Street. 622 7086. 7pm. £8. l’opularja/l lunk y'ocalist.inakes a welcome return to lidinburgh.

Glasgow OGIenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.


I Masquenada Henry‘s Jan Bar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. See l’ri 22.

I Vieux Carre Jazzmen l-‘airiiiile Inn. 44 Biggar Road. 312 8243. 8pm. £6 (£5). Tonight‘s instalment trom the Ja// ‘n' liy'e (‘lub sees New Orleans sounds coming straight l'rom Newcastle.

I Colin Steele New Trio llenry ‘s Jal/ Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. ('ale (irai'liti's tormer resident trumpeter ('olin Steele l‘ronts this new contemporary ja// trio.

I Lee Paterson \y'hisilehiiikies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 9pm. l-'ree. See Sat 23.

Saturday 30


t3Glenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.

I Live Jazz On The Terrace Brel. 3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 2 8pm. Free. Live music from the Stephen Dul‘l‘y Quartet. The Rob llall Quartet and the Konrad Wisczniewski Quartet.


I High Heel Sneakers Henry's Jal/ Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. See Fri 2‘).

I Fionna Duncan Henry‘s Jill]

Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. Renowned jazz yocalisl Duncan. whose versatility and talent has led to her fronting the jam sessions at (ilasgow‘s jtlll. lt‘sllylll. presents a y'aried repertoire with something for all musical tastes.


I Jazz Concert Discoy'ery Point. Discoy'ery Quay. 01382 20l 245.

7 -l l.30pm. Annual jazz night at Discovery Point.

Glasgow 0Glenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.


OGuitarzan Henry's Jazz, Bar.

8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Day‘e (‘onway's new ja/I guitar group. in which he is joined by Malcolm Macl’arlane and Nigel Clark.

Glasgow OGlenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.


I Centre Stage Jazz Club The Auld Hundred. I00 Rose Street. 225 l80‘). 8.30pm. £2. See Tue 26.

Wednesday 4


OGlenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.


I Live Jazz Henry's Jazz. Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Details to be confirmed; please ring yenue for further information.

Glasgow OGlenmorangie Glasgow Jazz Festival See separate listings.


I Live Jazz llenry 's Jan Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. S30pm. £5 l£4i. Details to be confirmed; please ring yentie tor litirther inloriiiation.

The following details are for regular free weekly dates: see main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to- date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.


I June Love And Alan Pike liai Drink Man Woman. 34 King Street. 552 0227. 8pm. .‘ylainstreani ja// with yocals.

I Paul Gallacher Corinthian. lUl Ingram Street. 552 Hill. l0pm 3am. Piano classics. from Broadway to Beelltoyen.

I Danny Thompson Baby (iraiitl. 3 7 lilmbank (iardens. 248 4042. l0.30pm. A wide selection from this lounge pianist.


I Andrew Mann (‘oriiitliian (see 'l'hu). 6pm 3am. Piano and Me Vocals. I Bobby Wishart And Band Borders Books. Music and ('al‘e. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700.

7.30 9.30pm. Mellow.

I Stephen Duffy Trio The Supper (‘lub. 70 Albion Street. 552 2200. 8pm. Jan. while you ditie li'oin y'ocalist and pianist Dully leading this jazz trio in a Nat (‘ole/Diana Krall style.

I Tap Moi-La Brewery 'l‘ap. I055 Sauchiehall Street. 33l 5580. 0.30pm. Playing Northern soul and funky ja//. I Danny Thompson Baby (irand (see 'l'hul. l0.30pm. Lounge pianist. I Live Jazz The l‘ruitmarket and l‘irkin. Albion/Bell Street. 222 7700.

l lpm. A fortnightly rotation of Latin and mainstream jazz. with The liirkin l’iy'e and The Muldoon Ragtime Band.


I Jim McQuat And The Jazz Corporation l.a Mirage Bar. Millennium llotel. (ieorge Square. 332 67] l. 2 5pm. Sit back and enjoy ja/z numbers limit this Scottish band with a drink or lunch (two courses for £51.

I Harry Margolis’ Miller Band l.‘ Attache. 27 \Vatci‘loo Street. 22l 32H). 2 5pm. Big band in the (ilenn Miller yein.

I Lauder’s Big Band l.at1der"s. Sauchiehall Street. 331 5180. 2 5pm. The big band sound. with \‘oc'uls l‘roin Heather Whitetord.

I Bobby Campbell Quartet (‘hambers Bar. (ieorge Square. 552 I740. 2.30-5.30pm. Mainstream and mellow ja/I sounds with liddie 'l‘oal on y'ocals.

I George McGowan Orchestra liat Drink Man Woman (see Thu).

2.30 6pm. Eighteen-piece big band.

