The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 33.3 \Voodlandx Road. llh’7ll ()(lll ()ll55. 0pm, to l £5l. Loud. lll-}L‘l'-J;IL‘L‘ ranting: lroni larlan-clad inolor--inonlh Vladinnr .\lc'l'a\ ixh. Snpporl coincx colll'lc\_\ ol l)a\ c l'nllon. John Hill! and (‘hrix llaukinx.


The Craic House 'l'hc ()iilhoiixc. l2a llronghlon Slrccl |.anc. 557 (loos. ‘lpin. l-rcc. (icr'i‘) (iranl Icadx onl lhc linc—up. \npporlcd h} (iracinc 'l'hoinax and Jim l.a\\ rcncc. ch :\ndcr\on and KM in Spcncc arc _\onr l‘L'\ldL‘lll ho\l\ in lhl\ In c lllll\lC and conicd) c\cning_'. The Stand “w Sland. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. Upin. l £5). l‘rankic Ho} lc hcadlincx \\ ilh support Jl'lllll onc third ol ‘llig .'\nd l)all In Spacc' Roh Ronxc. 'l'cdd} and .lanc .\lac|\a} hclp cnxurc lhc croud arc \nilahl} \xarincd up. and (‘i‘aig Hill ix lhc gncxl coinpcrc.


Madcap Comedy Club At Cumbernauld Theatre (’unihcrnauld 'l'hcalrc. Kildrinn. (H230 732837. 0.30pm. £4 lf3l. |.cc .\'c\\ ix lhc c\cnill}_"\ lcading light. \\ ilh \lzll‘ hacking: lroni l)c\ ('Iarkc and (‘orinac ()ninn.


Dundee Comedy Club The Doghouw. l3 Bro“ n Slrccl. (H332 227(lel. 0pm. £5 (H l. 'l’hc Iadicx arc on! in lorcc [his cwning as .\l(' .loon lli‘oon inlroduccx Snxan Morrison. l)clia (iallaghcr. Kil'\l} How and lokcn man about lhc llllll\L‘ Rick} ('allan.

The Ratpack Dundcc ch. la} Squarc. (ll382 223530. |(l.l5pin. (5.75 (H l. A l‘ringc-l'lmonrcd linc-up l‘calnring poxh hlokc .\li|c\ Jupp. Scotland‘x maniacal lllll\L‘ Allan .\lillcr. John l.ill|c.iohn and Brandon Rccd. Scc prolilc l‘or Brandon Rccd.


Is it normal for a 22-year-old man to be fixated by 805 TV icon David Hasselhoff? Probably not, but then you’d be hard pushed to describe any of Brandon Reed’s three- year burgeoning comedy career as ‘normal’. ‘l’ve started coming on singing a David Hasselhoff song ‘Looking For

wooing critics in The Road From Dundee, appearing alongside fellow comedian Ben Darcy. The pair played an angelic duo charged with saving the city from God's attention-seeking wrath, and taking the show to his home town of Dundee proved to be as melodramatic as any self-respecting American TV series: ‘There was a bit of confusion and some people thought it was about celebrating the jam and journalism. After we had about fifteen walk-outs, we started doing material about the police, the NHS and drug problems, and more people left. It was brilliant because the rest of the audience really liked it.‘

Now one year older and wiser, Reed is preparing material for his first solo festival show: a sequel entitled The Road From Dundee To Tennessee. Dusting down his angel attire once again, the show promises be a sociological exploration of the quibbles of small town America, incorporating video footage from his travels around three towns named after our fair city of Discovery.

In the festival aftermath, Reed plans to follow in the footsteps of many a Scottish comedian by moving to London. As ever, he is upbeat about the move: ‘lt's an inevitable thing in that in a city with a population of eight million, that‘s where things happen - that’s where dreams are made, as it were. Actually, that sounds a bit like David Hasselhoff.’ (Maureen Ellis I Hui/idol: Hrer do}; legumll. 3")" l. "‘ l' '

Freedom’,’ explains Reed. ‘In between that I do my set which is a few gags. I suppose it’s quite fast-paced and frenetic, and I like it to be stream of consciousness.’ Last year’s Fringe saw Reed making a name for himself, simultaneously courting controversy and

Saturday 1 6


The Stand JJlL‘ Sltllld. 553 \Vililditllldx Road, 0370 (lllll (ill55. “pm. [7 ([4 l. SL‘L‘ l‘ri l5.

Madcap Comedy Club

Slalc Bar. I48 Holland Slrccl.

357 5387. 0.30pm. [5 ([4). Wild ohxcrxalionx l'roin main man .loc llccnan.

Ross Noble hosts the Scottish semi-final of the BBC New Comedy Awards, Velvet Rooms, Thu 7 Jun

72 THE LIST 7731 .Jun 13001

fungi/r; (if {he}


\\ ilh \oinc l’rccuhcclin' hacking: lroni l)c\ ('lal‘kc and lnorc acl\ lo llc conlirincd.

Edinburgh The Stand “w Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 0pm. £7 lL-ll. Scc Hi 15.


The Vigorous Lime Quiz Of Joy (‘nrlcrx 25h B}rc\ Road. 338 o5! |. Hpin. l’rcc. hcc Sun Ill.

