Born Suctlcn

Course (‘crarnics

Why Edinburgh College of Art? “I catnc t)\L‘l' to Visit oltc ol' lll_\ li'icnds and rcall) likcd thc placc. so I dccidcd to sta_\.' Degree Show Moulding l'roin cla}. Burg crcatcs hall—human. hall—animal liguratn c sculpturcs which takc about [\to da_\s to producc. ‘I just gct iinagcs in my hcad lroin which I niakc skctchcs.‘ shc says. 'l'\ c ttl\\'tt_\‘s drawn human ligurcs hut thcn last ycar | tricd ttsing dil'l'crcnt aninial hcads hccausc I thought thc cxpl'cssiotts lookcd much hcttcr.’

Influences Surrcalist paintcrs inclttding .\la.\ lirnst. Pop Art (in particular .liin l)incl.

Future Prospects Plans to stay in lidinhurgh and is looking lor a sttidio spacc to continuc hcr \sork.

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Born ('hcshii‘c

Course l’ainting

Why Glasgow School of Art? ‘I cllosc (ilitsgttw through word ol‘ mouth. I also applicd to Sladc School ol'Art hut I dccidcd to c‘olttc hcrc and it \\as lhc ltcsl choicc l L‘Vc‘l‘ madc.’ Degree Show 'l'hoinas paints liguratch portraits ol' \i'oincn. sourcing thc iinagcs lroin porn mags and catalogucs. l’rcscnting l‘cnialc stcrcot_\'pcs. hcr monochroinc studics arc all about ctnponcring \sonicn. ‘ln thc ltislot')‘ of painting. it’s always hccn incn \\'lto painch \x'onicnf shc says. 'l‘m still using thcni as thc suhicct but I‘m trying to makc thcnt look as though thcy'rc in control rathcr than thc Vicucr'jtist mcrcly consuming thcni.~

Influences \cu Yorls paintcr l.uc_\‘ ScaVagc.

Future Prospects Slic‘s got a scholarship to study l'or an MA at thc .\'c\\ York .'\cadcin_\' ol‘.-\rt in thc School ol‘ Figurativc Art.

(i/us‘goii' School (rill/1: Sim/in ~15 (.llm'kinlosli Bur/(ling)

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I’ ll ii l {at ll’Nl/S You can see the work of our featured graduates at the following places: Glasgow School of Art 187 Renfrew Street, Glasgow. 0141 358 4500. Sat 28—Sat 30 Jun, Sat 10am—445pm: Sun 2—4.45pm: Mon—Fri 10am—8.30pm. Edinburgh College of Art Lauriston Place. Edinburgh. 0131 221 8000. Sat 18—Tue 28 Jun. Mon—Thu 10am—8pm: Fri—Sun 10am—5pm. Filmhouse 88 Lothian Road. Edinburgh, 0181 228 2688. Wed 27 Jun. 880er 8 Thu 28 Jun. 8.153er. See Art listings for the dates and venues of all the remaining degree shows.

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