4 Maria ,4:

Born Buekhm en

Course Jeweller} and Silversmithing

Why Edinburgh College of Art? ‘lt's a reth good eourse and you're encouraged to e\periment in dill‘erent media.‘

Degree Show llandhags and jeweller} inspired h_\ natural l'orms Using a range ol‘ materials includ- ing l'elt. iron and hemp. ‘l'\'e heen doing drawings ol' hirds‘ nests and the patterns l'ound on hirds' w ingsf she says. ‘Some of the pieees are handhags. so I have this nest hag whieh ol'eourse. is not \er} praeti— eall lior my hrooehes. d}ed hemp l‘orms the patterns ol‘ the leathers whieh is then attaehed to iron.‘ Influences Natural l‘orttts. Angela ()’ Kell}.

Future Prospects Winning the RSA U800 Boodle and Dunthorne Attachment award. Wehster w ill he oil to Liverpool l‘or a three-month placement designing jeweller}. She then plans to take a year out hel'ore going to (‘ordwainers‘ (‘ollege in London.

Edinburgh ('n/lt'gt' whirl: .lluin /.('('llll'(’ 'l'lit'ulrt' (.lIui/I lint/(ling)

Maria Webster spices up jewellery

\o ords "‘ ' “Emma? is about a ' man who u: can’t perce 9, objects fog g: what they

Born Richmond. Surre}

Course l’ilm & ’l‘\'

Why Edinburgh College of Art? 'I lose the eit_\. and the eourse seemed to he \er_\ hands-on and praetieal which is what I wanted.‘

Degree Show Showing The Bridge ()f'l'ln' .llmm and lat/11' Hus/mt. l"o\ has also written and direeted .Vt'u' Him/s /.('(H‘Hl 'liului‘. eentring on a man who ean't pereeh e ohieets or people l'or what the} reth are. 'I got into direeting quite easily he says. ‘When _\ou see aetors sa} ing the lines that _\ou‘\e written. it eomes quite naturall) to tell thetn how )‘ott want them to interpret it.‘

Influences ‘.\l} lather is a doeumentar} lilmmaker and although I tried not to l'ollow in his l‘ootsteps. l ahsolutel)’ lo\ e it. He‘s in) inspiration l‘or e\'er_\thing.‘

Future Prospects Staying in lidinhurgh tor the immediate l‘uture. l-'o\ plans to Ian e another go at direeting. and there is a possihility of doing a leature tilm as einemattigrapher in the New Year.

The film/muse: lli’t/ 37.111”. 8.30pm ((- T/zu 38 Jun. 6. l5/mi.

Anwen Williams follows human transport

Born lidinhurgh

Course l’roduet l)esign lingineering

Why Glasgow School of Art? 'lt's a prett_\ unique eourse and horn what I hear there‘s onl_\ us and Brunel l'niVersit}. I also wanted to star) in Seotland.‘

Degree Show .-\lter diseussions with liremen at llelenshurgh l-ire Station. Smith set ahout improxing the eurrent tools tised l‘or will”? l‘L‘UPIe out or ears. "l‘he eurrent tools weigh ahout 25 kilos so that was the major issue I was tr_\ ing to taekle.‘ he sat} s. ‘I had to try and produee one that would he as pow edit! and would ha\ e all the l'eatures hut he mueh lighterf

Future Prospects Winning a lew months‘ work plaeement from the l<o_\al Soeiet} ol‘.-\rts l'or his oil-road kite hugg}; Smith. along with lellow student l’eter Inglis plan to set up their own produetion design eompan}; (‘heek out their wehsite: ww w.4edesign.eo.uk

Hi * " . . A (flusguir St'ltoo/ (ill-iris I’Im/tn'l l)esign li/rui/tt't'ring Born liast Yorkshire l)e/mrmn'nr (lint/1's Built/1ith

Course Illustration

Why Edinburgh College of Art? ‘My loundation eourse tutor in Hull reeommended Seottish art eolleges as being good ones and I really like the sound ol‘ the eourse.‘

Degree Show For her linal project. Williams ehose three areas of the ein The Venue]. Bristo Square and the Meadows and looked at modes of human transport. whether it's skatehoarding. jogging. walking or e_\ eling. (‘reating image-hased maps ot‘eaeh plaee. shes

also made sketehes. photographs. llip hooks. silk—sereen printed images and a (‘l)-Rom to

doeument the area. ‘l‘re got into the digital side

of things this _\ear and I’m quite interested in

animation] she s;t_\'s. 'lt's a \'Cl'_\' Lisel'ul tool hut /~ l‘m neVer going to solel} Lise the eomputer as I

love drawing too muehf

Future Prospects .-\ plaee at the L'niVersit}

ol‘ Brighton to do an MA in Sequential l)esign

and Illustration.

lz'dt'It/nug/t College (thin: Illustration Sim/[o

(Main Building)

Robin Smith: product designs for firemen