Six On Sunday The Sland. 333 \Voodlamlx Road. 0870 (illll (ill55, H.l5pni. £3 ll.'2l. Richard Smith lakcx chargc ol' lhc inic. inll'odllcing \(llllL‘ likcahlc ohwl'uillonx Jl'lllll hcadlincr Roh RUll\L‘. \\ ilh \npporl ll'lllll l’aul .\lc.\'ci|l. Canvas Comedy Club ('an\a\.

J.3 H) \\';IJJ\ SII‘L‘L‘I. 552 2 HH. 9pm. [5. Local lad Dcx (‘larkc indulgcx in \onic oll-lhc—cnll Incandcring. \\ ilh hacking: l'roin Kcara Mnrph} and .laniic .\lcl\'cn/ic. an opcn \pol Jl‘lllll Marioric 'l'crr}. llllh rcxidcnl hoxl Jainic Rollinxon.


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? ’l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. lpin. lircc \\ ilh drink or a incal. Scc Sun lll.

Six On Sunday 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. 3.30pm. £31L'2lfl'hix c\ciiiiig\ \lalld-llp \i\ pack includcx \oinc lricndl} hanlcr l'roin gingcr nullcr John Him in lhc lop \Iol. pith Blair. Roh .\li|lcr and ('olin Simpxon.


Fife Comedy Club l’alh 'l‘a\crn. .\lid Slrccl. (l I 502 26367 I. 3.30pm. £4 l 1.3 l. J‘illL‘.\ L‘UllllL~ [llll‘lllcl‘x ill c‘l'llllL‘ .JUUII Bloom and John Sinclair pla} hosi lo (‘hrix

Ha“ kinx. 'l'cdd} and (ham O'Rourkc.

Monday 18


The Monday Rhymes Brcl. 3‘) 43 .-\\hlon Lanc. 342 lllhh. Spin. l‘rcc. \‘ix (iL‘L‘ hoxh a \L‘cond inxtalnicnl ill lhi\ comic mmical inclcc. and thix liinc hcr gucxlx includc Mad :\nlic\ l‘roin llcal Roulc Bixlro.

Dr Paul’s Comedy Quiz (‘ul dc Sac. 4-1 40 Axhlon Lanc. .334 474‘). ‘lpin. Inc. Scc Mon I l.

(7," /. ll )Ji'll’rlly. J‘F/

.()t,1'(,(1rll .(l(.)(,) fwfyill.’ .O’l}[3[)(/ .{'.. (ll/lil'll", ’\...1'(:.i\(l?"' .)’.().f ’r'ihl, \l \ji],,,

[ll/,‘u'l‘l.’ Hop. fl: warm;

$3.1? l'rv.


Red Raw 'Iillc Stand. 5 York I’lacc. 55.5 7272. H.3llpin. L'l. laighl \lalld up hopcl'ulx lakc lhcir lirxl \lcpx on lhc conicd} road nndcr lhc guidancc ol [rm] and lcxlcd \clcranx. hoxl llcn |)arc_\ and hcadlincr |.i/ Sncddon.

Tuesday 1 9


Benefit For Cuba 'l‘hc Sland. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7272. “pm. to 1 L5 l. ()ncc again ‘l‘hc Sland roll out lhcir pallcr incrchanlx. lhix liinc in aid ol lhc ('nha Solidaril} (‘alnpaiglr

Wednesday 20


The Ad Lib Comedy Club

.-\d l.ih. Ill Hopc Slrccl. 357 5337. Spin, H (LCM. \cn coincd} \cnlurc lronlcd ll} Bill} Honkcrx. ’l'hc opcningg night \in| l'calnrc lhc cwr-chirp} l’arrol. ahl} \uppol'lcd h} \'i\ (icc and Roll .\lil|cr.


Crazy Cabaret 'I'hc Sland. 5 York I’Iacc. 55K 7272, 8pm. tll «Ur Scc \Vcd 13.

Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night 'l‘hc Sland. 5 York l’lacc. 55K 7272. 0.30pm. L'l lo pla}. Scc \Vcd l3.


The Fred MacAuIay Show ’l‘hc Stand. 33.3 \Voildialldx Road. “37” N)“ (lll55. 3.30pm. £7195). l-rcdlnrnxhix L'dlhllL‘ \\ il on a capln c andicncc al ilh inonlhl) \land—up \Ilou. Joining hnn lill\ c\cning_' arc lidinhurgh'x polilical polcinicixl John I’Iinl. plux (iracnic 'lhoinax and lhrcc \'cl\cl Virgins.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'in .\lac('ool\. lfll I.olhian Road. 022

7 Ill‘). ‘lpin. l'rcc. 'l'radcinark loud—inoulh ranting lroin hcadlincr Vladimir

.\lc'l'a\ l\il. u ho lx \llppnl'lcd h} (‘ohn Sllllpxilll. John (Bordon and l'cxidcnl coinpcrc ch Andcrxon.

The Stand 'l‘hc Sland. .5 York Matt. .553 7272, llpin. £5 1L3 l. 'l‘hc al'l'ahlc Joc Hccnan lopx a hill uhich includcx Bcn Darc}. l.i/ Sncddon and coinpcrc Joon Broon.