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Clubs Glasgow's dancelloor (it )I is; extend their repertoire With their stunning new all iuin - Alien Radio. See preview. page 70. Sonia.


Music Glasgow's : . ' g ' t ._ Film Award ‘.‘.’llllllll(_) most humble hand 1‘ ' . hiopir: of om, (iuhan writer take to the road for a i‘ "' Reinaldo Arenas" Ill“, their first proper tour. ,j' ~ . (lirectetl lh,’ iiitist tiiinizil See feature page 14. ' ' , Ii - filmmaker Julian Schnabel Various venues. v' " _' and starring Johnny [)epp. See rewew. w e ’28.

1 (“ft- Caiiieo, [dinning/i. " Music Maik Lil'll\()LlS and co. display their souls in the most ("H.‘HCIUUBI‘,’ painful alhtim of the tear. PJ. Haney, Tom \I‘t’aéts .‘inr‘l

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Television Ken Burns' controversyridden (lOCtllllOlltEtW series comes to the UK. Dig the sounds and feel the who of those social and historical persrjectives. See review. page 1 18. BBCQ.

REMBRANDT’S WOMEN Art Chronicler of his time or a man just obsessed With big WOHIGH? You decide. See feature. page 10. Nationa/ Ga//ery OfSr;or/aiir1, Edinburgh.

ROSS NOBLE Comedy The Geordie japester keeps busy with his travels across

V VI 4' . Eastern Europe ON the . t I Wireless lThu 14 Jun. Books With his new novel

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Ciaitgfalk' stage. See listings, page novel form UDSlde'dOWn- _ . Jags “FHA

Arches. Glasgow.


71. Ve/vet Rooms. See reView. page 108. Glasgow; Radio 4. Seeker 8 Warburg,

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