Art listings

Edinburgh galleries continued


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat

10am (ipitt.

Artists’ Books Sat 23 Jtiii Fri 27 Jul. Artists’ books by artists who make work specifically in book form featuring ('alltim lnnes. Bruce McLean and Mel (iooding. NEW SHOW.


25 Hawthornyale. 55! 4490. Mon ~Sun l0am~4pm.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Open Day Sun 24 Jtiri. l~5pm. ()peri access at the lidinburgh Sculptttrc Worksltop featuring sculpture demonstrations. slide arid video shows and exhibitions.

E.S.W.o.r.k. Strri 24—Fri 2‘) Jun. New work by liSW artists.

THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 23 Atholl ('rescent. 455 5203. Tue Sat 10am-5pm.

Degree Show wed 27.7 Sat 30 Jun. Final year show for students studying the Photography. Filtii And TV course at Napier University. featuring a mix of photography. digital and Video art. NEW SHOW.


Fast Fettes Ay'eiiue. 332 2281. Daily ()aiii—5pm.

Taking Bites or More Than No Cubic Inches Mon 25 Sat 30 Jun. Photographic works by J{dinbui'gh—based artist Fiona Macalister' inspired by the rules. rituals and routines of the public school system.


SS l.othiaii Road. 22‘) 5932. Stiri Thtt 10am 1 |.30pm: Fri & Sat l0am l2.30am. Holy Cow l'ntil Fri 2l Jun ((‘afe Bar). Photographs frotti the sub-continent by William Pearce.

A Place Called Home Sat 23 Jun—Sat 28 Jttl. Photographs by Jamie (irant. Edinburgh College Of Art Degree Shows - Animation 'l‘hu 2| Jun. (1.30pm (Cinema | i. Final degree show front students on the award-winning Animation cotirse at lidinburgh ('ollege of Art. This year's contributions include a paranoid bowing ball. an out-of-work puppet and a latter-day Frankenstein. Napier University Graduation Shows Mon 25 Jtiii. ()plll ((‘iiiema li. Final year shows by Napier l'niyersity students. Drama projects include a realist reflection of grow iiig tip iii Northern lrelartd and strange goings on in an Iidinburgh launderette arid live action and animation combine in the tale of an old man and his radio.

Edinburgh College Of Art Degree Shows - Film And TV wed 27. 8.30pm ((‘inema l )2 Thu 28 Jtiii. (i. l 5pm (Cinema 2). A programme of shorts by final year students oti the Film & T\' (‘ourse featuring drama. documentary and experimental work.


(‘entral Library. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 5584 text 225). Mon Thu l0am Spin; Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 9am— I piti.

Beneath The Surface t'ntil Sat 3t) Jun. Paintings. drawings arid graphic works by Jamie Burgess.


35 Williatn Street. 225 2 Nb. Tue—Fri

l lam—5pm: Sat 1 lam~2pm.

Marion Thomson t'ntil Sat 7 Jul. .‘s’ew work by Marion Thomson featuring landscapes of the hills and moors to the north of Glasgow and the north west coast and islands.


Foutitaitipark. Dundee Street. 221 (3001. Daily 9am—midnight.

Double Gazing t'ntil Sat 30 Jun.

86 THE LIST 21 Jun—5 Jul 2001

Housed in the walkway connecting Fountain Park's leisure complex to the intilti-screen cinema. an exhibition of work by lidinbtirgh (‘ollege of Art's third year tapestry students. Tlte show features traditional textiles. multimedia and three dimensional works,


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat

l lam 7 (rpm: Sitii noon 5pm.

Beck’s Futures 2 t'ntil Sat 21 Jul. The second Beck's Futures award tours from London's l('A with the work of the ten shortlisted artists. Featuring painting. sculpture. photography. installation and y ideo. the w inning paintings by Tim Stoner is shown alongside works by Dan Holdsw‘orth. Day'id Burrow s. (iernma lles. Simon Bill. DJ Simpson. ('lare Woods. Fabienne Audeoud ck John Russell. Shahin Afrassiabi and Brian (irilliths. See rey'iew.

Northern Lights On permanent y iew. once night falls. is Peter Fink's light installation for the gallery inspired by the aurora borealis. ('omprisirig a ‘roof fin' triangle of light. light detailing on the east attd west roof and lift shaft. the colours regularly change. brightening tip this dark corner of lidiiiburgh's Market Street.


46a Raeburn Place. 3l5 2(i03. Mon Sat l0atn—-5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of applied arts including cushion coy'et's artd jewellery.


(iallery & Shop. 77 Dundas Street. 556 315‘). Mon Wed & Fri Sat l0am (rpm; Thu l0am 8pm.

Picture Of A Landscape Mon 25 Jun ~-Wed 25 Jul. Set tip by lidinbut'gh ('ollege of Art graduate arid landscape artist Andrew (iold. this new gallery and shop plans to exhibit arid sell a range of work including painting. sculpture. ceramics and jewellery. The inaugural exhibition features work by y'at'iotls artists including Janet Adam. Joan Brown. Simon White. lialish Wilsoti. Douglas l)ayies. Teena Ramsay and Natalie (ierard. NEW GALLERY.


22a Dundas Street. 556 2lb’ l. Mon Fri l0.30am~(ipm: Sat l0arn 4pm.

