TAHITI 80 Puzzle

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tahiti 80

Pi////() is an antidote to Jaded ears. lhis debut album from this gaggle of French popsters cOuld bo positivity put to music. l7rothy. light- hearted melodies. dreamy spaced—out lyrics and sweetly seductive vocals charm heavrer' electronic

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subm ssion. There is none of the elevated arrogance of follow (lOUlthliK-Ell Air: instead. :illlltk Daft Punk on valium. A cutesy would— be—backgroiind—music exterior on tracks such as ‘Heartbeat' and ‘Easy Way Out' disguises a robust

centre. '.'."nich r:onfrcnts expectations and derriands .inrli'.irled attention. Their innocenti, hypnotic sound is higth ’ll‘Silit’LTI‘Jf} and ll‘: spite of some repetition. this is a fine first effort of effewescent. free—form deliciousness.

(Maureen Ellisi


Sea Shanties For Spaceships iDead Pan Alloy) oooo

You wouldn't expect a band with a name like Snowpony to write lyrics like ‘I tried to sell my soul to the deyil But he already owned it'. Norther would you expect slea/y bass. melodic vocals. thrash guitar and tho

omegair ruii't‘tLe' ex-Efi" ~12“ t‘...".(i1if;€:0‘117lw‘68'WT" 't their téirt‘r.f;. naue pro’lucerl a it'ett. definiti‘.e chili—(xii a‘l iirn '.'.':tn this, Their serfon/f full—length reiease. Sea Sham/es For Spaces/"x; s is a bizarre but rather lt:‘.‘<3<tl)|(: record that is wetl north immersing yourself in. James Smarti


The World Won’t End (Soutnpavxi 00.0

Not too many moons ago. the music press. when it still constituted a plural. decreed iagaini that guitars were like iust so five minutes ago yeah. 'Spose they had a point if Travis and Coldplay were the case for the defence. But shelve your scepticism for it is not actually a crime to tangle or to indulge in lyrics of the 'this old heart of mine

Eighties Fan

22 June Dundee 23 June Glasgow 30 June London

Camera Obscura


New single 25 June. CD & Ltd Edition 7"

Released On Andmoresound Records. Distributed By Prime

West Port Bar Hyndland Church Hall Strange Fruit (<0 The Spitz

Tickets in advance from Glasgow Missmg & Virgin (Buchanan St). or on the dOOr

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102 THE LIST .31 Jun—:3 Jul 13031

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Here Be Monsters IH(?(t‘.’(}ill‘,i O...

Althctigh i’iétl’7()llli haiis from Brighton. it's unloth pointing out that this album has sod all to do with Big Beat. It does. lio‘.‘.'e\.«'er, have a lot to do With the bittersweet acoustic introspection of artists like Jeff Buckley. not least on tho chiming single 'Something In My Lye" and ‘God Protect Your Soul'. a retreat from heartbreak to some Wide open area of clarity.

Ed Harcourt's still nothing if not his own man, though. as you realise when you're suddenly \.«vrong-footod by the odd lovesick. piano—led stormer like 'Shanghai'. Don't believe tho title; there's nothing remotely monstrous on this. (David Pollock)


DELICATE AWOL Our Genome iDay Release Records) 0...

AmbitiOi sly billed as being about 'natural phenomena. science and life as a metaphor'. tho music contained herein fortunately proves to be as intelligently composed as its authors' aspirations for it. Opening instrumental 'She Was Loaded In An Everyday Kind Of Way' is a Sinister ha/e of horns and guitar that would probably make even Davrd Lynch feel uneasy. and from there it's a torpor-indtiCIng (but in a good way) mix of indie rock. strange accompanying instruments and subtle production tricks. Caroline Ross' vocals feature rarely. but when they do like the rest of the album they're as tOXic yet comforting as a 5am nicotine fix. (DaVid Pollock.

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doesn't bane an; 't‘:.'.’ tunes on terfi e' If going to lie Zl'()lill"l like a Lloafert ' i' ear: n dancing. better forget liii/El ac iti‘. Solar Spectrums lOlisessige O... my.” ll‘") '1' '1 mixed .vrth no (final! {lll‘Uii'VI' at tile b, Ci" 2 f Typifierl an tone b, the /ero i' reir /e', o" ‘. :u ' ’r: 'Up \."."ith the People a lhe‘fifall' that b'acref the album, ’1'", bidir“

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ambient. eas, lzstening an'i gauifil intai ifli' ' create El ‘-.'(:li, "KJlfatUnllil’, l' éi‘,_'“:’l H'. J: afternoontype sensation. l.’l‘:itfl.‘."i.:i’:. Lac? gr VX'hIte Island. The Clubbers Guide To Ibiza Summer 2001 'l/linisfi. 0? 8o: ill’l O

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Those ‘.‘/lill liotn .'.oii': be cefte' #:’3."',‘:’2 " 'ziw; I: trip into “ll/It“) past. li' man ‘0' t're "Ir we Platipus who xe- handle druir‘ patterns ’7 at rr‘iitate a“: ex, .-'.- .' ’2 the traditional torn: Platipus Seven f” 7M” .0. "

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real ’leoirne of the biggest cf the tza eanxz 1', a ’1 raw glance at the i,erfornwno dates .' .pco'. 'r. DJs such as Darin, Heme-is. ll , ,‘;',' tor r, ’2» r:

and funky futuristic “naive. '1 a', fr ace " ‘/e': together on Nocturnal Frequencies 03 Upsets .e .0. .'.‘lil get a t/1';’tr;':iirir‘ri at First/w

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