U I saw you at ()ptimo. a strange encounter. The whole seale o1 eoslnie dimensions are lalling otit o1. tny tnoutlt in tlte description ()1 a kiss. ('olne to Vienna please. Box .\'o [7416/1. V I saw you lella wearing a green hooded sweater. reading a Sunday paper. on the lidinburgh/ (ilasgow ()S shuttle train . . . you were do/ing attd looked delectable . . . goddammitl I

am woman. hear me roar . . . grrr . . . Box No [7416/2.

V I saw you Veronica and was lost tor words. I like you a lot bttt need l'orgiyen. can't we kiss and tttake up. 1 ant sorry. Box No [7416/3.

V I saw you in your green T- shirt with your cttte smile. Yott asked me abottt a bank machine. Me blonde hair. too shy' to speak. I'm just wondering did yott lind your batik machine'.".’ xx Box No [7416/4.

V I saw you Angel llelen across the table. crying as you broke ttty heart. I can honestly say you are the tttost beautiful htttnatt being he eyer known. I loye you. Martyboy‘. Box No [7416/5.

V I saw you wormetta. you take me to places I've neyer beett before. .-\11 my Love. Box .\'o [7416/6.

V I saw you dancing in ()ptimo near me the [)1 box with your ()riental triend. You were yery hot itt your little halterneck top. You are tiny. blonde and the tttost beautiful girl I ey'er did see. Want to go for dinner'.’ Box No [7416/7.

U I saw you Thomas working in Sainsbury's central. ['r black spiky hair & brown bewitching eyes made me ask you where blackberries & chocolates w ere as art excuse to talk. I wanted to ask for ur number. Maybe u could giy‘e tne it‘.’l Box .\'o [7416/8.

V I saw you Airtours llight Iiuet 18/5/01. Boy in blue shirt. What happened'.’ Still waiting for your call. I)id reply and still smiling 1. Box No [7416/9.

VI saw you guy in ().K.. y'ou'ye washed the curtains!!! Still haye the routine'.’ Fancy breaking it for a beer sometime soon‘.’ Box .\'o [7416/ltl.

VI saw you in I’arkhead Iiorge. Yott were above me on art escalator. (ireat btttn. I asked you it. you had a licence to walk that way. You lauglted. Do you want to take this lurther'.’ Box .\'o [7416/11.

V I saw you wheeling your trolley. I think you are a hit of a dolly. Yoti clean tip all the grot and that's why I like you a lot. Box No [7416/12.

V I saw you in Borders. where we both work. Michelle. you have no idea how much you brighten up my day. You're the best. Front you-know-who. X Box No [.7416/13.

V I saw you itt Tinderbox. Borders. My le dolphin god. Meet me in my bedroom alter your shilt and we'll give them something to gossip about! Box No [.7416/14.

V I saw you in Tinderbox I think you are loyely »~ and your name is Jock ~ you are a 10011 btit cool all the same. Box No [7416/15.

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126 THE LIST21 Jun—S Jul 2001

V I saw you Veronica. nice eyes. Being sick in a doorway on Sauchiehall Street. I held your chips. Please write. Box No [7416/16.

V I saw you 2 June you weird man in the Riyerside staring at ttte tor 211 minutes. Keep your glow sticks to yoursell next time? Box No [7416/17.

.I saw you Butt (‘lub t(}erry l I-‘ri night 1 hate. You syelte Yorkshire lass w itlt pert buns. me spinach eating Ron Jeremy lookalike ittto dressing gowns and bear baiting. Box .\'o [7416/18.

V I saw you on an eighteen btts. (iolden hair. Maybe you could come round some—day. I.oye I’raset'. Box .\'o [7416/1‘). V I saw you Berto. you know who you are. See you about town or maybe iii the Med? I.o\'e ya ginger x Box .\'o [7416/2t).

Q I saw you doing a poo, iii the loo. smelling your shoe. got a bird like a coo. going yo ho hoo - you saw me too'.’ Box No [7416/21.

0 I saw you guys at Bon Joy'i Ilampden Park 'the Joyi Blood on Blood' banner rocked as much as you gust ()ne wild night? xxx Tommy and (lina. Box No [7416/22.

V I saw you sweating in the ('aptains Rest. You looked like lllil.l.. You are a sexy boy. You need to be told. Box No [7416/23.

0 I saw you ('S(i. tne leggy blonde bar-11y. you catt blow my pipes any time. lets make beautiful music together! Box No [7416/24.

V I saw you big Pete Tiger the Kid. tne. eccentric lady neighbour. u surgeon maximus. Let's party like it's 198‘)! Box No [7416/25.

VI saw you and l loyed you so muclt. You are my y'ertnilion clad assassin. creeping through the twilight lnists. Always be mine. Box No {7416/26.

V I saw you liddie. ('at. Tall t'air looking like a ltard man in the Arches Friday 1 June with your mates. You moy'ed a stool for me. hope you'll moye many more. Box No [7416/27.

0 I saw you barmaiding (0 Tron just damn loy ely nut-1’ said. Box No [7416/28.

V I saw you comedy club door person traitting to be a porn star. Tinderbox 28 May. Me - tall. dark. handsome. Audi driy'er (well crocodile legged. currat heided roller-blader actually 1. Sorry for being a cheeky monkey. I'd ey en wear rubber because you're worth it. How about some Thai y'olley ball or Belgian Home? Box No [7416/2‘).

