Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries: National Gallery of Modern Art cont.

Lee Miller: Photographer Of People, Places, Fashion And War Mon ll Jun. l2.45pm. Richard (‘alyocoresst talks abottt the work of Ice Miller.

Roland Penrose And The International Surrealist Exhibition Of 1936 Mon lS Jttn. l2.-15pm. lili/abeth ('ow ling of l‘.tlinburglt l'niyersity discusses the life and work of Roland l’cnrose.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'l'he .N‘lottntl. 624 6200 (recorded infortnation 332 2266). Mon-Sat Mam—5pm: Sun noon—5pm. Rembrandt’s Women Fri 8 Jttn Sttn 2 Sep. 5.6 (£3.50). The first ever examination of Rembrandt's portrayal of women in his art. featuring tnajor paintittgs. drawings attd etchings drawn from all oy er liurope and America. Rctnbrattdt was the greatest artist of the Dutch school whose paintings are characterised by luxuriant hrusliwotk. rich colour and a master of cliiaroscuro. llouscd at lidinburgli's National Portrait (iallery. curated by .ltilia l.lo_\’tl Williams. the exhibition will trayel to l.ondon's Royal Academy of Arts. .Among the paintings inclttded in the exhibition. the (ietty Museum is lending the first drawing eyer purchased A'mlt' ll'omun lltl/l A Sim/w and The ’orlmrl ()ILl ll'omun (I‘c't’t/ ()2 sold late last year for a record “9.8 million has also been til-I‘L‘l‘L‘tl to the exhibition. ('harles .\latton's film Rem/2mm]! accompanies the exhibition and will be screened at tlte Lumiere cinema tsee l‘ilm listings). Sec featttrc and llitlist. Nl W St 10W. Young Woman With Flowers In Her Hair Fri 8 .lttn. 12.45pm. 'l‘he curator of /\’t'm/n‘um/! 's lltum'n .lulia l.loyd \Villiams discttsses Renthratttlt's painting. Woman Drying Herself by Edgar Degas l-‘ri IS Jun. l2.-l5ptn. Richard 'l"homson frotn lidinhurgh l'niyersity talks ahottt Degas' painting.


(ieorge [V Bridge. 226 453l. .\lon Sat ltlant 5pm: Sttn 2 5pm.

The Write Stuff t'ntil Wed 3! ()ct. Scottish writers as seen throttgh the lens of lidinburgh photographer (iordon Wright. featuring llttgh .‘VlacDiarmid. Norman Mac(‘aig. Ian Rankin and J.K. Rowling.

D’Annunzio And Publishing In Abruzzo l'ntil Sun 10 Jttn. A selection of holdings relating to (iabriele D'Annun/io featuring early Italian and British editions of his work.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 62()() (recorded information 332 2266). Mon-~Sat

l()am-- 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. Cafe. Free. Portrait Miniatures From The Clarke Collection l'ntil Sun 17 Jttn. Over 70 portraits from this outstanding collection of liuropean miniatures dating from I580 to ltS’2tl, go on display. Highlights include Nicholas llilliard’s copy of llolbein's portrait of Henry VIII and John lloskins‘ late miniature of (ieneral (ieorge .‘ylonck. lst Duke of .-\lbermarle. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. King Over The Water t'ntil Sun 30 Sep. £3 (£2). An exhibition charting the life of Prince James Francis lidward Stewart t I688- 1766). known to history as the Old Pretender. Included in the display are rarely-seen icons of the Jacobite cause. a life-si/e reconstruction of (‘anoya‘s magnificent totnb to the exiled Stew arts and art important new acquisition :l \‘it'tr ()r‘Y'lit' I’u/u::o .lltm'. the ISth century painting of the Prince‘s Jacobite Palace in Rome attribttted to (iuiseppe \"aleriani.

96 THE LIST 7'» 21 Jun 72001

Return To Life: A New Look at The Portrait Bust Thu 21 Jun Strn 14 ()ct. 'lihls exhibition challenges the contemporary y tew er to look again at portrait busts and engage In a tacc-to-tace dialogue with a remarkably skilful and

my entiy e art. The work of w ell-know n sculptors Sir .Jacob lipstem. llenrt (iaudier-Br/eska and Sir l-rancts (‘hantrey are letttttt'etl in the show as w ell as less familiar practitioners including Samuel Joseph and Kathleen Scott.

NE‘Irl SHO‘.'.

Where’s Mummy?: The Princess, The Heir And The Spare wed 13 Jun. l2.-15pm. lireelance historian liirw en Nicholson giyes a talk.

Heavenly Faces: Stuart Portraiture And The Divine Right Of Kings Wed 20 Jun. 12.45pm. A talk by Robin Nicholson.

NEW-CONTEMPORARY-ART.COM ()n-line gallery. w w -contemporary-

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-line gallery which showcases the work of tip-and- coming artists froin (ilasgow and lidinburgh with all works ayailahle to btty.


14 New Street. 558 7604. Mon Sat

llattt 6.30pm. l'ntil late on Bongo (‘lub nights.

