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I Arts corresporidents are hacks Just llkf; tabloid reporters. They've quickly found a spin on the news that Shane Danielsen wrll succeed Li//ie Francke as director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Danir-jlsen's already been laberled as the festival director who head butts critics llll all fairness. he did do that once a few years backi. But being a big. stocky Aussie With a vocal volume and outspoken Views to match. the media is moulding Danielsen's public identity as 'bovver boy' in the same way Russell ()rowe has been made the rack-the lad of Hollywood. Of course. this his/(fer entry contributes to the myth.

I Though Sir Sean Connery's dream to open a film studio in Scotland is going nowhere fast. the nation's most famous actor returned home this week to open

. a cowshed. Mmm. Strictly speaking it's a former (;()‘.“/f;lt(}(l. At an opening event on Tuesday 5 June. Connery pronounced the old livestock lean-to St Andrews' new Byre Theatre.

I You haven't seen the first film yet. but Shrek 2 is headed your way. Hollywood has fine tuned the art of commerce to first weekend box office returns. and being as the coniputer—animatetl fairytale spoof opened extremely successfully and then went on to

pocket 81 12 million in Just two weeks. its producers are already prepping a sequel for DreamWorks studio. This is what they call the Hollywood treadmill. On a related note. Mike Myers. who voices the title character. forced DreamWorks to re-animate scenes to the tune of 84 million so that he could give the green ogre a new Scottish accent. Silly sod.

I Scotland's coolest arts and media luwres were spilling into the industrial corner of Edinburgh's swanky Gayfield

6 THE LIST 7—31 Jun .Tii‘i‘i‘

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doggerfiSher. ‘3‘»: "7”", I" H},~.t_.;'r‘it/r' :l. at? gdil‘f'l til) ll} Susanna Beaumont.

late o‘ T' »-

goi'ig s..'.'i'rirriivi.;i, untii two of thr- younger guests

l(jllll(ll‘:ll. actuallyi decider: tr, feed the two delicate figures painted on the back '.‘.'all bi. gallery inaugural artist Jonathan Owen. With strawberries. Red faces land bottoms’fl all round until Beaumont whipped out the Jay (Zloth.

I 'No British films in competition in Cannes; this: year scandal' ‘Bloody lr'encli.' blah. blah. Actually. there was a Brit film in competition and it won a pri/e. And it was Scottish. intact. Irvine Allen's cute and disturbing Daddy’s Girl came home With the fiction pri/e for short films.

I Italian—Aniericans might hate the way they're portrayed in The Sopranos rthey say stereotyr)icallyl. but it's official: llEtllélll-llétllitllf‘) love the show. Debuting in the early hours of the morning Wllll almost no promotion. the third series secured a healthy quarter of the Viewnig public. Consequently. Tony and his two families are set to move to a prime time slot.

Schroeder is the latest member of the cast to leave top American

45 automatics

I lhey're abandoning ship. Rick

. ' NYPD Blue ' I r ‘,y 1 "‘r )3: r‘. = W' x I i' l J " l.' ' ' w: uDenIz Franz ,. i » - ii

bil .'.' .:.:

.l:l"-""‘.i".l tiléfiillilli‘/ltir i'Hli thwll.q . ' l’l’;fiirt- Ass 2' 'ii‘; " rerlucti ;.". :n I'I»: a“ '

Tear-l of lllt).‘t' ilillll’l‘w a" --

Mimi. Republican Senator John McCain ‘.'.as '.' .csit

Jay Cloth

make himself heard on screen in an advert telling kids not to mess around with firearms. So as; Bruce Willis pulls out his rademark -l:'> automatics or Arnold Schwarzenegger opts for his trusty U/i Elmni in. the l‘.(:><l blockbuster shoot em up. we can rest easy that the kids .'.’l‘l "ave been told. 'l)on‘t do this at home. . .'


‘This may be the most important thing I say to you todayzpay attention to your hair. Everyone else will.’

‘We all die without teeth.’

‘It would be nice to have all that hair but I’m not sure about the earrings.’

‘He plays me as a pretentious git and just ’cause I quote Proust when discussing the Happy Mondays, I hardly think that’s fair.’

I.) .. i. .i‘.r i‘. 'i’li’i’r.‘..".1..’iili

)' ( I I! in}. lili l')

"iiitl. , .‘».i ’, .."‘l/.1 ie’i'i‘i1.r

‘l can set John Prescott up with a trainer and I guarantee that he will box for the British title within five fights.’

[for ’I’J (if. .‘ur lrrnli I'.l'tl’ W", on the ifi:.'>i..". l’i'p" iriarii or .i .,.r.ri-w' II) the

‘Arrogance is like chilli. if you put the teeniest little drop in your food, it gives it that nice little bite. If you put in a spoonful, fuck, you’ve ruined your whole meal.’

//.'1’f Herr/r ‘.

{my .’).,i_ {it iijfgr); fry.

' l'ziw‘,‘ root up some

‘I’m in agony. My back can’t take the strain.’ (iii/hour" hinder“ Jon/xix; begin“. to

.","’}.'e,'.' her figure o.vih.’rr,ii,’irig ur/rger

‘I love threesomes that evolve.’ * r Vri /1)‘."\,l'/i'1'.lls ’,.'(f’ 5 t


ii4’fiil ‘i 14., l.

Victoria Abril