I Set design and stage manager wanted for escitmg fringe production. I'tmky young company. l'npaid. (‘ontact Sam (WNW l7flxol. sttltl‘” 2ltfl.co,uk.

Scri c ts Wanted

I Glasgow based film production company is seeking short scripts of If) to 25 mm- titcs duration. .'\|| scripts w Ill be read and considered for funding. Please send to Bos .\'o. 4|5/S(‘R


Channel 4 wants your films spoofs, clips, sketches.

short films.

Ring 020 7349 9000

Actors Required

I Male actor required, 17—22. hea\y btiild /o\ erw eight. lior principal role in (’aspian productions "lihc \Vindow ('leaner'. lnyolyes facial pros- thetics so cannot be claustro- phobic. I’honc (ll 3| 340 ()283.

I FRINGE first winners. Rt'BBIiRRI-IAR I’R()l)t'('- 'I‘IUNS are looking for three actors for their upcoming pro— duction ('llli('ls' \'()I'R (‘()t‘l’().\'l 'l‘wopensioners cause hayoc in the \ illage of 'l’iffy gourdas by embarking on a pools coupon scam with the help of the local priest and hooker. For the The (iiltlcd Balloon 'I‘heatre. l‘ringe 200! and a tour of home and abroad. Requirements: 'I'wo comedy actresses good playing range. ()ne male actor to play se\eral roles. must be Versatile. tit. funny and able to dance. l-‘or audition call director Kathleen Ruddy: ()(l-357-(N34272 or (ll-1157(il24-1


I A+ Photography

for a unique approach to photography. famin portraits. christenings. graduations and all occasions. Also creatiye pub- licity portraiture for performers. Tel: 07762 I 33324

museum hummer


Call our advertising department on 0131 550 3060

Resonating with angels! Ileayenly workshop rising \oice. creatiy ity. \ isualisation. fun to raise your \ ihration to meet your angels. lidinbtirgh 23/(i/(il Lift/L20.

Call Fiona 0131 446 9071 for more information.

All about Alexander Technique An introductory lesson or work- shop to enable you to decide whether to take your interest further. 'I'el Isobel Anderson

0141 334 1658

I Private Singing Tuition. Improye your \ocal technique \\ ith esperienced pro- fessional singer. Beginners welcome. 'l‘el: l)l4l ()42 54M)

HUGH DUXBURY. Does anyone know the \\ hct'cabntlts of. or docs anyone ow n. art created by this late Glasgow artist‘.’

07771 801569

I Make a positive differ- ence in your life now Dietary. physical. emotional or learning problems kinesiology can help \\ ith these and more. (‘ontact Bronwen (‘oghill on (ll-ll 334 (NZI) or 07074 Will 505

7:84. Scotland's foremost touring theatre company. IS holding a tree two week workshop in Glasgow for new and aspiring playwrights. The work- shop will be lead by acclaimed playwright Nicola McCartney and guest writers focussmg on writing of a political nature. The fortnight culminates in a rehearsed reading of mm scripts directed by 7:84's Artistic Director.

Gordon Laird.

Places are limited and selection for the workshop will be by informal interview. If you are interested please send a CV and a letter to 7:84 stating your experience and interest in playwnting. For more information

please call Gordon Laird on 0141 334 6686. Closrng date for applications I.lOTt(f;i‘,‘ 16 Jalj. 7:84, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow 63 ENG



GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPY ()ne-to-one help \\ itlt life problems. selt-e\ploration & personal growth.

Call Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658. Scottiin (iesalt .'\ssttclitllttll member.

Sound therapy is ama/ing for deep rela\ation . chalsra balances. sports injuries. releasing emotional issues and blocks. L25p/h. Iidinburgh prac- tice. Be tttl\L‘ttltlt't)tl\ - call 0131 446 9071 for details.

Robert Stone Therapeutics pt'nlcssinnall} accredited «V e\perienced therapist specialis- ing in therapeutic massage 6’; Indian head massage. Massages a\ailable from £20 Gift certificates also ayailable

01 31 554 0445

Carrying the world on your shoulders? 'l‘herapetitic massage. Time and space for you. \Vholc \Vot‘ks. lidinburgh.

Ann Kelly 0131 225 8092.

