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SUZHOU RIVER (15) 83 mins 00.

CO li’: Altre’t Hitchcock i)‘: '3": ll/z‘f. CCU/fl} ‘ll!'.¥ll(1i<‘;' ’2‘ 'iii filth.)


barium/i style till/illit'l Polanski", /9r,'.«’itic. [Jaririy DeVitr/s lr‘rrixx Fro/r T'tw; Trair ; others have ulrarur-‘essly fashioned er' careers oh his career .beIIc there, Mr De Palrriai. fie/boo Roer is a Sevihg, and logely. re» .'.’f)rklll{; vi Vertigo. A .‘rcrrian lllllll/f) off a bridge into the titled ‘.'./ater\.'./a',: her lover becomes obs :ssed ‘.'.’lill her memory, before believing he has finally found her alive and well. It even has drifty Bernard l-Ierrnann.esrrue rnuslcal inotifs to bolster


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Artifical Ea: VHS

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tr: UNBREAKABLE (12) 102 mins 00..

Bruce ‘Jr'rirrs continues l‘ilf; ‘serious' acting career '.‘.t:tl1 ‘~.'.'ll°i_‘:T director M, Night Shyarrralar‘. treading a fillelléll' pat t to their prewous hit The Surf/7 Serise iii feel. pace and the distinctly muted colour palette. ‘."‘.’il|is

pl; ys the sole survivor of a in; ssrve train .vreck and what's more lies not even scratched. [inter Samuel l,. Jackson, and his amusing hair. as an eccentric coniic

Teen clubbing comedy set in the San Francisco rave scene extras include audio corriirientany from director Greg Harrison. music promos and deleted


Omen - Trilogy Box Set

Released to ceinCide With the films 25th ann:vr—2rsar\,'

The Replacements

The Orrien disc includes a director commentary from Richard Donner and a host of spooky extras

Action coiriedy based on the US footballers strike in the 80's starring Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves DVD includes making of and commentaries

Sixth Day

Arnie stars in another cloning action sci-fr movie —~ great extras including storyboard comparisOhs aniiriatronics. making of's. behind the scenes. TV

spots and trailers

Wu-Tang Clan - The W Debut DVD from the awesome rap collective i. includes uhed:ted pop promos from their latest album. including extended martial arts scenes from Gravel Pit 2001: A Space Odyssey - Box Set Special edition box set of the influential sci~ti opus - comprises of the usual disc With a few extras. the soundtrack CD. booklet and a collectable film cell front

the move

Gone In 60 Seconds

He-octahe car best movie wrth the ever u'ratChabie Iude interviev. wtb Jerry Bruckbermer, music promos. filmogr'aphies and trailers

Nicholas Cage extras :nc

Magnificent Seven

Classic feature gets the special edli‘Oli DVD t'eatrnent digitally remastered pent and soitndtrack. rriaking cf doc‘urrientary and audio commentaries from cast &


108 THE LIST 2i JLllt—fv Jl.‘ COL”:

Cr, :ectcr .'.'tot.>e1< there is worr- to Bruce


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fa'itas, a<t r .

.'.hv:;iiy belie‘.at;le. understated i)(fl‘ibl'fllLtl‘iCé-jfi. and while not contain the t.'.’:st of A Sufi? Sense It's Just as thought pr'r‘;‘.r_)krng and far irrore satisfying. Buena Vista VHS rental: DVD retail,

.Henry Northniorel

tl‘e ending rna'.


Wes Craven and his Scream trilogy have a lot to answer for as we get yet another smart arsed horror flick. What we have here is a frlrn where some frlrn students base their final fllll‘. on the events of the first frlrn. All very post modern. But of course a real serial killer appears and starts offing the students. as they do. The acting is pretty ropy thrOughout and the (leriouement is one of the most ridiculous and convoluted motives for a murderer ever. A shame as the first 'real' murder linvolvrng stolen kidneys) is a gloriously gory set piece. but it all goes downhill from there on in. lCqumbia Tristar VHS rental; DVD retaill lHenry Nerthmorel


Battlefield Earth (Warner rentall John Travolta's scientology scr-fi turkey. PosSibly the worst film of the year. The Bride With White Hair 1 8: 2 Metro Tartan VHS and DVD retaill Before Drench/rig Tiger. Hidden ragon there was .

