Art listings

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 3titi Batli Street. 33I “"33. Tue Sat ‘Iam opm.

Glasgow Gallery Group t'nul 'l‘hu 7 Jtiii. .\'ew work b_\ members ot' tlic artist co-operati\e the (ilasgow (iroup. and in\ ited artists t'rom

Glasgow Galleries continued


l I Mitchell lane. 33! “363 Mott. Wed. lit 6; Sat llt5tlam (ipm; l'uc I lam (rpm; 'l'hu 10.30am Spin; Stiii noon 5pm. Ll tincludes entr} to all exhibitions t.

The Glasgow Collection l'ntil Sun I Jul ((iallei‘} (met. the (ilasgow collection. launched in l‘)‘)‘). is an initiatixc to deielop (ilasgow 's design economy. this exhibition highlights the project's successes and the contributions since its launch.

Transformation: Conservation And Intervention In The City Sat 9 Jtiii Stiii l Jul «Young Designers ( ialler} i. An exhibition ot work b} l'.\'|'l~ J at Strathclyle l'ntiersit} Department ot Architecture and Building Science teaturing conceptual ideas tor the redeselopiiient ot' the tormer Sheritt ('ourt btiildiiig on liigiaiii Street iii (ilasgow. NEW SI IUI;

Industry Of One 'l'hu I4 JlltI Stiii l3 Aug. A major exhibition ot’ design troin l‘)t\’l to the present da} cltarting the impact ot' a ‘design-and-make' culture in Britain met the past twent} xears. Highlights include Ron Arad‘s Rm (7‘ ( hair and tom Dixon's .Iut'A/ie/it. as well as turniturc. lighting. ceramics and glass and work b} Scottish designers I’recious .\chane and ()ne l'iitit 'I'allcr. See llltlist. \Jl SI l( )‘.'. Central College at The Lighthouse Sat to 'l'hu 3I .ltiii i(ialler} 4i. An exhibition ot’ work b} tiiial xear ll.\'l) students in Digital Art and Design trom ('eiitral ('ollege.

Stephanie Fawbert Sat 9

.ltiii Wed 5 Sep. Works on paper inspired b} classical music. made in collaboration with musicians. NET. SI t()\'.'.


30 North Street. 3S7 300‘). Mon 'l'hu 0am Spin; l’ri ck Sat 0am 5pm.

The Foulis Academy t’ntit Sat 15 Sep. A unique and priceless collection ot' books. prints and works ot arts b} students ot‘(ilasgow 's lts’th centur) School ot~ Art and l)esign. 'l‘he l‘oulis Academ}. teaturing work b} l)a\ id Allan. Robert Paul and James 'l'assie gi\ ing a historic panoramic \ iew ot' (ilasgow at that time.


33l “est (ieorge Street. .343 97.55. .\lon l’ri I()ant 5.30pm: Sat

lttam 3pm.

Scottish Paintings t'ntit Sat 30 .ltiit. Scottish paintings trom ISts’tl to present da_\ including works b} .\lc'laggart. Paterson and Bellan).


()n-line galler). w - contemporar)

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-Iiiie gaIIer) which showcases ilie work ot‘ tip-and-

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. .\li|nga\ ie. 578 SS4". the Hi Ittam Ipm.3 5pm; Sat is Sun

3 5pm. coming artists t‘roiii (ilasgow and Milngawe Art Club t'ntiI Sat RH .ltiii. lidinburgh with all works axailable to New work b} local artists iii oil and bit).



this exhibition features the work of 9 of Cuba's greatest photographers, from pie-revolutionary, mid centuary Cuba. through the historic revolution itself. to the modern country defiant in IIS identity. (Itiba. Si? depicts the the rich variety of the island and Its people. Over 200 stunning photographs. including Alberto Korda's iconic image at (the Guevara. will be exhibited.

SEE Cuba.$i! in 15 little

Galleries 1 & 2. DICK Institute Elmtianlt Ave. Kllmamock KM 38” Opening times mon/tues/thurs/fii 10am - 8pm wed/satIOam - 5pm Admission Free Disabled Access

Also at the Baird Institute. (and I (llama-Visitoan“ For lltlioi' Information please a!

01563 554 343

transport from Glasgow). Train from Glasgow Control to Kiliman (oil mi return approx. [4). Bus 4 and 176, both ovary lioli

- 4-1 [Thedidt institute issininimswolk

I tromtliotioiiionillitisstotion. mmmuthn-umum

r; "I‘ll iiiSi “NICE [0

East Ayrshire



92 THE LIST 7—21 Jan ZCOI

Norwa}. Sweden. Poland and (iermanx.

PENTAGON BUSINESS CENTRE 3o Washington Street. 33l 3l3.‘~. \ton l‘ri ItIam 5pm.

Wordsmiths Mon 4 lit 3" Jtiit. Students trout the Silxersmithing and

Jew elIer_\ Department respond to set texts in this thematic exhibition.


(w \\'ilson Street. Merchant ('it}. 553 tl'3tI3. 'l'ue. \Ved ck l’ri l lam opin; 'l‘hu Ilam "pm; Sat ltIam hpm; Stiii I 5pm. Mixed Exhibition wot-k tw contemporar} tip—and-coming Scottish- liased artists.


(‘entre l‘or De\elopmenta| Arts. IS Albion Street. 553 3833. Mon l'ri

Illam 5pm.

Paintings by Japanese Children t'ntil lit 3‘) Jun. An c\hibition ot~ work b} Japanese children with disabilities. l’art ot'Japan 3ttttl l‘estixal.


IIS Douglas Street. 348 (ifit‘s‘o. .\lon l’ri lthIam 5pm; Sat IthIam Ipm. Photographic Exhibition t’ntil Sat In Jun. Photograph} It} (ilasgow School ot'Art students.


