A beautiful paean to cinema - less 30 minutes

Unfortunately. this is not the Speoal Edition. but Tornatore‘s original cut from which 30 minutes w; s slashed after the film initially flopped in Italy. The longer version describes Salvatore's tragic romance WIN] a teenage sweetheart. which prowdes the film With a powerful bittersweet ending. (Miles Fielder)


8801, Mon 25 & Tue 26 Jun, 9pm .00

Here's an incredible idea. You know how we live in a society where people are constantly in fear for their lives. their only protection being teams of diligent weather-beaten bloodhounds. burning the midnight Oil to catch that evil murderer who lurks on the fringes of CiVilisation? You don't? Well. they've taken that murky world of forensic detectives and criminal psychology. and written a drama about it. l'm Sure you license fee payers are as exoted as I am: it's Just so rare that we see anything on TV about crime. serial killers Ol' forenSic labs.

On the other hand. this isn't too bad. With convinCing. if pretty bland performances from the likes of Sue Johnston. Trevor Eve and Claire Goose: this two-parter Blind Beggar. manages to offer diverting characters and a nice line in Satanism. The most sinister question. though. is why they don't just buy up

some episodes of lTV's brilliant Cracker. and all go down the pub.

lOlly Lassmanl

DOCUMENTARY AMERICAN VAMPIRES Channel 4, Tue 26 Jun, 10.30pm .00

Think vampire and images of frock-coated, middle-aged men With over-sized molars may come to mind. Probably not the gang of daylight- friendly. cruCifix-wearing. blood fetishists that prowl the streets of New York and LA (could they be looking in vain for the set of Lost Boys 2?).

In Mark Soldinger's film. there are no fangs pressing into flesh or stakes plunging through hearts but evidence of a larger-than-you'd-hope sub-Culture invading the US club scene. It also asks not why anyone would want to act out the life of the undead but why you’d feel the need to slurp tumblers of someone else's red


BBC2, Sun 24 Jun, 9.45pm .000

A man walks into a pub. His name is Dodgy Phil and he’s on a mission: to drag the East End of London (the boozer, not the area) up off its knees and get the punters rolling in. And so, that rarity of dodos, a halfway decent British situation comedy gets its premise.

It’s the 500th anniversary of the East End, and who better than Her Majesty, the darling of old London town, to mark this event with a special visit? A load of extra jellied eels and pork scratchings should be ordered. But, if she cancels, what about rolling out the barrel with a right old knees-up from Chas ‘n’ Dave? And if they’re unavailable, how about getting their Australian tribute duo? Or maybe there’s mileage in hosting the world’s biggest dog- fight. As inevitable as Kenny’s death in South Park or Basil Fawlty assaulting Manuel, you know whatever scheme Dodgy Phil dreams

stuff. Partifxiiarg. .-.i‘~::ri the ‘atai dangers; 3" taking anot'hw's {fr/ii: into your systeii "anx- been so ell doCuiiiente’i r;.e' the last fifteen ,ears.

The stark biark a'iri ‘.'.'ltlt€: pl‘iotograiiii. 'i‘a. want to act as a scar, metaphor for their blood-Supping. life— draining ways. but it says lust as nitich about the blankness of their lives and the zapiditi, of this film. iBrian Donaldsoni


Channel 5, Tue 26 Jun, 11.10pm 00

Daahlings. Channel are JUSI soooo 1990. Don't they realise the fly- on-thr—z—wall documentary went out With Alanis Morrisette and The Vanessa Show? It's all interactive reality game shows and docu—

up will fail each and every week. Starring Kevin Eldon (the man with the unforgettable face from Big Train and Jam) as the man with the plan and Phil Cornwell and Peter Serafinowicz as the hapless publicans, the first episode actually starts off pretty lethargically with some unfortunately old hat ‘jokes’ mixing up the double meaning of queens. But the energetic quirkiness of Eldon and some off-kilter running gags help pull the whole thing through. Cheers.

(Brian Donaldson)

s" ~ l" T'iitf " l' E3)" in f ' rl'. magi .. i.r ' '3.(,‘l, ,tft‘J. ’f

episode er‘tte 1 'i; God's \.'.";rk‘ ,' heazeck ‘§Ltt\i"'

gruff. {liti'fl'itfi‘tl‘f‘tl Detectue Dennis Sini’ilet'yr‘ as he inxestigates a :si‘ozrtinri '.'.ihere the n‘ai" suspect Is a drug ’ieaie' / alle-i "The Dead.

With such <tiaii‘ati real-fife subject Hatter. the progianvr‘e't; it-x'eiail (ll(:£tl'l!l(:f;f; seen‘i; antics! criminal. Brook/i1:Lori“ wants to shock or. at the yen, least. titillate. but its; ()t)f3(}l".’£itl()llf‘) are so detached and disinterested that all impact is lost. Frankly. these chaps could learn a thing or two about engaging television

Off-kilter humour pulls Pub through

Another crack at the nature vs nurture debate

‘."r"/"/) Hm"


[)5 )(‘l it.ll ’4 CHILD OF OUR TIME

8801, Wed 27 Jun. 9.05pm 00.

Hour time!!! ,o'..' ‘et-i .‘ the first Tuneiit‘, [mats (if your life mere going be captured on TV in one of the HUGE; 'greatest ever experiments"? Slightly pissed" off. one iitignt imagine. Putting the huge niovril debate concerning the (liflleMJl

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and the parents agreeing to but their children l'l the Til)t)t|lt}l". to one si/le -if ,wu Nair the l)tlll:t)f;(; of th"; ongoing fsérflffli if. to (tlf;(;()‘.'f:l .'.hetnei our personality and talents are (t(:t(rl'll‘ll‘:¥:’t bx our

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ALSO ON Endgame In Ireland titty/‘1). Son 7.1 Jll'l. Paiiiiv Ne.‘

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fragile peace.

Boxed Set iES/ltitti‘fl‘i. Man .1", .lli". Nick Care an't tll‘.) liari‘

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The A-Z Of Britishness ()fifillf‘-t:; 5,. \.-.i(‘:’}' Viv .i'ti'll, pal/fl“ Quittktir‘e {Stir at as Tiiiriris about fheae slew ’7";.’l‘ alcohol tr, /et,'~ ’,f~’,’}‘)1'lfl‘;.

The Brandon Teena Story Chat" e: -1. Ire/t 27 .ltiri. ‘1,'i’,:,t' he ft'iie. tr'a_,i' am. ’.e/ m", 2718!; "~’:’l [13,: bar" U; Beckett On Film -1.l'i_i2rii'iiri.

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fr/jtl‘ D;:,’l’jl/1E1'l“:l. Jill'artne MOUTH. J75" Sieflti’l and Dan ten


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