BLOWING HOT AND COLD Re: film review (issue 414)

I must congratulate Jason Best for his review of the movie Blow. It will no doubt assist him to get that job on the Daily Record he so obviously deserves.

Since when did the quality of art (eg a movie) depend upon the morality of the status quo (in this case, the current drug laws)? In attempting to hide his desire for such censorship, Mr Best cites the movie Traffic as providing a more ‘panoramic view' by showing the ‘social costs' of drugs. Unlike Blow, Traffic is. of course. a work of fiction, which portrays the drugs world with a succession of fear-arousing stereotypes. In short. a Reefer Madness for the present.

But beyond this moralising and censorship. Mr Best is also guilty of hypocrisy. One needs only to look on the back page of that very issue of The List to be confronted with a full-page. coloured. glossy advertisement for Absolut vodka. Then, on turning over to the inside back page. one sees a Beck's beer sponsorship and so it goes on throughout the whole magazine. One is left with the impression that the alcohol (a drug) industry is a major provider of revenue from the very platform from which Mr Best spouts his views.

According to the Registrar General for Scotland's mortality statistics. at most around six people per year die after using the drugs in Blow (three after using cannabis and another three after using cocaine, nearly all are heroin addicts). Contrast this with the absolute minimum of 1.600 fatalities each year in Scotland as a direct consequence of alcohol consumption to provide a truly ‘panoramic view' of the “social costs' of drug use. Jock MacGregor Grovepark Street Glasgow

CELEBRATE FIT NOT FAT Re: Rembrandt’s Women (issue 415) Usually I enjoy reading The List's features as I find they offer an alternative view, rather than plodding the same old roads. However, I was disappointed to find that in her Rembrandt's Women article. Hannah McGill decided to jump on the ‘media are evil, they make us poor repressed women loathe our bodies' bandwagon. Is this cliche really so interesting that every outlet of cultural criticism in Scotland has to jump upon it?

Rembrandt painted a lot of fat women; what's so liberating about that? Haven't

Write to:

you seen the health education board's adverts telling us to take care of our bodies? Yes. excessive thinness is unattractive and unhealthy, but so is excesswe fat. Celebrating peOple With Rubenesque figures is like celebrating heart attacks.

Glossy mags and the tabIOids crucify stars because that's what sells magaZines. At the same time. Hollywood stars male and female are obsessed With body image because that's their commodity to sell. Would you pay to see a 20-stone Julia Roberts in a movie? I doubt it, because stars deal in fantasy. not reality.

Aspiring to look fit and healthy isn't a Crime. especially when you live in the heart-attack capital of Europe. So if you look like one of Rembrandt's women, don't be proud. get down the gym.

Samantha Moore via e-mail


Re: letters (issue 415)

‘It is not our policy to cover events beyond the central belt.’ To paraphrase MacDiarmid: metropolitan scum.

Ainslie Park

Merchant Street


Where else do you suggest Glasgow and Edinburgh '3 Events Guide' should cover? Ed.

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or React, The List, McLellan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 36H or e-mail

CHAMBER OF HORRORS Re: Hold On (letters issue 415) Not only is the 'put on hold' music at The List too IOud. it's also some kind of daft 17th centun, French chamber ntusw. Not exactly cutting edge. unless it‘s some Crazy new ODSCure muSic trend no one's heard of.

Quick. alert your ObSCure Stuff CorrespOndent. Paul Dale. Doug Johnstone Via e-mai/


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If you look like one of Rembrandt’s women, ‘get down the gym’.






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