O I saw you cute lair-haired tnan w ttlt octopus 'llshu‘t attd cott'ee trotlt on your top lip Meet me again tor 'l'tnderbox ltttt. Box .\'o t' 416 _‘stl.

U I saw you and you are a tnattky. slag withng lat chops attd I'm rtgltt mto it. you tat slag. IIU\ .\'t1[i 416 2‘1.

V I saw you haying the smelltest jobbte imaginable III the guys toilets in the .-\ttic. It was quite rattk ring sting Bo\ No [7416/32.

0 I saw you Rttsslanilttoktng sexy Sam boy tn tlte Tron. What was that drink. and: what was that beat‘d’.’ I like it? See you tor my punishment. l)ostojerskij-wannabel Bo\ No [7416/33.

V I saw you cranberry pink lady. you are sweet as sorbet. attd alter drinking you 111. l teel drttnk . gimme a doublel Bo\ .\'o 17416/34.

V I saw you In the Iron

you wouldn't posel Blonde girl with cute smile. [tom me with the white top. camera and pal. Serye mell Box .\'o [7416/35. V I saw you in the (‘aptains Rest on the 25 May. Your name is Kiki and I'd like to buy you a pittt. Box No [7416/36.

. I saw you at l.a 'Iasca on the 27 May. You short ltatr. liunky glasses with gorgeous red head. I-‘ancy trying some o1 my calamari rittg. Bo\ .\'o [7416/37.

VI saw you t .lunc. lunchtime. ('ul de Sac. You sat by the door. long brown hair. blue jacket. lookiitg sexy -smart with your l'riends. Me by bar. you saw the looking short hair dark eyes. Box .\'o 17416/38. V I saw you your red top said 'llay'ana' bttt Ijust thought I \Vontchal To do tne hard in llayana. I.oye ttie. Box .\'o [7416/3‘).

V I saw you .1. Mattjo sexy hips asway ittg to the sweet reggae sottnd ((1 the \Voodside. lets make our own music baby. Box No [7416/411.

V I saw you Ilaji. The people loy'e me . . . the people respect me. Please l‘orgiye llajil I’.S. Bring your own bum? l’.l’.S. 1 line Sarah? Box No [7416/41. 9 I saw you barmaid with a smile from ('ul de Sac ask itte to drink up again soott. Bo\ No [7416/42.

VI saw you :Ml‘dt‘le top ('at. the legal loyely. you liuture star of the bar. Wanna see my bt'iel's'.’ Box No [7416/43.

V We saw you where the monkey sleeps. tts two souls who wandered in 1mm the cold. you l)alry (Xi-op htin Keep those customers smiling. Box No [7416/44.

V I saw you btothet’. at my mum's house you. simian magician. Me demented. learn a new trick. monkey Bo\ \o [3416/45. 0 I saw you working tn the Iron. You wouldn't pose. 1 want tnore than a photo. blond gttl with sweet snttle. Me: reddish hair tk red top ck bald ntale lrtendl \ext ttttte serye me tnore than ciderl Box Not/4167116. VI saw you spiky hatred denim girl drinking lor cheap III Spy Bal'. 'l'ue 20/115/211111 I'll show you mine. already seen yotlt'sl Iio\ No [7416/47. V We saw you watching show girls and drittktng gin. l’addy. Bttt we hayen't seen you slnee. “me you gone to see another country '.’ Box No [7-1Iti/43. 9 I saw you being angry w itlt ttte because I was being a notice? Take care o1 ttte and pepper always. I.o\ e you eyen though you eat meat? I.oye .Matls \\ Bo\ No [7416/4‘). V I saw you selling cakes with that blottde hair and twinkly blue eyes. I think you must be tnade in heayenl Box No [7416/511. VI saw you pretty girl with new purple top (H Tron wanna get jiggy‘.’ I.o\e l’tnky \ Box No [7416/51. VI saw you (111 'the girl” Thu 7 ((1 2.311. l)ul'l' moyie. You glasses hair tied back. Spanish‘.".’ Me blonde. kept btnttping the seat next to you. You gorgeous pt'olile. Me smitten. Bo\ No [7416/52. 9 I saw you at the last Sub in the pish. Tall dark. curly ti handsome. I'iancy a dance'.’ Box No [7416/53. V I saw you trying to do the mads dattce routine so so badly in the kitchen while I sayed the pi/Ia iii a post-coital dash. I ant cra/y with and without you I.o\e M \\\ Box No [7416/54. V I saw you .\'ed in Brcl. Yotl hayen't been all around the world until you take a ttnnble down my rabbit hole. I‘.—Itlall me attd let's make like bunnies? Your 'I'rinity'.’ Box .\'o {7416/55. V I saw you at the Iron theatre getting ottt a w hilc yan with your pal. I said hiya o; you said hiya back. You were in your work clothes. Box No [7416/56. V I saw you looking sad and mad. be glad and mad. let‘s go to Jahalabad. Box No [7416/57. V I saw you the girl who made tne tray el 3611 miles tor post coital pi/xa and a dance. Bite my linger l'orey er loye Sim xxx Box No [7416/58.