Dara Curry b

Born California

Course Fine An Photography

Why Glasgow School of Art? 'l‘u been here on holiday and realised that it had an international reputation. I wanted to go to a high school very far removed froin California and this was pretty far.‘ Degree Show A series of colour square format prints in varying sizes. ‘I come from a suburb in Southern California and visited Disneyland loads of times when l was a kid.’ she says. ‘lt struck me that this was a very odd place and that‘s how the work has developed. looking at places which are inauthentic. like zoos” and themes parks.‘ Influences 'l‘opographical Movement. Robert Adams and Thomas Joshua Cooper. Future Prospects With plans to travel after graduation. Curry intends to do an MSc in Geography which springs from her extended essay on geography. city planning and landscape architecture.

(i/asgou' School o/‘Art.’ Studio 48 (Mackintosh Building)

Gail Thomson . gas converter Kim Colman

sheds light on

the dark Gail Thomson A Born Glasgow Course Interior Design Why Glasgow School of Art? ‘Because of its reputation.‘ she says. After a stint in the WRENS before selling cars for a living. Thomson wanted to do something more creative. A foundation course at the College of Building and Printing led to direct entry onto the GSA's Interior Design Course. Degree Show Converting the two gas container units off the M8 into a virtual arena and a multimedia centre. Influences The Netherlands. virtual I reality and how technologies can improve Klm Colman A people's perceptions of an interior space. Born Northamptonshire Future Prospects Local design Course Tapestry company Lateral Line has offered Why Edinburgh College of Art? ‘What‘s great about the course is that they don't encourage you to Thomson a short-term contract. After that weave. you can do what you feel like doing. Some of my colleagues do weaving but a lot us do installation she plans to visit the Netherlands taking work.‘ up her RSA Interior Design Award which Degree Show With not a strand of thread in sight. Colman has created an installation consisting of two consisted ofa £1750 travel bursary. ‘After rooms one dark. one light along with a CD-Rom. ‘The idea behind my degree show is light and dark.’ travelling. I‘m looking to move to she says. ‘More the concept of it rather than just experiencing light as you would normally do.‘ London but if an opportunity came about Influences James Turrell. the Light and Space Movement. Minimalism. in Glasgow. of course 1 would stay.‘ Future Prospects Colman is going to apply for a postgraduate course next year but before then. she Glasgow School ofArt: Studio 53, hopes to put on an exhibition during the summer and plans to work alongside her twin sister who designs Interior Design Department ( Mackintosh C D-Roms. Building) Edinburgh College of.»lrt: Studio 55 (Main Building)

18 THE LIST 7—21 Jun 2001