I Willie Hitchel (‘orinthian (see 'l‘hui. 6pm 3am. Willie llitchel and other residents supply the bye piano and Vocals.

I Shelagh Buchanan and The Sandy Taylor Trio The Supper ('lub (see Thu). 8pm. linjoy jal/ from this renowned y'ocalist accompanied by one of Scotland's linest pianists while you dine booking on the number aboy e.

I The Blue Notes (‘aie Rouge. .lolilt Street. 552 4433. S30 10.30pm. 'l‘he blues and other ia/x sounds

I Live Jazz Blackii'iars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. 0.30pm. Modern j.i// with (iraham 'l'hompson on Sat 23 .ltiii and (iiaeine Scott on Sat 30 .lun.

I Johnny Logue Brewery lap. IHSS Sauchiehall Street. 330 0643. 0.30pm. l.iy e ja/I tank and coyers.

I Kurt Wylie Baby (irand isee ‘l‘hti t.

10.30pm. l.otiiige pianist.


I Kenny Paterson Quintet Will. I534 l’ollockshaws Road. 632 lllbl. 3pm. Scottish ja// singer l’atei'son leads this quintet teatui'ing Bobby Deans on sa\. Sun 24 Jun only.

I Chris Clark Trio Drum and Monkey. SI \illlL'Clll Street. Ill (W50. 3.30 6.30pm. Mellow mainstreamja// willi yocals.

I Michael Deans Jazz Quartet ('ottiei's Bar. 03 llyndland Street. 357 5S25. 4 7pm. 'l‘i'aditional ja//.

I Sunday Jazz With Bobby Wishart Macl.;iclil;iit's. 57 West Regent Street. 332 0505. 6pm. l.iy e ja// eyery Sunday.

I David Jones Pitcher and Piano. 92 west George Street. 353 Root. s inpm. ('oiiteinporary ja// piano.

I Live Jazz The Supper ('ltib tsee 'l'hui. Spin. Music while you eat with Various pianists and singers proy idiiig some mellow ja// and easy listening booking on the number aboy e.

I Live Jazz Blatc‘kl'l‘itit‘s. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. 0.30pm. Modern ja/I with singer Ruth Lambert on Sun 24 Jun and drummer Ken Mathieson on Sun I Jul.

I Jazz Trio The l.ansdow ne. 7.-\ l.ansdowne (‘rescent. ls'ely iiibridge. 334 4653. ‘) ll.3(lptn. Ja/l on alto sa\. guitar and double bass.


The National Youth

Jazz Orchestra of Scotland

7 July 2001 macRobert

Arts Centre Stirling



nan arr/1min:

Box Office 01786 461081 Tickets £2-£8

jazz listings Music

I Kerry Tracey (‘orinthian isee 'l'hu l. l0pm 3am. (‘lassic _|.l// piano iii the lilla liit/gerald mould.

I Jazz DJ Baby (irand isee 'l‘hui. ltl_3(lpm~


I Fionna Duncan With The Bonnie Rae Trio Met‘liiiill's. 40 High Street. 552 2 l 35. 0pm. Mainstream jaH tunes with this renowned singer.

I Kerry Tracey (‘oriiithiaii tsee Thu 1. l0pm 3am. ('lassic. laid-back jazz.


I Bobby Wishart and Band Rtissell‘s Bar ('alc. 77 Byres Road. 334 4073. S l lpm. Mainstream and modern. I Live Jazz ilillt‘ (’lockwoi'k Beer ('o.. l I53 ll55 (’athcart Road. 640 ()lS4. 3.30pm. Mellow ja// sounds trom the (ieorge l.y le Quartet on 'l‘ue 26 Jun. With The (ieorge ()gily ie Quintet play ing Di\ielaiid ja// on 'l‘ue 3 July.

I Paul Gallacher ('orinthiaii tsee 'l’htil. l0pm 3am. llol Rth on piano.


I Ruth Lambert liat Drink Man Woman tsee 'l‘liti). Spin. l’erl'orms pure ja/l iii the style ol‘ Julie London.

I Tom Urie and Shona Fraser ('orintliian tsee 'l'hul. l0pm 3am. .la/I piano. from easy listening through to contemporary.


. Live Jazz Henderson's. 25 'l‘litsllL‘ Street. 225 2605. 8pm. Artists yary'.

. The Third M8" Maison llL‘L‘lttl'. 47 Deanhaiigh Street. 332 532S'. t)pm. Blues guitar duo.

I Los Tres Phenomenos ('ellar .\'o. l. l (‘hainbers Street. 220 4208. l0pm lain. 'l‘raditional ja// sotiiids.

21 Jun—5 Jul 2001 THE LIST 53