Samy Naceri picks up a ride in Luc Besson’s dumb comedy car chase flick

tirex lor a li\ trig. and naturally lic"x

tinitiall} ) horrilied h} thix tranxlormation. ('age'x quuixitcl} modulated performance xax cx the lilm lrom hecoming xchmalt/ ix; he linall} cxudex a rtielul. good-natured x\\t‘clnC\x that makex him Stewart'x worth} heir ()dcon. A) r.

Fantasia l l .) ... l \Iat'lollx. 1'3. 20le) VolL'L‘x Uli Stew Martin. Bette Muller. ()uinc) Jonex. 75 minx. When Walt l)ixnc_\ lirxt came tip \\ ith the idea ol turning claxxical muxic popx into an animated pot pourri. he originall} em ixioned that l‘imluun \xould continue to he renc\\ ed h} additional material. Sixt} )carx on. htx dream hax at laxt came to l'ruition \\ ith thix neu collection ol‘ muxical highlightx. 'l‘he xtar ol' the xhou ix the one xcgmcnt retained from the original. the l)ukax ‘Sorccrer'x .»\pprentice' xet-piece \\ ith Micke} .‘xlouxe in a point} \xi/ard‘x hat and lotx ol hucketx ol “MCI. (il'Vl‘. (ilaxgoxx.

Finding Forrestert lb .00 Van Sant. l'S. 2001) Scan('onner}. Rohllrou n. 13(iniiiix.:\ trouhlcd )oung geniux lindx a mentor in an older man \\ ith demonx ol hix own. Sound l'amiliar'.’ Well. Van Sant'x new ino\ ic ix a hlatant cop} ol- hix lirxl Inatnxlt'catn xuccexx. (inml Will Hunting. 'l‘hix time around. houewr. rather than a mathx prodigy and hix xhrink. the prickl) pair are a teenager from the Bronx and a recluxixe Salinger-like u riter. 'l’he ja/l xcorc ix excellent. (’onner) hrcathcx ltlc into a character conxtructcd almoxt entircl} l'rom clichex and Broun gix ex a naturalixtic and affecting performance. hut the lilm'x mix ol’ indie pacing and camera \xork' u ith

lloll) \xood gloxx and xcntimentalit} nex er really gelx. ’l‘he Lumiere. lidinhurgh.

The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (Hit 0. (Brian l.e\ant. [8. 2000» Mark Add). Stephen Bald“ in. ‘)l minx. 'l'hix prequel xho\\x l-‘red t.-\dd} t and Hattie} tBaldu in) in their hachelor da) x “hen the) lirxt court Wilma (Johnxton) and Betty tJane Krakouxkit. The} are ahcttcd in thix h} a little green alien called (ia/oo t:\lan (‘ummingk hut are hampered h_\ the ri\'al attentionx ot Wilma'x xlim} arixtocratic chum (‘hip Rockefeller t'l'homax (iihxon ). :\nd the) all lixe happil} c\ er alter. \x ithout a trace of originalit}. lip or cht. ()deon. lidinhurgh.

Free Willy tl’t .0. (Simon \Vincer. [5. 1093) Jaxon Jatnex Richter. l.ori l’ett}. Michael .\ladxen. Ill minx. Alter tno\ ing from one wt of toxter parentx to another. _\oung Jexxe lindx himxell helping otit \\ ith chorcx at a marine amuxemcnt park \\ here Will} the orca \xhalc hax alxo heen xeparated from hix l‘ainil). land and xea rehelx hecoine xoul-matex. and the plot headx do“ n a dixtinctl) I-f'lllike path. liax) -to-graxp ad\enture tor the kide a little too ximplixtic and manipulatiVe tor a more xophixticated audience. The Lumiere. lidinhurgh. George Of The Jungle «tr 000 (Sam \\'eixiii;iii. l'S. [907) Brendan l‘raxer. l.exlie Mann. Holland 'l'a} Ior. 01 minx. Loincloth-clad hero (ieorgc tl‘raxeri xaxcx San liranxixcan .xocialite l'rxula t.\lannt. hut


sndex Film



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hix trip to the urhan _|tttigle ix xhortln ed

\\ hen he hcarx ol' the kidnap ol lnx lltlll'} xidekick. Ape t\oiced h} John (‘lL‘k'\L'l. The plot ix the uxual hlend ol humour. action. xlapxtick. ad\enture and. ol courxc. romance. “line the kno“ ing and punch) xcrtpt ix caxil} up \\ ith the hext ol modern Dime}. 1'(‘l. liaxt Kilhridc.

