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Round-up from the gay wor/d


ay men and Judy Garland: is

there a connection? Many

gay men are ashamed of llking such a sad self destructive icon, so they pick Kate Bush, Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey or Maria Callas instead.

These singers lived intensely passionate existences, often at the mercy of a world that was cruel or didn’t care. Their careers were roller coasters, but throughout it all, they sang with real insight about moments of intense spiritual/sexual/physical love. Garland married three gay men, and her films, music, costumes and makeup were created by a veritable gay mafiosa. But it was her death that was instrumental in igniting the first gay rights riots at the Stonewall bar in NY’s Greenwich Village in June 1969. Garland’s body was laid out in her coffin, the funeral parlour had to be opened all night in order for the 22,000 mourners (many of them gay) to get a last glimpse of their dead idol.

As her gay fans drowned their

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THE MEDIA IS HAVING A field day over the death of Stuart Lubboch, found floating in the pool of TV star Michael Barrymore. Lurid rumours abound concerning the

sorrows that night in the local pub, the Caroline O’Connor: a must for lovers of show tunes cocktail of drugs found in police raided them in what was Lubboch’s body, as well as becoming a regular habit; the mourning fans could End production, Mack And Mabel has been compared the identity of the three men stand it no longer. Drag queens, gay men and lesbians to an all-round performer in the Garland mould. A he is alleged to have had sex took up bottles and high heels and fought back. And so veteran of many stage musicals, her versatility is on with on the night of his began liberation as we know it today. display on her new CD From Stage To Screen. murder. Lubboch’s poor Check out her life in a recent biography, Get Happy by Accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, she mother maintains her son, a Gerald Clark, or John Fricke‘s photographic tribute performs fifteen eclectic songs ranging from ABBA to divorced father of two, was (Little, Brown). How magnificent a singer she was can Bernstein. ‘Look What Happened To Mabel’ is pure straight. ITV has cancelled be gauged by Capitol’s release of her 1961 concert, knockout, her personality and range force themselves Barrymore‘s £2m a year Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall. The first double album through the speakers. The ballad from Romeo and contract. to sell over one million copies, it was in the record Juliet, ‘Kissing You’, is beautiful.

charts for 94 weeks and is literally spine-tingling from Along the way there are great versions of ‘Diamonds the overture onwards. Listen to cheery camp songs like Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ and ‘People’. O’Connor is ‘That’s Entertainment’ or the ballads like ‘You’re Nearer' exceptional. Go buy. Distributed by the enterprising TER

and especially ‘Over The Rainbow’ and you have to label, who also have singing star Kim Criswell under marvel at her voice and charisma. contract, they are the ideal company for lovers of show Caroline O’Connor, the Australian star of the West tunes and divas. (John Binnie)

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THOSE WHO LIKE IT r'o'xai tart " EXITGCI hilarious! l;"t,“.:fl(f.‘.CF Coopers. Lotteries Charity Board) to t".=.'. 81:".15 .ii: I73 I. gs :> \. was; .:.;~‘.:; "‘;‘:sf€:";: 951,-. strengthen and develop the

With the first of its monthly lesbian and sum. .2w‘ 3:. " ‘3»; ms ii‘t€*}"“.'.ti"ClS Saw _ «:2 .‘ Ho? :; at tw: Fl gay community. Beyond 983’ SCreenith. Edinburgh's Cameo t"t='v':: .\irix:"t..” t. 1.: ta « to, ‘e :7 4"} d; .j“ W" "u,- i: or. may". .,‘ Barriers is a national initiative scored a big success with Be‘o'e \' SI‘UC st ‘t.’ goers Oscar ‘.‘. up}: :; .a,, “'1; J7..." 3’ to Challenge prejudice and Fa/ls. Jax'ier Bardem as the gag Cuban L081; .z'x: Fr Se E.:"‘z::§.’ T":Xl‘ i,':::€ .2 urge, , homophobia and to build poet IS gIOrious and the film pulsates Fat-st "ties acace at bot" 3" .1 '3; :: g-raa " v 33""; links between minority and With a sensuality and energy that 's aII Ed wins-g“: 9‘ any: Gisgoc. 's 3‘ sexes t, H.-.: stir majority QFOUPS Within its own. Olivrer Martinez as his straight GET 5'. .5 a a co'r‘ovat (m, :;"e;: " ::, "z; :5 .1»: f" Scottish society. Managed by best friend is also formidable. "\ .a;\:x:-.1".a";‘cs of the due ,c, 41".: armor" as my. Stonewall Scotland, it will

On Tuesday 3 July at 6.50pm the *<::?""r?f" rams. As the Le'w‘o‘f.‘ A't: .'."a’. 11"". 3'50 involve Equality Cameo offers a one-off SCreening of me "x: 3‘ East Doll'fiC" \.e ' rs eye tr; O" ,. l<e . Network, Outright Scotland the kitsch But I'm A C"ee"e€:J'/, It cz‘: W; t». '_ *ia'flism. or hax'"Q t"a'. I\.‘a' ’xTC"';~:: .'.’:<2"8 6:8 and Stonewall Youth PrOjeCt- sounds a hoot and deals \Xlill a :\‘:"'.-_-' t" 211.24 1: 8'“ t" alJCLJ a". seco'o sa JO” 8 e

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