Stage whispers The talk of the green room

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ove is like boxing. No, bear with me, really. A this as a substitute. ‘*"‘-"‘**"i~<'?"’~ 919,8 at a Slaleh

young boxer will face an opponent with the Dancer Jeremy Kerridge, who among other parts “'“t‘ "m" \CU- “"5 COl‘I‘DGl‘X

confidence and foolish abandon to throw a will dance the pivotal role of Mercutio, Romeo’s witty "<13 <‘?i‘-<“l?"5”ed 9‘ “GDUIal'O” ‘0’ carefree right lead against a man with a strong left and ill-fated friend, maintains that the success of this JUI‘i'SS tile and entertammg 5'19 hook. But as you get older you remember what can piece has been down, in large part, to the late artistic 5““‘"" 47 P’OC’L‘CY’CQS 0’ happen, you remember the pain, and cover up. As we director of Northern Ballet, Christopher Gable. ‘When 3"5“-“'?55l‘€€”e CV3" OVENOUS get older, we also learn the lessons of love. We he came to the company, he demanded that the 59"“‘-"‘-<’?"8 "51%"?! 3378080 remember the pain that ensued after we pitched dancers act, as well as dance,’ he says. ‘He would 5‘57"“) Wilda" audiences- ourselves into passion and total commitment without ask us about our characters and would let us talk AT MHSSP'DLL’QWS BRING". thought about the consequences. You begin to see about them as well. He was always saying that if we 7‘0’93 83""9m“g for Ual‘Ce the possible downsides, and after a while, when you didn’t believe it, the audience certainly wouldn’t. It “"5- ‘-‘- 3" Transll‘ons' a meet someone, you see all the cons before any of the was a completely different approach to ballet, 5'~'>"‘D¢"“~ ‘-'-""C” "as 3'50 pros. It doesn’t mean you‘re cynical, just careful. because he came to it from things like film and CSWU‘JS'WG «7 @000 ’BDUIEUO”

But the loss of this feeling of the mad absoluteness drama, so that sense of storytelling was important. “" “Orka mall“ mm of first love is something we’re all nostalgic about. David Nixon, the new artistic director is also in that l- "(JlJkai’S “no are That’s why Romeo And Juliet retains such appeal; tradition. We even have real swordfights, with real “*9! -""""-§) T0 W93“ “‘10 The most of us are broken-hearted folk, wanting a swords.’ :uetessrw. tms comllam vicarious re-enactment of that exhilaration that we So much so, that one of the dancers was recently “VC‘SG'VS 3" QC'QCI'C m'x Of fear we may never feel again. Its manifestation here injured in the swordplay, but like a trouper, he 5’3“??? “515993 “Om Class'ca' through Prokofiev’s ballet is all about that first, finished his scene before he was replaced. Biwet. f: more abstract modem pimply, adolescent experience. This is ballet with a tradition of accessibility, and 353’“

Northern Ballet has acted with courage in pulling its assisted, as Kerridge acknowledges, by the success 39 more Comma)me planned tour of Jeckyll And Hyde, which ran into poor of Billy Elliot, it should pull a healthy and nostalgic I‘m” "let-"931“? 09"‘9 a audiences and negative reviews early on, and audience. Go on, you’ve spent too long boxing clever. WW?" 9999 l” “19" summer- replacing it with this tried and tested winner. No (Steve Cramer) "79 a 5"“ CO? were. CheCk

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