Body & Soul


stress, addiction, sexual, over eating

spend 2 days in Ayrshire countrysrde as part of a self help group

All meals and acco'modation included

Course costs £95.00

Low self-esteem, family problems, fear

Tel 0146571 5809


lt‘/I(ll are you doing

(I! the tree/wild."

IVC is a self run club for graduates and professionals offering a wide range of social and sporting activities.

Iiyery month our members run dozens of eyents coyering a

diserse range of interests.

Info from... GLASGOW 07050 248164 www.glasgowiyc.org.uk hellota glasgowiycorguk EDINBURGH ()l3l 332 I342 ciyct’a bigfootcom

evenings and weekends


small flat move specialists moving boxes, bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361

enquiries@smatt-flat-move.co.uk www.5mall-flat-move.co.uk established 1992

Book-keeping Services Accounts. payroll. VAT Returns. Sage Training. Full or partial accounting services for small businesses and Voluntary Sector/Arts Projects. Assistance with funding applications and start-up plans. Contact: Nada Hudson Tel: 0131 466 0136 n.hudson@virgin.net

I Menstalk Counselling Service for men. Resolye problems. Ilelp stress. depres- sion. anxiety. I-‘tilly qualified male councillor. Iidinburgh based. (ll 3l 3 l 3 4687 or Ii\\'.»\.\'(a MIiNS'I‘.-\1.K.org.uk

I Workshops at a variety of yenues for young people and children. Glasgow from 9th July-3rd August. (‘ontact soon. Jane Dunbar 0141 422 I442. Jane Gibson 0141 M9 ()l32.


Harmony workshop with Yvonne Burgess. St Stephens Church. Stockbridge. Saturday 30th June 2-5pm. Make up your own harmonies to familiar songs - relaxed atmosphere - expert support - all welcome. f l 2/10 (‘all (H31 538 9952 (Maximum 20 participants) Contact Yvonne Burgess, 22 Sync Crescent, EH3 5E0 tel 0131 538 9952.

I Big Sky Mind Beat poet- ry/live Jan. David Allison Authentic Beat Dick McBride Graeme Williamson Glasgow Buddhist (‘entre 329 Sauchiehall St Saturday 7th July 8pm £5 Call 01877 3842”

Buy and Sell

60 CAMPING in style! Genuine Turkoman (Tent) Yurt. 12ft diameter 8ft high. Handmade felt covers and bentwotxi frame. £I4(X)

0131 229 3013.

I Red VW Beetle wanted. Theatre company seeks Beetle as mascot for fringe festival at least one afternoon. preferably longer. Who can help? Contact 0131 668 4864







including complete beginners.



' Learn roparfner dance to any mus/c, Jive, Lat/n, Charts, efc... - Come o\or\e or with tr'tends km need to br'mg a mm. ° Comp/e re beg/nners we/come every week at a// nigh f5.

SPECIAL OFFER: lst NIGHT £3.00 out! WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership)

Mondays: Boys Brigade, 168 Bath St. Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union,

32 University Avenue, West end. Mondays: Marco's, 55 Grove Street. Tuesdays & Thursdays:

St Stephens hall, St Stephens St (bottom of Howe St), Stockbridge. Wednesdays: Craig Tay Hotel,

101 Broughty Ferry Road.

Tuesdays: Cairn Road, Peterculter, Aberdeen. Thursdays: The Loft @ O'Donaghues, 16 Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen.

For all classes doors open at 7_15. Beginners' class at 7.30pm. Admisswn is £5.00 (£4 00) Membership IS £1.00 payable on first night.

- GLASGOW. Porter Burgh Halfs,Off Dumbarton Rd. Second Saturday of the month. 8.00pm 'til 12.000m.

- EDINBURGH Marco's, 55 Grove Street,

Last Saturday of the month. 8.00pm 'til IOOam. - ABERDEEN: Aberdeen Deaf Society, Smithfield Rd. Third Saturday of the month. 8.00pm 'til 12.000m.

WEEK-END WORKSHOPS: - REGULAR week-end workshops for all levels,

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail: hi@cerocscotland com

—Web: http://www.cerocscotland.com

The Culter Mills Club,

21 Jun-5 Jul TI'II LIST 119