something we‘ve done before so it should be quite exciting. We‘ve got our mate Bell'ast Bob playing guitar and bass so we‘re up to lull strength. I‘ve been looking l‘orward to doing these gigs tor the past two years. The studio stutl is good but it doesn't come close to playing live. I think it‘s time to get out there and do it.‘

As keen as they might he to get on the road. Belle And Sebastian are giving it all their own twist. 'We‘re playing the Preston

(iuild Hall. which is mostly ltttttolts lot'

hosting snooker championships.’ he says

with glee. ‘We‘ve always tried to do stull

that‘s a wee bit dill‘erent like the Bowlie Weekender and things..

(iood in principle. the idea ol' novel venues has not always been a success. ‘We played Manchester Town Hall once and it was terrible.’ says ('ooke. ‘The band were divided between two separate stages so we couldn‘t hear each other most ol' the time and when we could. there was a delay so we were all over the place.~

(‘loser to home but no less adventurous. the band match l‘ellow Weegies Mogwai with a trip ‘doon the wallet" for a gig on the coast; this time it‘s l)unoon. ‘lt was a case ol‘ look at the map. see where to play.‘ (‘ooke says. ‘I imagine

It was good to be out there. It was kinda weird how the whole place changed about an hour belore the overrun with indie kids.‘

The band will set out on the road with a clutch ol new tracks to air as well as the new single '.lonathan David'. a result ol' them congregating to hone their live skills. '“L‘ did :1 l’c‘c‘l \C\\lUll tt lt‘yy \\ L'k'b\ l‘;lt‘i\ and we had tour new songs l’or that. Well play a couple ol them live. so it's just really e\citing at the moment. 'l‘he stutt' we've been doing is really dil'l'erent. We’ve got one with a guitar loop on it; we‘v e been playittg with dillet'ent samples and stul‘l'. It's still del'initcly lielle :\nd Sebastian though.‘

(‘oncludittg ottr chat. I inl‘orm ('ooke that the last time Hie /./‘v/ visited l)unl‘ermline's ('arnegie llall one ol the venues on their tour was tor a panto starring among others. members ol the cast ol' Hie/i lv’mul. ('ooke laughs at the prospect ol' our ne\t visit being to see him and his compadres. ‘I can‘t guarantee it‘ll be much dillerentf

Belle And Sebastian play Queen’s Hall, Dunoon, Sat 9 Jun; Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Sun 10 Jun; Music Hall,

our manager. Neil. and Mogwai‘s manager. (‘olin. would have Aberdeen, Thu 14 Jun and Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 15 been sitting and plotting these gigs together. I was actually & Sat 16 Jun. ‘Jonathan David’ is out Mon 18 Jun on playing in the brass section for the Mogwai show at Rothesay. Jeepster.

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