V I saw you in l'lares and in the Horseshoe. with your mum 111011. Sticittl worker ltl l)iesel jeans. 1 should hay e shared llle taxi. .\'ext titne'.’ Box No [7415/(i.

V I saw you driy ing an X-reg silxer Renault ('lio on l)ry men Road in Bearsden & at the cross [1 stopped o; put tir .\lcl)onalds drink it] the bin & said hi to me. 1 had an orange bandana on. [' wanna take me l‘or a ride in ur car'.".".' (let in touch? Box .\'o [7415/7.

V I saw you upstairs at licho (k the Bunnymen. You dark- haired man in navy shirt. me kiwi girl in red t—shirt. We chatted about the gig. Fancy meeting up‘.’ Box No [7415/3. V I saw you Scott happily taking my money at STA Byres Road. Box No [7415/9.

V I saw you at the gym (we both tlid). part 2. Heart monitor 45p. bits [are 75p. a smile

iron) the turquoise star -

l’Rl('lil.liSSl Box .\'o [7415/10.

V I saw you Stelan. I‘m still waiting to wear your twisted glasses again. James. Box .\'o ['/415/1 1. VI saw you 2 dancin' girls in ('ul de Sac. How about you tear up our dance l'loor'.’ Box .\'o [7415/12. V I saw you belly dancing at .\lcl)onalds. mmm yery sexy? Please let tis meet tip l’etulia xxx Box .\'o [7415/13. V I saw you short hair bar girl ('tll de Sac. il' you're into girls l'd loy e to be yours. red '1'- shirt girl. Box .\'o [7415/14. V I saw you Surlies you'x‘e made our nights complete? Yott can part our waxes anytime?! l.o\‘e the ('hul'ties xxx Box .\'o [7415/15. V I saw you looking l'oxy in Brel. again. Do [I want to go otit with me l'or another year‘.’ Box .\'o [7415/lo. V I saw you ('hul'tie clubbers look lel't. look right btit don't look down and round . . . Box .\'o [7415/17. V I saw you Mrs Starkers Stark 'l'a-ra-ra Boom MY Dee-ay any old time! 1’.S. Low to Jane. Box .\'o [7415/18. V I saw you Mr up you certainly made my night. l)ax'id (‘ list]! 1’.S. inllate my bouncy castle anytime??? Box No [7415/19. VI saw you with your linger in tny pint. and it it happens again. you won't haxe one. Box No [7415/20. 0 V I saw you king ol' haw maws you're a httnk of burning lose your queen and duchess awaits. Box .\'o [7415/21. 0 I saw you Philip . . . please help tne . . . I'm saying that 1 need yott . . . ljust can't make it by mysell'. Box .\'o [7415/22.

134 THE LIST 7-721 Jun 2001

0 I saw you (0 (‘al'e (iandolli. (iinger ('her I'll be your Bono Sonny anytitne. ('ontact me my big highland lad. Box No [7415/23.

V I saw you yesterday Laura. and 1 want to see you and see you and see you xxx X Box No [7415/24.

0 I saw you William 1.. in (‘uldy l'll drink yours it you drink mine. Shots ahoy 11 Arr I'm the lisherman xx loy e Brel Bird Box .\'o [7415/25.

0 I saw you in the (‘ul-de- Sac on Fri 18. The pimp with a limp and the l'oxy chick with the big smile. Loyc you both longtime. Box .\'(1 [7415/26.

0 I saw you Tue 29 May

1 1:30am (0 Tinderbox. (iorgeous girl. with a brunette bob and resplendent in w hite. You oby'iously liay'e good taste. ditch the dag and go designer. Box No [7415/27.

0 I saw you Ne“ 11)) in (ilasgow'. alter a year ill Korea. "The Boys are back in town?' let the Buckl'ast run l'reely? Box No [7415/28.

