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Edinburgh Galleries continued


77 (Ink Street. ()2: 7330. .\lon Sat noon lam; Sun l23trpm lam, Mixed Exhibition .\ changing exhibition ol gothrc art nrcludrng settlpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


23 BS (‘ockburn Street. 33” 130”.

Wed Sat llam (rpm; Sun 1 5pm. People From Off l'ntil Sun I7 .lun. Three new pt'oiects by :\nna Best. Karen (iuthr'ie. Nina l’ope ck Simon l’oultcr produced during a residency at (iri/edale. taking inspiration from the attitudes and interests ot’('umbrian people. l/«ST (lHANtll': ll) SFli

Gown by Anna Flay l'ntrl Sun |7 .lurr. New work in the project room lrom .-\nna Ray inspired by the relationship between the hospital eny irorunent and the in\ isible space beneath the skin. l/‘ySl til lANtll It; SFEX


tl-imnerly (iallery 4] i. 4| l)undas Street. 557 456‘). Mon l-ri ltlfitlam 5.30pm: Sat lt).3()arn 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Wed 37 .hrrr. New paintings by liay ('Iark. Mary l)ay'idson. .liII liinlay. Brenda l.erraghan and Bill \‘y'right.


3 l 7 (’owgate. ()ld 'l'ow n. 553 I730.

'l‘ue l-‘ri noon (rpm; Sat loam 5pm: Sun 1 5pm.

The Arc Angel’s ‘Brazen Hussies Collection’ l'ntil Mon 25 Jun. Design retail outlet (‘oncrete Butterlly' is the outlet lor the work ol.-\rc Angels. a group ol nine women designer/w elders w ho produce one-oll items lor the home interior. Founded in I‘LS'SK the group come from diy'erse backgrounds w ho haye gained tutoring in traditional ‘male' metalworking skills. The exhibition features mirrors. candlesticks. tables and


(irindlay ('ourt (‘entre. (irindlay Street Lane. 32‘) 79-11. .\lon Sat lllam (ipnr; Strrr llam 5pm.

The Boroughmuir Art Exhibition Mon l I Hi 23 .ltrn. Artworks by current and lormer pupils of Boroughmuir lligh Sehool.


Bellor'tl Road. 624 (i200 (recorded information 333 2366). Mon Sat l()am--5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Paolozzi And Music l'ntil Still 23 ()ct. As part ol' a series of displays from the (iallery's collection or liduardo Paolo/,li's work. a suite of nine ser’eenpr'ints entitled ('u/ciunr lie/rt .\'re/it inspired by the work or innoyatiye American composer. (‘harles ly'es. Roland Penrose l’ntil Sun U Sep. [4

H.350) Joint admission with .\liller li\hibition at the National (iallery ol' .‘ylodern .-\rt. ()ne ol' the key ligures in the dey'elopment ol modern art in Britain was Roland l’enrose t won WM). 'l‘his major exhibition which coincides with the publication ol ly’n/rlltr/ l’r'ttl'uyr‘.‘ 'Iiltr' I'riem/ly' Stirred/[yr a biography by his son Antony l’enr‘ose. reyeals his work as a surrealist artist. e\hibition organiser. collector and writer. l’enrose was l‘riends with a rurmber ol surrealists including lirnst. Mini and Picasso and was responsible tor the first surrealist exhibition to come to l.ondon in I‘m». To complement the exhibition. the National (iallery ol Modern Art is hosting an exhibition ol photographs by l’enrose's wile. Miller. See rey'iew and llitlist.


27 ()treensl'erry Street. 320 4|5t). .\lon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm; Sun noon 4pm. Recent Acquisitions .-\ changing display of the gallery 's recent purchases.



'l‘.»\'r Rl('l-'. (Lu IliRY at my June I


New work in film. painting (1an (Inner/re

l‘xry'riksrry’ or- liorsnrruru July 14

Inner] on exp/mutton o/ the comm] luttr/yr'rl/u' nor/Ir ot .-l/’('I'(/('t'lt. Artist Talk Wednesday l3 .Iune 5.15 p.m. am! in the Round Room

Henry of unenrlrluec. [tut/rune.

print uml than me create it New [mutilation

Artist Talk Wednesday [3 .Iune 1.00 p.m.


