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Edinburgh, Thursdays, Club

I Nocturnal at Noa. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3 with flyer). 2| Jun. Monthly. Dark and twisted drum & bass in the main room with E.N.O (Muzik Bedroom Bedlam winner). Spy. Vadar and a special guest (tbc). ln room two. house and garage grooves are whipped from the record bags of Lisa Thomson. Wilberforce l and Denheem.

I Playaz at Ego. llpm—3am. £2. 21 Jun & 5 Jul. Fortnightly. Ragga. hip hop and gangsterjive with some mystery DJs.

I ReJuvenatIon at The Bongo Club. l().3(lpm—3am. Free. 28 Jun. Monthly. Free for all jungle riot commemorating the first birthday of this classic jungle night. Residents Relentless. Twist. Phos40us and Scratch Monkey Ra take you back to the old-school in the main room. while Matty. Huggy and Chuck work the nu-school breaks through the back.

I Snatch Club at The Liquid Room. l().3()pm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50). Weekly. Relive the fun and games you had at cheap British holiday camps like Butlins at this funky disco cum cabaret. with your hosts of distinction Mr Harry Ainswonh and Spanky Alexander. Benny Hill-like antics will of course be rife and all drinks are available at l‘)7()s

$Soundpresence at La Belle Angele. l().3()pm—3am. Free. 5 Jul only. One-off event sponsored by Morgan‘s Spiced and featuring some very special guests. Leading UK garage act The Arcitechs will be performing a live PA and DJ support comes from Femi Fem (Young Disciples) and local lad Yogi Haughton. While this may be billed as a free event. early arrival is more than recommended to guarantee entry. See Hitlist.




Girb- Dork skirt, tight blouse. tie. beeb or trainers.

Boys- Dork trousers, fight shirt, tie, dork shoes or trainers.


Cafe Royal B'otro Bot. I7 West register 5t (behind Burger King at East end of Princes 5t)

first. Singo-long rock, pop and deco

Date First Friday of the month: ytth Nov. bf June. 6th July.

The Price Mom to (£5) Over I83

p . me for the best outfit

on: o CW(Mable °'~’ "‘eheadommom“


74 THE LIST 21 Jun-5 Jul 2001

I Spellbound at La Belle .-\ngele. l().3()pm—3am. £4 before midnight; £(y after. 21 Jun only. L'nderground Intelligence present this one-off party commemorating the summer solstice. held in association with Manchester nu-skool breaks and drum 3; bass night. Spellbound. The night features DJ Kid. Si Smith. G- Mac and DJ lnkey and there's a complimentary btis service laid on to take you back to Glasgow. should you happen to live there.

I Sputnik at The Venue (top floor). l().3()pm—3am. £3. 2| Jun ck; 5 Jill. Fortnightly. An intrepid voyage into the musical known. veering towards the leftfield side of the spectrum. Funky tech- house will be the order of the day then from the resident types Dan Frantic. Hobbes and Lisa Thomson. while guest pleasure comes this fortnight in the form of Tribal Funktion's George 'l’ (21 Jun) who'll bejackin' it for the Sputnik kids.

I 3 Piece Sweet at The (’oeteau Lounge. llpm-~3am. £2. 5 Jul. Monthly. From old to new. from cutting-edge to kitsch the ‘no music policy" from keen to please party girls Trendy Wendy. Sally F and Nicci never fails to astound and ama/e. This month. it's a ‘Full Moon Party" in the style of those Goa trance parties posh folk talk so fondly of.

I Thunguz at ligo. Monthly. Next date l2 Jul.

Chart & Party

I Blasted at Gaia. l()pm»3am. £3 (£2 l. Weekly. Dubbed ‘the best student night in town' by some Radio I sage. this sweaty soiree features cheesy mainstream dance in the main room and indie from Planet liarth upstairs in the lounge.

I Funky Underground at Revolution. l()pm~3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A monster soundsystem. good odds at copping off and some handy dance podiurns for attracting attention to your funky strutting are just three of the reasons why Revolution seems like a good idea when you‘re drunk.

I Gold at The Ark. l()pm~3am. 80p. Weekly. If the very thought of Tony Hadley makes you moist. you‘ll be positively dripping at this luxurious night of 80s indulgence.

I Ignition at liros/lilite. ‘).3()pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Last year‘s ‘Scottish Discoteque ()f The Year' still draws the numbers at this big ‘ole student night.

I The 6, 7, 8 Special at Why Not‘.’

I lpm—3am. £5. Weekly. A magical musical journey that takes you through the ()(ls. 7(ls. 80s and 90s with plucky survivor Disco Billy and his new friend Disco Diva Dale. Cage dancers a definite bonus.

I Skulzoot at (‘octeau Lounge.

1 lpm—3am. £3. 2l Jun only. A free-range music policy complements the free range antics of the pissed-up students taking advantage of the cheap drinks promos.

I The Subway at The Subway. ‘)pm—3am. Free for students with matriculation card; £l otherwise. Weekly. A mainstream soundtrack plus the odd spot of indie.

I The Subway West End at The Subway West End. 7pm—3am. Free for students with matriculation card; £l otherwise. Weekly. DJs playing chart and party music for a shameless drinking crowd.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Bar Union at Bar L'nion. ‘)pm --lam. Free. Weekly. Radio Forth‘s Kevin Jones plays some hefty house and garage.

I Bass:Trap Sessions at Bani Bou. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Edinburgh's spanky new Oriental style bar gets sorted in the styles of drum 8; bass. hip hop and breaks by wise Manga master G-Mac.

