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Hull: Wheatus 'r' ’t The Offspring ‘rax'e lrrt tlrtr punk pop narl on the heart

perfecfi, rh tl‘t: ; as? .'.r‘.t‘. ‘lewragz- l).rtbag' and ‘l’retty l lt rl or A Whrte Ouyr'

rest n '- Yrs», llntr’ .r‘rrrxrtulg. 'terr: l.".'he;rttr:; produce a frankly appallrng whrny

"A t rttlt- llt,f;t retit' rllolurnbra O .wrth US punk by lltllllltt-l:~, (:trrt‘rt‘li tt; .'.rtlr fillt;ttl aloud chorus frorr‘. lhe Offspr‘rng on 'Mrilron Mrles Au‘rav' .flt tltrrr‘t,:.t OO Mitre pop rock frorr‘ Hell Is For Heroes. an eutfrt

<:< rrrrprrsrrrg l'tlllttfl Syrrrpesrurr‘ tl‘t:tlil)t}t'f;, wrth double A srde 'Srck. Happy and “Cut {let-Jr -Superr< rr Oualrh lttutordrngs .0. r a heavy brrt (:ernrner’cral treat. Mutt: there :rppealzng and ‘.'.'rth tar more punk attrtude, but rn a completely drtferent rs the latest from Super Furry Animals \Juxtapo/ed Wrth U' rOOOO a freaked out soundtrack to an rncredrbly krtsch 70s French Rrvrer‘a 8--

Texas 7!: rt-'r2a:;t: thorr' trrst ".Il as a dance r‘ernrx. 'I Don't Want A Lover r2001 err' rl\4err:;r', ltet ords O r and rt's an rncr'edrbly embar'r'; ssrng attempt to prove Sharéeer: and the lads are strll hrp wrth the krds. l'hey arn't.

But there :rrt- some strper‘ror Scottrsh releases thrs fertnrght. ‘Anrrnal Cannabus' (Hougb ’lrrrtlt- OOOO rfrt >m Mull Historical Society rs strangely famrlrar Wrstful rrrdre, but rrr a good way. Camera Obscura's 'lirghtres Fan' (Antlmoresound .0. r. produced b\, Belle Ant Sebastran's Stuart Murdoch, rs lrke the Breeders tttrreter tiotrrrltV trnged moments. wrth extra tambourrnes. On the same label we l‘axe (Brasgow based Tacoma Radars ‘Prletheuse' (Antlrnor'esound CO. 1-, l)o\.'.'n 'r out almost depr'essrng. rndre rock rn the same vent as Curve but playing .ery sleeewwlt. And frrzally on our Scottrsh srngles odyssey Frfe's Draw and tnerr dull tangley gurtar‘ pop on the 'Rarsrng Rarn' ER tEmprre Records Scotland .0

\Just trrr‘e ter a roun;l up et some of the fertnrght's other releases. Mor’rrssey appaft‘tltl‘. sard Snake River Conspiracy's cover of Smrth's track ‘How Soon Is Nov." trVrerp'terrs llt'(‘i)l(lf3 .0. r rs better than therr‘ er'rgrnal grve rt another lrsten Mog't r you'll so tn change your nrrnd. ‘lr'r'esrstrble' tColurnbra O. l from Jessica Simpson rs Hrrthey Spears lrte. a rernrx featurrng Lrl Bow Wow rs also axgaritrhle, but when you lcek to t.‘.'el\.'eyear-olds fer street cred surer that's a srgn \‘ou'\e got none. litlllk a 1a Stexrre \‘J'ontler en New Sector Movements 'lhe Surr' r\'rrttr.'t COO r. lt..'t‘rx‘,. l/‘rr )rt‘: upbeat sunshrne rrrelodres from lr‘rsh act Relish ‘.'."I:l‘. r. In lrnrrkrr‘u (‘lf' rl‘Ml O lbut thrs trrne rt's subCurrosrty Kraut lhe (Eat st‘rtc. Ar‘d f'=r.a!:‘. haven do a passable Shed Seven rrrtpersonatron ‘Reauttul Thzrtu' rlladrate OOO 'tlt‘I hugely or'rngrnat but worth a second ltstet‘r ‘llt‘flt‘, Nortbr‘r‘ore:

roger of l rrrsurw's

AUGUST ri‘. ltt‘t‘k MARK LANEGAN Field Songs Sul‘ Pop. 0...

hrs shrt together recently. and thrs. t rs frtttt solo outtng. as a beautrful. gentle and t.‘.'el!-crafted record ‘.‘.hrch drsplays the rr‘an's astonssltrng xerce off to fur: effect. Strll full of parr‘. and sorrow. Fte/u' SO/lt'f; shows Lanegan's mood terrrpered by thoughts of

[Forged h. srr‘ am

txtltltt rm " 't " ‘.t‘.:t:~. lttt’l‘CXlt‘tl‘ s solo a. burns

ll;i\.t‘ that?" (“30"

l‘;‘r'.’t“.‘.!"sl. ""::erttt‘1e

at’arrs. but the T-fir'r‘er grungers Screantrngt

trees seems to ha=.e got

l{/\1\l 0! Alt .- t" :71

104 THE LIST. .‘

: 'rt‘ ' a 2 ~ 1 ‘r~v;d~}pff."..t 1" y I;{\,tf‘r} til, '1. 't' V ( 'V‘KW. \ r v V’,’ Q. 7 my: 1 "(1"37'» an. C ut‘ 52;: <H (K‘ ' (‘ H ' l It .‘ A" “UN

"Efl but-51‘.