94 THE LIST 721 Jun 2001

Points of Contact by Victor Pasmore (1908-1997) on show at l2


l I (iaylield Square. SSS 7| It). 'lhu Sat

l lam opm; Sun 3 5pm or by appointment.

Jonathan Owen t‘nnl Sun 17 Jun. l‘ounded by the The l.r'yt's lormer \ isual arts editor Susanna Beaumont. doggerlisher is lidinburglr's newest independent commercial contemporary art agency. working e\clusiyely with resolutely contemporary artists. ('onyerted

l'rom a tyre garage into a gallery space. the

inaugural e\hibition leatures the work ol emerging artist .lonathan ()w en who w ill be showing wall paintings and ctrt outs which raise questions on issues ol masculinity in the early 2 1 st century. [AS-l CHANCE H) St l.


b' .-\tl\oc‘ttle\ ('lose. :35 037 l. l);tll_\

I l.3()am 5.30pm (closed \Vedr.

The New Wave Of Primitivism l)onr is an arts proiect established in I‘No by a group ol' international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing e\hibition ol artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists w ho practice primitiye art.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.auriston l’lace. Ill noon Mon 'lue ltlam Spin; l‘ri Sun ltlam 5pm. Degree Show 2001 Sat to Tire Jo Jtrrr. lidinburgh (’ollege ol Art's annual degree show leaturing the work ol linal year students lrom the Schools ol Design and Applied .-\rts. \isual ('omrnunicatiiin. Drawing ck Painting. Sculpture. .»\rchitecture and Landscape Architecture. See leature.


lSa l)undas Street. 557 5327. Mon l'ri llam 5pm; Sat lllarn lpm.

Summer Exhibition Sat 9 Jtrn Tue 3 Jul. A summer selection ol paintings including works by Sheila Macmillan. Josephine (iraham. Jade Stout and James 'l‘weedie. See also .-\rt ladinburgh.

EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 33 l'nrou Street. 55" 2-17”. 'lue Sat Illaur opnr.

Alastair Clark l'ntil l‘l'l l5 .lun. .\ \et'ies til work created In response In genetic urodrlicatron leaturing enlarged Ieal strrlaces contrasted w ith the structures ot chemical diagrams. .v\|so It] a show are liye large stone lithographs. loose lolro prints and digital polyester lithographs.

John and Margaret Grant l‘nul l‘ri l5 Jun. large scale silkscreen prints based upon photographs and personal notes by John and Margaret (irant. 'lhe work lorrns part ol the artists' current prorect lln' /ll(/ll n/rm/rxt ("m Sir/ex. centred round l.ondorr /,oo in IUSJ.

Nicola Murray - Translations l'ntil l'rr l5 Jun. .\ series ol irrrages based on a pair ol chromosomes present in the human genome. [sing a corrrputer. Murray has created a

'larrrily ol rrnages lrorrr a hand painted representation ol a chtoirrosorne. Artist Talk Sat ‘) Jun. H.3Hanr. .v\d\ance booking necessary. Artist Nicola \lur'r'ay discusses her work currently on show Ill the gallery.


North (arrrptrs. ('rewe Road North. 332 Z-l‘H. .\lon llrain «lpnr: 'l'ue 'l hu ltlarn Spin; l‘r'r loam ~1pnr. Exhibition Of Creative Arts .\lon ll l‘t'i l5 .hrrr. l'inal year show l'ronr ll.\( '/l lNl) atrd .r\d\anced Diploma students hour the School ol ('reatrye .-\rts leaturing graphic and digital design. spatial design. stitched testiles and lashion design. public art. painting and drawing. sculpture. photography and artistic nretalwork.

EUROPEAN IN SCOTLAND 3‘) l’ahnet'ston Place. 537 6555. Mon l~ri 0am 5pm. Sat (k Sun to be continued.