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Shrek will have Walt Disney turning in his cryogenic freeze tank. Not only is Shrek a truly subversive animated film which takes pot shots at fairytale mythology, but it specifically squares up to Uncle Walt’s beloved creations, Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, et al. Shrek also ruthlessly pillages corporate Disney, satirising theme parks and executives. And who’s behind all this? Why producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, partner of Steven Spielberg and David Geffen at rival studio DreamWorks and formerly head of,

yep, Disney.

80: once upon a time there lived a great hero named Shrek, who saved the fairytale folk from evil Lord Farquaad who banished them from the

kingdom of Duloc. Except Shrek is a large, green, stinky ogre who baths in mud, eats grubs and

pulls wax stalagmites out of his ears to make dinner table candles. And the only reason he champions the magic folk is to get them out of his swamp. Along for the ride on Shrek’s mission is his faithful steed, except it's actually a talking

donkey with verbal diarrhoea.

No sooner has Shrek pummelled Farquaad’s knights into submission, than he’s forced by the diminutive ruler with the enormous ego (who lives in a large, phallic castle) to undertake a quest: rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona (Farquaad’s mirror mirror on the wall says she’s tastier than Snow White, even though the latter sleeps around with small men) from a fire- breathing dragon. Fiona’s as beautiful as princesses come, though she has an irritating

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Ghostbusters, again. With aliens instead of spooks

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preoccupation with the conventions of fairytales - Prince Charming, true love, etc and a dark

Clearly Shrek is a film for adults, cinefiles even more so, but it also works on a level of pure spectacle that will appeal equally to kids (the assault on the dragon‘s volcanic castle is a throwback to the fantastic adventures of the very films Shrek parodies). The computer animation has moved on leaps and bounds since DreamWorks last CGI offering, Antz. Farquaad and Princess Fiona, for example, are a huge step forward in animating human characters. Here, canny voice casting really fleshes out the principal characters: Cameron Diaz as perky, pesky Fiona, Eddie Murphy as the wiseass, well, I (


A truly subversive film which satirises Uncle Walt's beloved creations

ass, John Lithgow as meaney Farquaad, and Mike Myers as Shrek. (Myers reportedly re-

recorded his dialogue at the eleventh hour at

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(15) 105 mins 00.

l l'(}ll(1ll ‘.'."()ll(l(j'l' ho; Mothioo K;15;5;<)‘.~It/¥; fourth illlll :15; (l|l(:(ll()l It; a gruesome: glossy Sir-.«JN-sljglo iiiiii'tliai inyslon, iilll‘.(,’(l o: iiiziiritnr'ozim {lll(ll(3ll<${3f;. To (I()l‘.l|l'lll (i l)())( office honnw.1<:lor\.. if not (an international (mo. l‘.‘.'<.- of l rziri'n;

cost of $4 million, giving his ogre a Scottish accent, which quite suits the cynical anti-hero.) The half dozen strong team of writers and directors may have based Shrek on William Steig‘s iconoclastic children’s book, but this is Katzenberg‘s baby. If you‘re in any doubt take note: Farquaad bares a significant physical resemblance to Jerry's former boss, Michael Eisner, aka chief executive officer of Disney. And finally, do Shrek and Fiona live happily ever after? Of course they do, but not in the way you’d think. (Miles Fielder)

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Glossy and gruesome French murder mystery

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