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ROUGH GUIDES travel.roughguides.com has launched a variety Cl HAP l l Mills Mil of new titles and arm editions this month students gm: “nae: 30;; including Gay and new. 5M Trauel am: Lesbian Australia, Hutu“ ,-\;.".'.a‘. s

Mini Rough Guide to [mugtmiyang matey Paris and Rough i),1r:::i',‘7“.i\."_ Hogzpv Guide to Syria. Details ‘rttrr‘ 'arx: Hero.

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Hip Hotels: France (Thames 8‘ Hudson 5.718.955) 000.

If it sounds supremely extravagant to devote

a whole book to only H I P


24 hotels, you’re missing the point of the Hip Hotels guides. With the ‘City’ and ‘Escape’ volumes already gracing the coffee tables of chic homes worldwide, this new edition celebrates the diversity of the hotel experience in France. To call this a travel guide would be a misrepresentation, as it’s as much a celebration of interior design as anvthing else. Page after page of luxurious colour photography makes it a pleasure to flick through, even if you never read a word. From the modernism of the Hotel Le Corbusier in Marseilles to the Villa Gallici in Cezanne’s home town of Aix-en-Provence, you’ll get a history of the area, the hotel and even the owners’ philosophies. The ideal book to help you plan your dream holiday or to inspire a rustic French makeover for your home. (Louisa Pearson)

I Hip Hotels: France lS out now.


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