Get Over “113)... t'l‘omm) U'llaxcr. l‘S. will i Kirxtcn l)unxt. lien lioxter. Martin Short. 0H minx li\cr get the l'cclmg moxt coupch \xho get ll together in teen dramax will he luck} to xta} together lor lil'tccn minutex alter the lilm endx'.’ \Vell. (iv! (“17' II pickx up u here tnoxt ol thoxc lilL‘kx tail til-l. BL'l'le' l.andL‘t'x ll’oxlct'xl lx dtttnped h} high xchool x“ cctheart :\llixon at the xtart ol’ the tilm. hut. \ ia a xchool production ol .-\ .lllt/ummu'r Nita/ilk Dream. Berke l'allx lot' ltlx ltt‘xl lricnd'x excct‘dlngl} heautil'ul xixtcr. Kell) tl)unxt t. (iv! (Hm I! ixn't going to xurprixe an}onc. hut ll gocx through the teen rom-com Inotionx ahl} enough. (icnct'al t'eleaxc.

0 Ginger Snaps ( I8) .000 (John l’a“ cett. ('anada. ltitll ) Katharine lxahcllc. limin l’erkinx. .\liini Rogerx. Itih’ minx. \Vri[er-director lam cett'x xardonic treatment of the American hourgcoixic gix ex thix horror mm ie the t‘celing ol' an acutel) ohxeruitional romp. lxahelle'x hloxxoming n)mph xproutx a tail alter a werewolf attack. hut after much perplexit} heginx to hear it with l‘ortitude xpreading her inlection with her xc\ual laxourx. :\x her xlax ixhl) de\otcd xixtcr triex to inter\ cnc. (iingcr tranxlormx l‘rom cmpoxx ered teen to tragic monxter. l)expite lloll) \Vood'x long lilirtation \xith l}L‘;llllltl‘UP}‘. l‘aucctt‘x tunn). tragic lilm xtill contri\ ex to he original. See prc\ ie\\ and re\ ic\\. (il’l‘. (ilaxgou; (‘ameo. lidinhurgh.

Girlfightt l5i O... (Minn Kuxania. l‘S. Zillll t \lichcllc Rodt‘iguw. Santiago l)oug|ax. Jaime 'l‘irclli. l 13 minx. l’ucrto Rican-American teenager Diana taxtonixhing nexx contender Rodrigue/t ix rehelling \\ ithout a cauxc. hoth at xchool and at home in her run-doun Brookl}n. \eu York neighhourhood. But \then xhe takex ox er her \\ imp}. lo\ ing hrother'x hoxing lcxxonx at a local gun Diana lindx xomething xhe ne\ er had hel'ore: xell-uorth. What Kuxama'x xtriking dchut xharex with the hext xport lilmx ix that it'x about more than the xport itxcllfl The light xccncx are tough. tenxc and d}namic. httt from thech go thix ra\\ lo“ hudget lilm packx a poxxerliotixe punch that'x more to do u ith \xhat‘x going on inxidc the protagoinxt'x head than \\ hat xhe doex in the ring. ('ameo. lidinhurgh.

Good Kurds, Bad Kurds t 15» t Kenn McKiernan. l'S. ltltlt): "0 minx. .\lcl\'iernan “em to Northern Iraq to unco\ er the Kurdixh uprixing againxt Saddam lltixxein. and dixcmered a \\at' o\ erlooked h} the \xorld‘x prexx: a campaign of ethnic cleanxing directed againxt 'l‘urke} 'x lx'urdixh enemiex \xith the aid ol' ['8 militar} ueaponr). Part of Refugee \Veek. l‘ilmhouxe. lidinhurgh.

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