(l' . . ..'ll ' l'l‘ll’US‘IHSR "‘t " tst

f/ lu- l v' ' l) W.

gfiiRNING AIRLINES Identikit IDe Sotf ‘r O. l‘errrted tn flllll' Burning Arrlrrrt-s are a supergreup lletttt: up of members of Jawbex, Wool and (Sovernrnent Issue. rf that means arrythrng to ,eu. Some great song trtles :‘Morrrcor‘.e Oancehall'. 'Deluxe War Baby ', actually grve way to the sarrre drrvrng gurtar, drssonant rttelodles and vrolent dr‘urrls we have come to expect from clueless thrashnrks lrke Feeder and Wheatus. Though slrghtly better than erther. rn that way that sernolrna rs nrcer‘ than taproca. thrs rs lrke berng trapped rn a room wrth a sophomore student who rs rntent on convrncrng you on the connectron between

AC DC and JD Salrnger'. Please pass the prns. (Paul Dale)



Open (Cookrng Vrnyl) CO.

More ethereal flamrng barn talk from these Canadran veterans of what lrly-lrvered young upstarts mrght call Therr eleventh album may not be up to the standard of therr the mashed-up- down-rn—the country at mrdnrght rnasterprece The Tr/n/ty Sessrons but few thrngs are. Anyway we should be grateful for tender mercres therr last record on a major 1998's Mr/es From Home was burred ZttttIdSl some corporate cocksuckrng. Once agarn tvlrchael Trmmrns deals out death. decay and salvatron but 'I Drd It All For You'. “Thetrsahd Year Prayer' and ten So Open‘ rnake thrs a necessary purchase for those r.-.rho belreve krdS from the Canuck burbs should be allox-red to

lSt'Q‘” TO TWP \”{‘fr\.0l d'tde'urow‘d Pau.



The Old Me Vs. The New You Trust Me 0..

Heaxe'ts to Betsy ~ what we‘ve got here rs 'tn la'EES than a enen‘an Nev. Rmrr‘antrc rental. Obxmuslu ltttt sounds 'nerrtous. but fuelled W. a*tr'erftrrl\, sarcastrc rr‘rsarrtnropy New Yorker Jesse Hartman yen, nearlt bulls rt off. Mr laptop :s at has best rll the brtter electr'o trktés; of 'lne New You” and 'Back Together.' *.'.x't(3t(? llt} tt‘étll£l§)(}:3 tr) f3()tttl(l lrke The Human League or Soft Cell. Occasronally, when he slows rt down, thrngs can get per'rlously Close to Farce or that Bee (Sees song with the hrg drums, but rn general Hartman stays the rrght srde of the cool retro drvrde (Doug Johnstone)


Rooty (XL) 0000

It The Avalanches and Gorrlla/ have already staked therr clarms for the soundtrack of the Summer' album early on. Basement Jaxx are provrdrng a mrghty challenge Wrth thrs Joyous collectron.

ere 1999's Remedy'. Rooty deftly rllustrates the duo's acute abrlrty to get Jrggy wrth whrchever genres they fancy. Sleazy R88. breakbeat pop. electro and therr srgnature. fat—assed. drsco-fred. Jackrng house are all represented here.

More sophrstrcated and musrcally expanswe than therr prevr0us work. thrs rs strll the lrfe-affrrmrng celebratron you mrght expect but has more to offer. Frrrng a few Ctrn/eballs rn there lrke the Prrnce-ran 'SFN' and stutter funk of ‘I Want You rs no bad thrng but as the org groovers Irke 'Get Me Oft', 'Where's YOer Head At’?‘ and ‘Do

\our lhrng' that \‘.rll guarantee ttartt‘rng of boon uuakrnu proponens Mark Robertsonr



Studio 54: The Underground Classics (Obsessrver .0

RV 'Llr‘deruround

Cl; sstcs' read ‘Arse lrrd Of Orsco'. hen the celeb t‘okeheads r ‘usi haw tamed up then candy coated noses at SOtl‘.(? ot thrs polrshert kakar In all untarrness, though. there are three savrng graces here 7 bless therr lrttle rrtarble arses. One. The Clash derng therr trne drsce rap shtrck The Magnrfrt‘ent Seven'. Who sard polrtrcs wasn't about the personal? Two. a track called ‘Take A Chance' 7- poor' man's Sly Stone. And three. a tune ce— Wrrtten by the lovely named Bee Bee Monk, a Georgro Merroder- esgue romp Wrth a Latrn touch. Otherwrse rt's all very early 80s. an era even nostalgia runkres balk at. (Rodger Evans)



Chemistry Is What We Are rWrId) .00


‘3 ' \ \ Ill,

Srmran proclarm themselves to be a 'rnusrcal event' rather than a band and attracted the rnterest of therr label's executrve by blrndfoldrng hrrn. But openrng track 'Drop 8‘ Roll' sounds Irke nothrng as much The Bluetones havrng a bad day at the offrce whrle a tarrground rumbles away rn the background. WhrCh atn't no musrcal event. unless /ou come from Rurslrp. Recent Srngle ‘The Wrsp' rs better. Wrth swellrng synths neurrshrng a catchy semr-castrato vocal trne. Elsewhere. the surreal squelches and proggy c0unter- melodres that garnrsh thrs record seem to Srt a lrttle uncomfortably next to rts poptastrc. ourrky choruses. But Chem/stry