I Blok at PopRokit. ‘)pm—lam. Free. Weekly. A regular venture courtesy of Robin Styler (Solefusion). Bootsy (Substance/Groove Theory) and Gregor (Douche Ma Touche). where rare groove. funk. disco and hip hop will be the order of the day.

Drum & bass with Queen B at Behave? and Honeycomb Presents

I Centro at ('ity (ale 2, ‘lpm lam. Free. () Jul. l-‘ortnightly. :\ relatively new venture for l'ltragrooye‘s Gareth Sommerville. where the play list incorporates everything from ja// daddies like 'l‘erry ('allier to house hustlers like Deep Dish.

I Chaos Cubano at thiracoa.

l()pm lam. Free. Weekly. DJ .Mikayel hosts a night of funk. hip hop and salsa. I Conception at llolyrood l'nion. Monthly. Nest date the.

I Cuba Norte at ('uba \orte.

|()pm lam. Free. Weekly. Still supply ing the broadest musical spectrum for l.alin lovers and still pivotal to the whole l.atin

O Cuts 8. Strings at the (‘octeatt Lounge. lt).3()pm 3am. U). 2‘) Jun. Monthly. l‘sually confined to the corri— pact and bijous ()uthousc. the ('tits (k Strings crew spread themselves all (n er the (‘octeau Lounge this tnontli to accommodate their special guest. none other than Mr Andrew Weatherall. If you were looking [0 experience one (it. the kings of modern dance music in an intie mate space. this is a rare opportunity not to be missed. liarly arrival goes without stlylllg. See llllllsl.

I Disco Cubism at The ('arw ash. ‘)pm lam. Free. Weekly. .-\li (‘ampbell shows he ain't no square when he goes disco house era/y for the night.

I EH1 at till 1. ‘)pm lam. Free. Weekly.

Drew Wright unleashes his deep house delight (22 Jun). while the liat .\'ot Sold residents from Dundee night Homeless work the drinking hordes into a hip hop frenzy (2‘) Jun).

I 4-Play at ('lub Mercado. 4 ltlpm. Free. Weekly. Serving you hard working. hard partying types with a mind-melting mix of music (courtesy of kitsch queen ’l'rendy Wendy f and drinks promos that include bottles of bubbly at £ It) until 8pm. Parties of twenty or more are entered into a draw to w in a w hopping £150 to spend at the bar.

I Hybrid at The l.iqtiid Room.

7 lttpm. £4. Weekly. Shouty. angry rur- metal sttlll from the indie king of lidinburgh's castle. young Keiron from livol. Strictly under lSs only.

I Immersed In Music at l’iyo. ‘)pm lam. Free. Weekly. In the salubrious surrounds of this aw ard- winning ('Iech theme bar. .Mr Todd lets loose with a supertly selection of funk. hip hop and soul (22 Jun). The follow ing week (2‘) Jun). a mystery DJ does something similar.

I Jam Jar at The (iilded Saloon.

‘)pm lam. Free 2‘) Jun. l-ortnightly. l.i\e musicians rain will) resident DJs. ()pen decks and floor providing you're not shit.

I Made In Iguana at lgtiaria.

‘lpm larii. Free. Weekly. Local hero Joseph Malik (Compost Records) da//les the crowds with his blindiri' range of ftiriky tunes. from liip hop to house to l.atin and Ian.

I Oxygen at ()sygen. ‘)pm lam. l‘ree. Weekly. Rotational residents (‘raig Smith and ('raig (ice celebrate the fact that they 'ye got the same christian name and a similar taste in quality house mtrsic.

I Rebel Waltz at ('ity ('ale 2.

‘)pm larii. Free. 2‘) Jun. Fortnightly. Murray ‘(ilobctrotting' Richardson brings his deep liouse pigeons home to roost. Marco Smith lends a hand.

I School Bop at (‘afe Royal. Monthly. .\'e\t date () Jul.

I UrbannHangSuite at Batin's. llprii 3am. Free. Weekly. l.iglit \egetarian snacks sery ed to a hip hop and breaks soundtrack from Dolphin Boy ('l‘ummy 'l'ouch).

I Why Not? at Why .\'ot‘.’ S ltlpm. £5 (includes entry to club afterwards ). Weekly. Salsa dance classes lot‘ beginners and intermediate enthusiasts. with a feisty clth night to follow sliotild you so choose,

I Word Up at Rush. ‘)pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Yogi llttllgllloll and DJ l’abulo/ host a swanky pre-club that's got the goods for all you Rtyll freaks otll there.


I Adaptor at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 0 Jul.

I Arakataca! at the Bongo ('lub. llprn 3am. £5. 22 Jun. Monthly. DJs Jaffer (Senegal) and [uppa Inglesc (Bogota) host it fiery mix ()I sttlszt. .-\frican. l.atiti and ('aribbean dance. As they ‘ye both been DJing former 30 years. Iltls is the Desi selection ()l past. present and future tropical dance you're likely It) litltl.

I Aswang at Studio 24 (dow nstairsi. Monthly. \est date 13 Jul.

I Big Beat at La Belle .-\ngele. l(l.3()pm 3am. £7 (£6); £350 before

l l.3(lpm. 22 Jun. Monthly. Deep funk daddy ls'eb Darge returns to the Scottish capital for another session of his danceable delight. Support comes from the residents Simon Hodge. Stuart Bennett and DJ 'l‘inku.