The Closer You Get lFox VHS retailr Sentimental Orrish comedy directed by Scotland’s own Aileen Ritchie.

Love, Springfield Style lFox VHS retaill Foor more episodes of the best TV cartoon ever. including the excluswe featurette ‘Apu's Guide To Love".

Woman On Top rFox Pathe VHS rental: DVD retailr Penelope Cruz plays the Latin lover in this Weak rom—com.


ALT TV: THE LIFT Channel 4, Fri 22 Jun, 7.30pm oooo

It's such a simple idea it could be a student project or part of a Turner PIT/C show but this lovely little film does not try to be erther cleverly experrmental or patronisineg gritty.

In a London towerblock. a man sits in the corner of a lrft and films anyone who uses them. Slowly he begins to ask them simple questions like ‘What did you dream of last night?‘ and 'Is faith impertant in yOur life?' Some evade hrs Questions, others open up. but all seem to warm to this fly-on-their- wall, from the angry Jewrsh pensroner to the rnevrtable alcoholic Jocko.

What is most fascrnating and heart- breaking here though, is to watch how the loneliness and alienation of urban lives can be terriporarrly lifted when someone pays you a lrttle benign attention. (Paul Dalel


THE CAZALETS BBC1, Fri 22 Jun, 9pm ....

Joanna Lumley co- produced this adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard's series of novels. and the reSuIt is a fitting mrx of sophistication and sex. Indeed. at times. The Caza/ets feels more like a dressed-up episode of Ho/lvoaks than a period drama. with incestuous lust. lesbianism and regular souabbling all on

Urban life going up

the first episode's agenda.

The six—part series begins in 1937'. with Britain threatened by the rise of Hitler. and its class structure undermined by econornrc change. The farnrly patriarch is ageing. and Ruped lPaul Rhysl must set his desire to become an artist against the pressures forcing him to Join the family timber business. His eldest brother the unpleasant Edward is havrng an affair. while middle brother Hugh must cope wrth his villainous home help and author-figure Clary struggles wrth her bullying cousms.

DeSpite sharing a few plot devices wrth more sensationalist fair. The Ca/a/ets is a thoughtful piece of work. and One that makes the past immediate wrthout brushing over its complexrties.

(James Smartl


SOUTH PARK Channel 4, Fri 22 Jun, 10pm 00.0

It was boond to happen. something this big a phenomenon has got to come a Cropper eventually. After three hugely popular and successful series. South Park returns and it's crap. Hold on, hold on. Spoke too soon. This is

sfs remix gotta,

FIOITl WC 0‘. MONK" OT TVS? L‘t‘lSt‘tit“. Tilt‘ character cliches have been toned .term and the ante on the surrey stern lines Geothtaib. rrkit‘ ant-4‘s 'ur‘ b‘ a" eight-\earoltl [\ir‘ Ct" leune upped To considerabie effect. There's st'l! all the tarnilia' sttiprtiit‘.. heel“. st:1 .lies. chef keeps sittinfit about rrutkiri' sweet love to a beautifa' v.orna" and Cartnrar‘i's Mont continues to offer sexual favours tt‘ allcorners.

Of course, it .‘.ill never be anything less than the country burripkib cousin of the biggest and best r’l’he S/rripsocsi but you haze to concede that creators lrey l’arker and Matt Stone are still srnart bastards, tMark Robertsonl

Hit; lice".

l‘ll M


Channel 4, Sun 24 Jun. 1.40am ....

To some. Giuseppe Tornatore's award» Winning frlrn is overblown nostalgia that doesn't add up to a whole hill of beans. To others, it's a beautiful paean to Cinema (or ‘chin-ema' as they say in this frlrnl.

It begrns wrth successful film director Salvatore returning home to Sicily after hearing of the death of the Village's old protectionist Alfredo tthe superb Philippe Noireti. Thereafter. the bulk of the film is a flashback to Salvatore's youth in the 40s. when Alfredo revealed to him the beauty of cinema. You'll see rt too. in moments such as the local priest censoring kiSSrng scenes from films. or the whole Village watching movres protected al fresco onto a white sheet on the lO‘Hll square wall.

Cliches out, surrealism in