Film A genuine. stit‘wisaze JPWXNKRI firm: takes a poke at Disney anti has a 3mm» now- And Mike Myers tines ti fai‘tastuafi'. tutir'e Scrtt s" accent. Sue H“‘.|t“'.'.. page .5 L?e":>'.3 amuse

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SUPER Funnv‘AmMALs ,

Live Music/Film/Clubs A veritable SFA extravaganza with a gig. DVD screening and two club nights to contend with in one weekend, all centred on the Furries excellent Rings Around The World LP. See feature, page 14. Barrow/and/GFr/Renfrew Ferry.


Art Powerful paintings which shine a light onto largely ignored subjects: the victims of chemical pOisoning thanks to life in the modern City. See prewew page 86. dogger‘f/sher, Edinburgh.

THE SOPRANOS TV 1 ilt‘ “URI lV 3hr )\'.’ OWN returns ifll (i iilll’i season. With long trying to keep

his life in balance as those (touchehag l (Kit; i:li me in. See i<}\.'i<:\.‘.a )(III(:<)1/.. Inf.



Film The future of Scottish film or just a wee gem to temporarily keep the Hollywood wolves at bay? Up to yOu. See feature and reView. pages 12 and 2/1. GFT Glasgow; Fi/mnouse. Edinburgh.


Live Music Big-assed rock mUSic Without the nu metal pretentions. their live reputation precedes them. Just goes to show we can mosh as hard as the Yanks. See preView. page 42. Ego, Edinburgh; King Tut's. Glasgow.


TV A British Sitcom .‘.’liil laughs? Uiii‘ielievahly yes. at; KCVIn Eldon attempts to pull punters into his buddies' boozer. Guest appearances from HRH, Cilla Black and the Australian Chas n' Dave. See review. page 109. BBC/‘2,

BASEMENT JAXX Records The sciindtrack to the Summer. Rooty With chunky funky morsels of house and so much more.

ROMEO & See rel/ICW, page 104. XL. JULIET 333355.59 Dance Nonhern Ballet's SEASON

verSion of Prokofiev's take on Shakespeare's tragic love story is a feast of accessible ballet. See preView. page 57. Fest/va/ Theatre. Edinburgh.

Theatre Dundee Rep brings back Mince (pictured; and A Winter's Tale. See listings. page 60. Dundee Rep.

2 THE LIST 21 Jun—5 Jul 3301