Talacchanda Thu 7 Tue 26 Jun. (ilasgow -based artist Ranjana lhttpttl} al presents art exhibition of multi- disciplinary art based oti the study on ancient Indian 'l'heatre. with the collaboration of Dehli-hased bharata natyatn dancer. Anjana Rajan. Dance workshops take place on Sat ‘) ck 'l'hti l4 Jttn. ltlam 5pm and y isual art workshops on Thu l-l Jttn. (‘ontact \enue for details.

THE NOMADS TENT 21 St Leonard's Lane. 662 16l2. .\lon Sat ltlam 5pm; Sun noon 4pm.

Be Seated l'ntil Sat 3() Jun. Seating for

the garden and conseryatory featuring works in metal. wooden and stone.


7.5 7‘) (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mont-rt ltlam 6pm; Sat ltlam 4pm. South Of Naples and The Fife Coast l'ntil 'l‘hu 2| Jttn. Landscape paintings by William Birnie. Charlotte Howison t'ntil 'I'htt It Jun. Recent ceramics.

Robin McFarlane l'ntil 'l‘hu 2l Jun. litcltings.

Nicola Becci l'ntil 'l‘hu 2| Jttn. (‘ontemporary jewellery.


l7--l‘) Barclay Place. 477 2033. Tue Sat l().3()am~v6.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art - Van (iogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsky. .\liro originals and work by tip-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (\VASPSJ l’ttlt'iothall Studios. oil 48 Hamilton Place. 225 128‘). lidinburgh's unique artist-led gallery space with an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions.

Paul Donaldson, Alison McGill and Donald Proven t’ntil Thu 7 Jun tdaily 1 5pm). A group show of work by three up-and-cotning artists featuring prints. paintings and drawings.

Ruth Addinall l-‘ri l5~ Wed 27 Jun (Tue—Sat noon~6me Sun 2 «1me New paintings.


Weir's Land. St John Street. 65l 6477/8. Mon—Fri 2 -5pm.

Boris Rebetez Sat ‘)-—\\'ed 2() Jun. New work.

Young Dragons Sat 9—wed 20 Jun. Recent work by Mr 'l‘ayto. Neil Mulliulland and Alex Pollard.

From the Childhood Series by Craig Murray-Orr at the lngleby Gallery


(‘lcrk Street. 667 7776. Mon Sat

ltlam 5.30pm.

Katie Stewart Brown t’ntil Sat 14 Jul. l-"loral paintings by l‘il'e-horn artist

Katie Stewart Brown featuring abstract. minimal and highly detailed works in

w atcrcolour. gouache attd ink.


63 Dublin Street. 557 0480. Tue Sat llam 5pm.

Synergy t‘ntil Sat lo Jtrn. Nine artists present their most recent works which range from glass sculpture and textiles tojewellery' and painting.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lny‘erleith llouse. lnyerleith Row. 552

7 l 7 l. Daily (closed 'l‘uet

llam 5.30pm.

Ulrich Riickriem Sat 9 Jun Strn 2‘) Jul. Works on paper by this major (ierman sculptor. l'lrich Rtickrient. Renowned for his monumental works in stone. for lnyerleith House. Rtickriem w ill be presenting oy er lt)() drawings. each drawn in graphite on oy erlapping layers of translucent paper shown behind glass. See Sleeper and prey iew. NEW SHOW.

Return Of The Natives t'ntil Sun 2‘) Jttl tlixhibition Hall t. The role of natiye woodlands in Scotland is celebrated in this major new exhibition.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. l()() Princes Street. 225 150]. Daily l()am 6pm. Dakawa Artists t'ntil Hi It) Aug. Ari exhibition of work by black South African artists from Dakawa Art and (‘raft ('ommunity (‘entre based in (irahamstown in the liastern Cape.


I6 Dundas Street. 558 I200. .\lon l’ri Illam 6pm; Sat ltlam 4pm.

The Earl Haig: New Paintings l'ntil Wed 27 Jun. New paintings featuring ltttttlscttpes of the Scottish borders and the Italian Dolomites.

Ann Little - New Work t'ntil Wed 27 Jttn. New jewellery by lidinburgh ('ollege of Art gradttate Ann l.ittle which cotttbittes slate. silyer and painted enamel.

Janice Tchalenko - New Work l'ntil Wed 27 Jttn. A rare opportunity to see new work by ceramic artist Janice 'l‘chalenko. In the early l‘)‘)lls she collaborated with Peter liluck and Roger Law of the Spill/rte lmugr' team to create it series of ceramic 'grotesques' now in the collection at the \'&A. l‘or this exhibition. she will be showing her studio range ofjugs arid bow Is and highly-coloured new panels.


5 Barotty Street. 478 74-“). Tue Sat 10am 6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand- woy en and embroidered rugs and textiles from the 'l‘urkmen. l'zbek. Belttch and Aimaq tribes of ('entral Asia. ()n display during Mar and Apr is a collection of early prayer rttgs.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Darnaway Street. 225 844-1. Mon liri

2 75pm.

Ulrich Riickriem Mort I I Jun -l-‘ri 27 Jul. To complement an exhibition of works by paper by this major (ierman sculptor at lttyerleith llouse. Rtickriem