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Raising funds for the Drake Music Project

Hepburn designs in between her studies

‘.’,’ a frierrd suggested Glasgdxribaserl 'iemi’yier lesie, Hepburn tnat they put on a fan il’i'l ',l‘.’,.'. to raise funds for the Drake Music f).")j‘:’,l, s'le readily agreed. 'lt's all turned rrut a bit different than l had expected. because initially sire .vas going to be organising the show arirll doing the clothes] she says of her ria'rielr:f,s friend. 'However. I've ended up doing “(MTV/YMMV} - .vhich is tinel' “.‘./ith an interest in music that has included designing stage clothes for groups like Reef and


Kiila Shaker, Hepburn was impressed with the brake Music Project. which helps

lllIfl(:l[)l'l‘.ll|(3(](3(l children across Scotland, And despite the task of organising the event falling


on her shoulders, she's been enjoying the hard work. 'You Just have to do a wee bit of e\.rer",rthing each day to make sure you're staying on top of thinng she says. ‘Peopie like Sassoon's are helping out as well as MAC makeup. the Model Team and Tennents. so it's been good.‘ With a professional team behind her, she thinks ‘it's going to make the show look really slick'.

With such a hectic schedule (she's also been taking part in Intervention at the Arches‘l. Hepburn doesn‘t have a specific theme for her collection. but says: ‘Usually a designer would work six months to a year in advance of a

collection: they'll have researched and made

storyboards. and basically I’m at school and doing other things and sketching as l'rn havrng a cup of tea in the morning." The school comment relates to the Fine Art Photography course she's been doing at Glasgow School of Art. ‘I went from hairdressing to fashion to photography and l'rn still in fashion. l'rn jtlSl trying to give my work a new edge.‘ she says of her branching out into different artforrns. With plans for a stint in New York this summer it's all systems go for Hepburn. For the moment though. her full attentron's on the fashion show at Grouchos: ‘It's Sunday afternoon. it's going to be guite loungey and they do great cocktails as well.‘ What more do you need? lLOtllSél Pearson)

I 4.30pm, Sun 24 Jun. Groucho St Jude's. 790 Bath Street. G/asgow. 0147 3:32 8800. 5T5 (5‘20 With two- cour‘se d/nner).

SlYt t; Htl':


Name Donald BaldWin Based Glasgow Occupation Designer and costume deSigner manufacturer

Background I've always been interested in clothes from a very early age when l was sixteen or seventeen l used to make Barbie clothes for a relative. so I'd always been creative. It was really my partner who encouraged me to study fashion so I applied and got accepted at Cardonald College.

My first real Job in costume design was for a play at Parsley Arts Centre and from that I got more similar robs and started dOing one-off commiSSions. The biggest financral Job I've ever had was a $1500 cornrnrssron to design and make a slipper. That helped me pay my way through college. I'm now dorng a lot more work for solo designers and costume and dance companies.

When you design your own clothes, what kind of style do you specialise in? For my own clothes it's anything and everything. l don't follow trends. I like to be different and go against the grain.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I wouldn't so much call rt inspiration, but I love people watching. I do however watch a lot of sci-fr movres for the costume design. Jean Paul Gaultier's designs for The 5th Element were incredible.

Which designers influence you? lf any I wOuId have to say Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.

What is your long term goal? To be known for doing something different with clothes. to put an edge on boring clothes. One thing I'd really like to do is deSign more clothes for larger sized people. There is such a gap in the market for interesting clothes for bigger Sizes. Where can we buy your designs? By email dor' or phone 0141 .129 6718.

(Kyla Singletonl

‘I 16 THE LIST Bl Jun—5 Jul 2031

Intervention round-up

The winners take their bows

leit‘\it .- 3 A ’\O\}‘\ \‘t'. It

Shuta'xr‘s was: t‘\ ‘trg: designs The 'trg": at“. " 'r‘ar‘. r‘eapie was the Catwalk l‘r‘raie. where rte 'l"::-':: at the New a"<i Student Designer awards iae'e announced. Bernie th; 1 happened. were treatea to an arresting disrz.a\. of the best new and estabizsned talent .r‘ Scot'ar‘o, Edinburgh (Loliege of Art. Cardanaid College and (‘ilasgoun School of Art 'nipressed with cuttingiedge design, holding their own amidst the professionals. Highlights included (JOrinie t-élll'tlilll‘l‘ where the models didn't so much strut along the catwalk in her corsets as cavort to the strains < t Marilyn Manson: Glasgow label Kat/en Haus added some rock 'n' roll spirit with their denim creations while Queen and Belle has everyone wondering what it'd be like to wear cashmere pants. Overwhelming trends seemed to be bodices.

{xi t tar \iir kw lK‘\:K' \\ ‘\'l

t" Hustle? Sage l'ie NW3. SCO’iI‘st‘r [h‘i‘iltlllw .‘t The .eat it: It‘u‘llw Mowat. w'te recer‘trx 'etrxwea to Sr‘otl.irfd to set air her own labet. Isolde. atte' '.'."Ul'r\i"\_} n land/art ‘« rr Hussein Jaiaya't an;l Alexander MsOueer‘ at (Enenchy lrorn Hailtrack': sponsorship curries an award of H 1.5itli,‘ ta support her in business anti Scotland as well as having access to trend fltfllll'litlfi All” it (Hit) \(Ntl mentor t;r7l‘t}.".t(}.

l :sesxhere in the Scotland on Sunday lltl(}r\'(fltll()ll l ashion Photography Award the manner is Susan I owe. a student from Stevenson College’s llNl') Photography course. From the :;i/(: of the crowds at this year's events it seems Intervention Just keeps getting more popular. It's still a baby at only three years old. but lets trope it continues to a ripe old age. llouisa Pearsoni

Caroline Sievwnght