’s five pairs for the preview (Wed 13 Jun 8pm), the family show (Thu 14 Jun 5.30pm) and the finale (Thu 14 Jun 8pm). Send your name and address stating which show you’d like tickets for to Catwalk Finale Competition, Shopping, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or e-mail Iouisa© by Mon 11 Jun.

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