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here’s a feast of ‘specialist’

movies hitting the central

belt this issue. Coming in all shapes and sizes - from film festivals to little independents to Oscar-nominated features - there is undoubtedly a movie for everyone.

The London Lesbian And Gay Film Festival tours to the GFT in June before the Edinburgh Filmhouse in July. Highly

recommended is Big Eden (Monday 11 June) a feelgood, quirky comedy

about a middle-aged gay visual artist returning to his Montana

home to look after his grandfather. There he comes across an eccentric collection of locals and possible romance rears its head from unexpected quarters. Titbits (Thursday 21 June), a programme of girls’ shorts, has some fabulous stuff, which manages to be both erotic and heady. Highlights include ‘Her Urge’ with a speccy lesbian in love with a punk-rocker girl, and the delightful Spanish ‘Bargain Lingerie’ where a

young girl is in love with big tits.

The boys’ shorts (Saturday 18 June) are a mixed bag - one poor, one OK, one interesting, and only ‘Doors Cut Down’ exceptional. Detailing the life of a fifteen-year- old boy having tons of sex in Madrid, it is completely

unashamed, funny and truthful.

Urbania (Wednesday 13 June) has a great performance from Dan Futterman (Robin Williams’ son in The Birdcage) as a sorted, attractive gay New Yorker (and how many of them do we see?) Turning on a series of urban myths it allows cameos from those eccentric gay character actors, Allan Cumming and Lothaire Boiteau. However, Urbania began as a stage play and it shows. A flawed but interesting movie.

Javier Bardem gives an Oscar-nominated performance in Before Night Falls (Cameo from Friday 15 June) about the gay, exiled Cuban poet, Reinaldo Arenas. Directed by Julian Schnabel who did the arty Basquiat it promises to be powerful stuff and has the bonus of Johnny Depp in transgender mode. Bardem, the star of Golden Balls and Almodovar’s Live Flesh recently played a gay doctor in Second Skin.

PRIDE SCOTLAND Central Edinburgh, Sat 23 Jun.

More than ill of people who go to gay testrvals are heterosexual. So rexeals Mrntel rn the most detarled stud. of gal. tonsurners t7t)l‘:’lllt‘.lt?(l ‘.'.'rth lll’lll Mar'dr ljras goers last tear. Aunarentl. tlél’. and strarght llit?t§l).|t3t§ are ltr'l't‘tlllllltl more and more alrke.

See rt tou can tell the drtlerent‘e l>et\.'.~t:-en strarght and gm. at Plitltl‘ Scotland on Saturdat. \Jlil‘rt'. Preparations are naeli under tor the rnartth and tt'strtrties hut. as ai\.'.'a‘\.:; .'.rth organrsatrons ot thzs :;r.'e and \.t,>!untar'j_ nature. Prrde mould tllilflli'l‘ldlt.’ «our help. Volunteers are strll needed for sten‘ard dun so rt \ou see tourselt rn a nrt’tfi. Prtde Tshrrt and \ou naxe good r‘raugatronal skrlls. phone that 55:36 8822 or log onto vaprrdesttotlandtrr'g

On Saturday L3, June people are asked tt~ assernhle at t t.-15arnrn East Market Street. Edrnhurgh. to! a rue-march rally v.nrch prornrses to feature rntrsrtt. enter‘tarnrnent and nt‘lrtat:rans.

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Provocative same sex love scenes in The Monkey’s Mask

101 Reykjavik has another Spanish favourite and Almodovar regular, Victoria Abril. She plays the lover of both a mother and her son. Anyone who remembers Abril from French hit, Gazon Maudit, in which she shared her husband and son with a butch dyke, will be captivated by the star.

The Filmhouse has a one-off screening of Victim (Wednesday 13 June) - the 1961 blackmail thriller with

Dirk Bogarde in career-changing mold as a barrister

the British law.

forced to ‘come out’. Marvel at the film‘s tautness, London locale and its ability to bring about a change in

Look out for Kelly McGillis’ career-changing

performance in the extraordinary drama, The Monkey’s

Mask (GFT and Filmhouse). Paying homage to her past roles as the leather-jacketed, denim-clad heroine of Top Gun she turns in a scorching, sexually provocative performance. I’ve never seen love scenes between two women like it. Book your tickets now ladies.

On video, If These Walls Could Talk 2 (Mosaic Movies) is a portmanteau movie exploring lesbianism in 1961,

1972 and now. Vanessa Redgrave deservedly won an


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The rnar'eh arnxes rn Albany Street around 2.1:")nrn tor the ‘(:ornrnunrt§.' hased restrual' rn the (:rtys gay vrllage. Fr'orn .l—Tn'n there will he danCrng at Cluh Ego. pltlill'tl‘, Place. i<~3aturrng DJ's Alan from Joy. Dale fr'orn Lush and Trend, Wendy. In the Cocteau l_:>.rnge. a (:arnrnunrl‘, rnar'ket '.'.rll he trading ‘.-.rth groups and earnrnunrtres from all oxer Scotland.

At the Outhouse. there .zril he a harhecue ‘.'.'rth entertainment from Drxe‘t’St} Ar'trsts. a collectron of LGBT nerforrhers from Glasgow Upstairs at the Outhouse hosts an inure space. Meant-.nrre. ll‘. Broughton Street's LGB centre. you can

Emmy and makes you cry as the survivor of a long-term lesbian partnership. Chloe Sevigny is a joy as a butch dyke embarking on a love affair with a femme college

Only the last section lets down with Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone in situation comedy form as an obnoxious, filthy rich couple deciding to have a child together. (John Binnie)


Marchers take Pride of place

check out the usual arts drsrfla.

Stonex'xall Youth Protect rs organrslrx; a ere-march breakfast. ar‘d tnen ,.'.ut" events at the John Cotton Cehtre. 1’; Sunrhxsrde. oft Easter Poad as .'."(}ll as food at (3:32 r:at'e.

At 2.1%Onrn at the Stand Corned, Glut, ;n York Place. Stone.'.'all along .-.';th the Edualrt, Net .'.:>rk and Out'rg‘n‘. Suntan/2' are hosting a reception for lePs and others. All are .‘.<:”;rf,t.'t“:. The Prrde awards ‘3er he handed art he": to these who nape rr‘racre outstanding wntrr'uutrons t7; the lestmar: and gar. :,<,rn'n.r'irt.

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OUQQFCOW‘DENl‘,’.(/)lll rs launchrng 011084 SHOE”) Déllfr’lg l.'l LOll/JOH hetere rt tours throughout Bntarn. tl‘lfl’tlflrltg Eornhtrrgh. Broughton Street cafes look out. The Men's Queer Speed Dating has sold out already; the son‘ehs' version has not. Errr, that. Have leshrans were sense than gay rrren’?

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