V I saw you dancing at Sunday Shelter. Riy‘et'side ('lub. 27/5. Sexy petite blonde those eyebrows. that smile. those turquoise arm warmers. l.ookin' good. Box No [7415/2‘).

V I saw you Mon 7. beautiful girl: white 'l'—shirt. sily'er bell iii Sal'eway. then Kersland Street. 1 blame you [or a minor heart palpitation and excessive daydreaming ever since. .‘ylaybe get you back sometime. Box No [7415/30.

V I saw you at (‘.(‘.'.s Friday and Sunday. Bouncy blue-eyed babe in stripey top. Who says more than a handl'ull is a waste?! 1 go down on a Friday! Box No ['/415/31.

0 I saw you at the (il-‘l‘ lor Borders/Nazareth. you gorgeous shaggy red-head (American?) Me ~ demure tltisky' dilettante. Let's get together and change the world. Box No [7415/32.

VI saw you in ('ul de Sac Fri 18. you cute & scrul'l'y blue- eyed boy with right eyebrow pierced. the girl in the red T- shirt + the boy in the cap admired you ll'rom not so l'ar a distance). Box No [741533.

0 I saw you Julie in (‘al‘e .\Ioka (1 think that's your name) 1 hate your work T-shirt. btit I wouldn't mind you. 1 look l'orward to some great customer service you blonde bombshell. Box No [7415/34.

V I saw you la/y‘ brain in a mass of monkeys. You're a total hoot? 11' you are a stalker. then 1 want to be stalked . . . Box .\'o [7415/35.

V I saw you all the l'antaslic stall at 11 & .\l. Buchanan (ialleries. 1 will miss you all so much. don't forget the tallest girl in (irimsby huge kisses. The :\bstet'. Box No [.7415/36.

V I saw you cute dark-haired girl working/talkirig/laughing in Borders cal'e. Your workmates called you Jen. Fancy a chat‘.’ From friendly customer. Box No [7415/37.

V I saw you Liam up Ben \Vy'x'is with the wind tip your shorts + the sun shining on your baldy heid. Fancy a tumble in the heather sometime'.’ J x Box .\'o [7415/38.

VI saw you in the toilet in Borders. you were the most sexy girl in the world? ('ourtneyl Box No [7415/39.

VI saw you (iames lixpcrt. one Saturday night. pissing against a \'auxhall caxalier. making a car slalom otit ol' cones down Byres Road. 1 think you had been drinking. btit so had 1. Menage a trois tlext

\\ L‘L‘lx'elltl'.’ Box .\'tl [741.5/411.

V I saw you l'raggle rockette. get lid 01' [llL' excaxator. ('llL‘L'lx otlt the historian. l'll teach you a thing or two. Box .\'o [7415/41. 9 I saw you ('1)S \y'est Sunday 20/5. l)isco babe looking rough as " ' '. Verdict l'rom the birds . . . You'd get it. Box No [7415/42.

V I saw you working in “MY. l’rinces St. 'l'all. blonde girl with small ears. l'rom \Vigan. You had a lunny look on your lace did you haye turtle- lieatl'.’ Keep iii touch honey. Box .\'o [7415/43.

0 I saw you boy l'i-oni (ilasgow' looking lor the .-\yerage White Band in lidin missed yoti at the (let in totlcll'.’ Box No [7415/44.

V I saw you in Blackl'riars. low at lirst sight. You red- haired lox'er lroni (ilasgow. .\le lat & baldy. Please reply. Box .\'o [7415/45.

0 I saw you alter the world

ended. You exploded like a shiny

new Solar system. l.ct's giy'e in to gt'ax'ity. git'll Box No [7415/46.

V I saw you looking all heterosexual. You'd look great Sw'ingin in the bree/e lrom a tree with your dungarees tied round your neck. Stay away l'rom my nice man. Slca/y. Box No [7415/47.

