I W.A.N.T.E.D.: witty articulate, nice. taII. educat— ed dehonair male for this gor— geous brunette (33L Is that too much for an intelligent funny charismatic professional female to ask for‘.’ I’roy e me wrong? ((ilasgowl. Box No. JIS/Z.

I Help! Damsel stuck in rut. looking fora \aliant knight or hutch knightess for adyen- ture. dragon slaying. jousting and glasses of mead heside roaring fires. Box No. 4|(t/l

I Pissed off being single‘.’ let's get together and hay e some fun? Slim (ilasgow hahe. profes- sional. 30's seeks tall. N/S. lit gtiy with a functioning hraitt for decent chat. laughter and mutual appreciation. Be a devil? I am! Photo appreciated. Box No. 4|(i/2

Summer Sale!

()ne cute. clever. yiy'acious Iidinhurgh woman. 30s. on offer to lirst really nice together man (pref. its) to read this ad! (Or would settle for (‘adhury's flake). Photo appreciated. Box No. 416/3

I Sensuous, uninhibited female (30s) WIII‘M hand—

some man who lines to seduce. Box No. 4l5/5

I Attractive, profession- al, independent female seeks honest caring. depend- ahle. quietly confident man with (iSll. ()utdoor type who doesnit take themselyes too seriously. NS. Photo essential. Box No. 4l5/(t

I Slim, attractive, pre-raphaelite female. 35. P/grad arts student. Plenty

friends but no love life. I.o\‘e.s all arts. days out. keeping fit. Seeks arty guy. fun. intelligent. lit n/s. p/grad/professionaI. Box No. “(i/5

I Tall, dark woman. 36 with healthy enjoyment of life. seeks .sociahle genuine man fro walks in hills. sitting on beach. sharing good food and wine. companionship and spark of romance. Box No. “(t/(t

I Blonde bombshell bandmember 33.cur\a- ceous extrayert heauty seeks intelligent. outgoing talkatiye man who makes the laugh. Into puhs. gigs and travel'.’ Reply - it'll be a giggle. Box No. 4|(t/7 I Attractive, intelligent, sensual female has time for charismatic. handsome. profes- sional male. ltis fun that counts. Discretion required and assured. Ready for a stimulat- ing experience? Box No. 416/8


Man. 33. tall. lit. adyenturous. Seeks slim opinionated Iass who likes sport. hills. tra\el and high/low culture to complete my happiness. Bo\ .\'o. “(i/t)

Highly skilled engineer.

3‘). .\'/8. Iisccptional communi- cation and interpersonal skills. ('onsiderate. compassionate. dependable and family minded. Wants Scalestrie in se\ en years time. Bo\ .\'o. -ll(i/-t

I New to Glasgow. intelli- gent htit silly tnale. 3t). seeks equally daft arty female. 3 I "35. l.ikes: Ii\e music. cinema. gal- leries. photography. ptihs. moun- tain hiking. walking. trayel. Photo appreciated. Box .\'o. “(i/ll)

I Easy-going, well tray - elled. intelligent. Iinglish gen- tleman (3‘)) temporarily in lidinhurgh seeks hright. cre- ative. spirited. attractive. Scottish lass for wining. dining. salsa. hill-walking. tennis and a good reason to stay in Scotland. Box No. 4|5/‘)

I Edinburgh male 40s would like to meet warm. intel- ligent. sensual. passionate. inti- mate female for meeting of .sotils and hearts and mischief. Bo\ No. JIS/ll

I After a challenge? \ei'y successful male. 33. tall. tit and attractiye seeks goi'geotis girl with the class. personality. intellect and $0“ to match. Photo appreciated. Box .\'o. 4Io/I l

I Unbelievably gorgeous man ((ilasgow. 30s) loyes counting and sparkling sense of humour would like to meet charming woman with many freckles. Box No. 4I(i/l3

I Are you? Kind. caring. sensitive. intelligent. unconven- tional. hroadminded. artistic. a little wayward but still trusting. Same lidinhurgh tnale t-ltls) would like to hear from you. Box No. 4lh/I4


I Professional, well- travelled woman tilt seeks similar intelligent interesting ftm woman with sense of adyenture for entertaining nights out. possibly more. lio\ No. 4|(i/5I)


I Professional gay male couple 32/40 based in (‘entral Scotland. Seeks similar couples for friendship socialising trayel and hay ing a laugh nothing more. Bm .\'o. “(i/l5

I Professional female, early thirties. new to lidinhurgh. Looking to make friends. gay and straight. l,o\es tilnis. eating out. hars. walking. would like to e\pIore Scotland. Box No. 4|(i/Ih

I Female seeks friends 3(ls/4tls to haye fun in Iidinhurgh w ith. (‘ome on? I.ots to do out there? 4 l S/lo



EDINBURGH & cuscow

Dinners, Golf, Go-Karting, Scuba Diving, Country Walks, Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoot:

and Weekend Break: for single people. e-mail: ( iii-.3 33 mi


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large envelope.

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Get. 83- 5325 '.‘.'C'N :xx :3 s 225' 2: 'r- r :hea: we Er: ~' ' rea- "cm are s'rc' rem-n ate 3' 513' :a': rage: ‘.‘r.' eq mac "5 a care be sa‘e a": seine t.e 2.: is 'UZE'CG’J

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