(i Burnt'ield Road. (itlltiock. (»_‘s.\' I3ttt). 'l‘ue Sat ltlam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm: (‘ressw ell l.anc toll. l3} t'es Rtittd I. (WAS I3(It). 'I‘ue Sat l lam 5.30pm; Sttn noon 5pm.

Emerging Artists Partnership 'l‘wo galleries t'rom the limerging Artists Partnership Ltd. showcasing tlte work ol' Ieading art schools throughout Scotland and the IR.


36 King Street. 553 3l5 I. Inc Sat

Illam 5.30pm.

Su Grierson: Eyeshine t'nul Sat 30 Jtin. Digitall} manipulated photographs and \ ideo works b_\ Sti (irierson which explore the sinister nature ot industrial landscapes. See re\ iew.


50 ()0 King Street. 555 HHS.

Now t'iitil Sat 33 Jun. Photographic works b_\ tinal year ll.\'l) l’rot'essional Photograph) and Digital Imaging students ot'(ilasgow (‘ollege ot‘ Building and Printing teaturing studio and location portraiture. still life and adsei'tising.


35 Albert Dri\ e. 387 3000. Tue Sun noon 8pm.

Pipilotti Rist t'ntiI Suit It) Jun. (Iaining international recognition with her \ ideo installations. the acclaimed Swiss artist l’ipilotti Risi w ill be creating a new work tor the galler} 's main exhibition space. commissioned b} 'I‘ramw'zi}. Rist has said other work: ‘I make poems iii moxemeni' and her \ ideo installations ttise contemporar} miisic. pop Video. computer graphics and film. Her new piece. Show A Lee explores the interpla} between the domestic and the public. the mind and the bod}. See lIitlist. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

David Sherry t'ntil Stiii It) Jun. .\'ew work in the Project Room b} (ilasgow - based artist Da\ id Sheri"). one ot‘ the II\ e recipients ot' the Trauma} Dark Lights (‘ommissions awarded iii 3t)t)(). (iraduating trom (ilasgow School ol Art's .\laster ot' Iiine Art course in June 3000. his new work includes projects based upon an inxestigation into extreme boredom. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. MFA Degree Show 2001 Thu 2| Jun —Sun I Jul (Traiiiwa) 3). The (ilasgow School ot'Art's Master ot Fine Art ('ourse Degree Show returns to Tramwa}. showcasing new work in a \ariet} of media including Video. installation. painting. photograph} and sculpture b} eighteen outstanding artists.

N E\"‘." SHO‘L’.


3.\‘ King Street. 553 48H. 'l'ue Sat llatit 5pm

Hair On One Side ls Swept Back Iilttll Sat lti Inn. A group show teaturmg the work ot' .\lar_\ (’hong. laurencc l-iggis. Michael \lallet and Miriam ('alin. ('hong. originallx trom llong Kong. graduated trom ()ntario ('ollcgc ot Art in 'l‘oronto and tor the space she creates a new installation. l‘iggis. a tourth )car student at (ilasgow School ot' Art. produces cratted objects in tabric. Duncan ot' Jordanstone graduate \lallct creates sculptures using a \ariet} ot materials including lettering and (liliii. who is based in Swit/erland shows colourt'ul tiguratn e paintings See

Open Day l'ntil Sat It» Jun. Rosalind Nashashibt's musical tilm structured around six scenes in a cit}.


IS Albion Street. 553 3833. .\Ion l-iri Ittam 5pm.

On Reflection l’ntil l'ri 3‘) .ltiii. Recent work b} 'l‘rongate Studios member Ken Bradshaw.


()n-line (iallerx.

w w w .\ isionon3tittl .cotik .-\ new internet site dedicated to slim“ casing the work ol thi'ec (ilasgow —liased artists each month. It _\ou ha\c a proposal tor the \'isioii( )ii w ebsitc. email

karla black“I hotmailcom

Neil Bickerton, Kevin Hutcheson and Drew Collett t'ntil Sat 30 .ltiii.


Buchanan Street. 553 (i503. Dail} 34 hours.

Barbara Breitenfellner: Protect Me Demon t'util Sun I7 Jun. .-\ temporar} public art work comprising a series (It. \ ideti sequences which combine iound Hmm amateur tootage and tw istcd narratis es which originate in the artist's own written dream notes.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS ltS3 \Vest Regent Street. 336 5406.

Mon l‘ri 7am I Ipm: Sat Sam I Ipm; Stiii Itlam lem.

RCA Graduates 2000 l'ntil Sat 30 Jtiii. A group show ot audio-\ isual work b) Roxal ('ollege (it Art graduates t‘eaturing ()liser Klimpel. l.ise Am} llanson. 'l'amm} Miller and ()lga Norma.

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow City Life, page 100.


Arg} le Street. Kelx ingrm e. 3S7 369‘). Mon 'I'hu & Sat 10am 5pm; l‘ri A; Sun I lam - 5pm. (’al'e. l-‘ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'ntil .\lon 3| Dec. A commemoratne exhibition marking the centenar} ot the Art (killer) and Mtiseum. Kelvingrove. The well Ich‘d sandstone building houses one ot‘ the tinest ci\ ic art collections in liurope t‘eaturing works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Bo} s and (iirls and was the serum tor some ot‘ the tinest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso- Matisse 1 194m. Van (iogh t I948) and Dali's Art In Jewels t l973-4i.


The Cross. Kirkintilloch. 57X (II-14. 'l‘uervSat Itlam-—lpm & 3—-5pm.

East Dumbartonshire Photography Competition Exhibition Sat 97-Sat 3t) Jtiii. Annual competition tor amateur photographers.