V I saw you big boobed cresside. your pants were upon my bathroom lloor. 1 want them there again. Box .\'o [7415/48. VI saw you tin-l'oiled tip to the nines? 11. it's gonna be the end ol' the world we might as well spend it together. Box No [,7415/49.

V I saw you liuan looking lit and gorgeous iii The 1)roy‘ers on the WHW. You decatnped bel'ore breakl'ast so how about lunch‘.’ l'm otit your way soon. Box .\'o [7415/50.


V I saw you Sebastian. you'd

just got back l'rom Finland with

boils. ('ome round. Box .\'o [7414/99.

V I saw you husky bar Blue manager? Yotl can mix my cocktail anytime. you disliey-clled sex god. 7(ls l'ootballer hair turns me on? Box No [7414/1110

0 I saw you ('hris at the Tray-erse l'ollowing your birthday meal. llope carnal knowledge ()1 a psychiatrist isn't too much ()1 a taboo. Many birthday silogs. linjoy Rome? .\'eill tnot l'rom Deal) xxx Box No [7414/101.

V I saw you (it). (1 months on and still utterly interesting. l.ox'e you. SDH. Box .\'o [7414/102.

V I saw you Alistair. tniaow miaow' miaow miaow. Toast and tnartnite. For gods sake. how about a change! ('hloe the cat. Box No [7414/103.

V I saw you tall. shy kinda dark-ey ed man. l'reduents ()xl'am Morningsidc. ('an we speak l‘rench. talk music maybe‘ Box .\'o ["414’104.

V I saw you Mr ()hseui-e playing llardy 2 get in the

Tray erse bar. (x501, l'ancy a g;ll‘.' Htl\ \U [741431115

V I saw you and yott saw me and we made mad passionate loxe ha ha most nights and still do. l’lully dog? Box No [7414/10o.

VI saw you sexy slim boy

t('lll. l ltlyt‘ ytltl. l [10. l [10. l [10.

xxx 151) Box .\'o [7414/107.

V I saw you (iaretll 1I\'l\\ll. “e pat'llt‘tl :tl .\lt)tltlt). l'\t‘ lost or number man. R u still alixe‘.’

Hit me back. it's bit a while. he got uriackcl. Box No [74l4/lllS.

V I saw you medic boy will) your shay ed head and heayy mctal l-shirt. .-\re you a (ierman exchange \llltlL‘lll'.' 11' you are. how about we practice ottr linglish together. l’S like the boots. Box No [7414/1119

V I saw you tall. blontle. sexy girl. 1 winked. you looked away btit there was a spark there? lix. Box .\'t) [7414” 111.

V I saw you sexy. exotic w ith a bind! on your skin the colour ol mocha. You were wearing at) orange checked scarl. \lc tall blond (ierman guy Ya Box \o [7414 | l 1.

VI saw you attnty (' rocking that chic at the (‘ity ('ale. How are the 'lahriec‘tahs' Box .\'o [7414/112.

VI saw you lookitig tiny. [1 work in .-\x.tlanche. x\ll \leet up tor a lloegarden sometime‘ [' rock my world. Box .\'o [7414/113.

VI saw you rel'tising to wash a dish 111 the kitchen you skanky mtdden. Viewlorth young team“ .-\ye yr maw. Bring on the gouda .\lr Bateman. l.[l\ .\liss l-u. Box .\'o [7414/114.

VI saw you Brian manager ('ity ('al'e. Your liatr arid sparkling eyes drixc me xx ild. l.t‘['\ gt) \\ll[l ltlgt'lllt‘t'. II[l\ \t) [7414/115

0 We saw you two. outside who's who at 4 lrom lilll. posing 111 the Still Sun? Red bandana. blue cap. iomer leans and shirt l'rom (iap'.H .‘\\ yotl gaxe your bandana a tttg your girllricntls approached. .\lY (i()1) 'l'llliY ARI-l l’['(i77 Box .\'t)['/~ll~1/'11[).




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