Karen Millard And Moira Robb l'iitil Sat 23 Jtiri. Recent paintings by Karen Millard arid Moira Robb. Millard‘s work presents reflections of sky and light while Robb's mixed media paintings are takeit from studies of shadows and reflected images.

Reflections Of Venice t'ntil Sat 33 Jttn. A themed exhibition of paintings and

prints by gallery artists inspired by \"enice.

Namaste Sat 30 Jtrtt Sat 2] Jul. .-\ tourirtg and selling exhibition of the landscapes and people of Nepal by Nepalese arid linglish artists featuring w atercolours and prints.


('afe Hub. ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. Tues—Sat 9.30am l0pm; Stiit ck Mott 9.30am -(i.30pm.

Howard Hodgkin t'iitil Sat 28 Jul. A selective retrospectiy'e of early prints by Howard Hodgkin.


o (‘arlton Terrace. 556 444 I. Wed Sat l0am—5pm.

Howard Hodgkin t'ntil Sat 2! Jul. Howard Hodgkin is one of the ['K's most celebrated painters. Renowned for his richly coloured paintings on wood Hodgkin. who describes himself as a painter of feelings rather than ideas. is also a gifted printmaker. For the exhibition at the Ingleby (iallery. Hodgkin shows small format prints which combine etching with carborundum and a final hand colouring to produce their richly textured surface. See review.

Craig Murray-Orr t‘ntit Sat ll Jul New sculpture by New [caland born (‘raig Murray -()rt. Strice his last show at the gallery in I‘NS. he continues to explore gun culture. can ing from hardwoods rifles and small arms.


3” St Stephen Street. 22D 544‘) .Mtitt l‘ll 9am (rpm.

2470/360e l'ntrl lit 20 Jttl. .-\ series of photographs by Scott Mitchell taken on a road trip across America which coyer'ed 2470 miles iii ftill circle. Tray elling through ('alifornia. \eyada and .-\ri/ona. Mitchell photographed the 'cyeryday‘ from a coke machine to a diner table.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph (’rescent. 225 53oo.

Mon Fri 0.30am b.30pni; Sat

0.30am 1.30pm.

Niveaux 0: Marcel Dinahet t'ntil Sun 2‘) Jul. French artist Marcel Dinahet continues his inxestigation of the Atlantic ('oast with a series of filtii and photographic works.


(to ('tiinberland Street. 558 0872.

.Mort Fri l0am (rpm; Sat 10am 4pm. Victor Pasmore (1 908-1 998) l'ntil Sat 7 Jtil. A i'ctr'ospectiyc exhibition of screenprirtts. etchings and lithographs by British artist Victor Pasmore

f l‘)()2 J‘Nb'l. His early works included landscapes arid figure studies. influenced by fatty ism and cubism.


Brodie's ('afe. (icorgc Street. 225 4405. Breaking Boundaries wed 27

Jllll Sat 2f Jttl. Art exhibition of paintings to celebrate the “Hit anniy'crsary of L'Arche iii lidinburgh.


()5 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue Fri

llam 5pm: Sat llam 4pm.

Davis, Davis And Davis t'niil Sat 30 Jtirt. Paintings by a family of artists who all graduated front (ilasgow School of Art. James and limma Day is are landscape painters while Jason Day is is a liguratiyc artist.

Tiziana BendaII-Brunello t'ntil Sat 30 Jun. (ilassw are.

Diane Sutherland t'niil Sat 30 Jun. Jewellery.


Belfor‘d Road. 024 (i200 (recorded information 332 22ooi. Mott Sat

10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. ('afe. Circle Of Friends: Leslie And Sadie Martin And British Modernism From The 19305 but“ Sun 28 ()ct. Architect Sir Leslie Martin t 1908 2000) along with Ben Nicholson and .\'aurn (iabo co-edited the seminal publication (ire/e: International Surrey (2ft'onslrrrt'lri'e .Ilrl. while his

w ifc and artist Barbara llcpworth were responsible for the maga/ine‘s layout. While working on the publication. the Martins became lifelong friends with leading artists and architects. This exhibition features works by (iabo, Hepworth arid Wallis. drawn from their collection together w itlt works from the (iallery's own collection.

0 Lee Miller l'ntil Sun 9 Sep. [4 (£2.50) Joint admission with Roland Penrose exhibition at the Dean (iallery. The largest and most coinpr'eherisiye

exhibition to date of the work of the .\'ew

York born photographer Lee Miller

f 1907 777). Miller. tt former lirum‘ model. was married to Roland Penrose. the subject of a major exhibition at the Dean (iallery. Snapping people. places. fashion and war. the exhibition features portraits of Picasso. Man Ray. liileen Agar. Horst and memorabilia frotn her time as a war correspondent. See llitlist. Leslie And Sadie Martin And British Modernism Mon 2 Jul. 12.45pm. Alice Dewey giyes a talk.


SCOTLAND The \It‘llllti.fl:‘1lljillllls‘s't‘lxis‘xi tnforriiation 332 Slot». Mon Sat

lllam 5pm. Stiri noon 5pm

0 Rembrandt’s Women l'nitl Stiii 2 Sep. Lb tL3 5th The first exei examination of ls‘enibrandt‘s portrayal of women iii his art. featuring niaioi paintings. drawings and etchings drawn front all ox er l triopc and .\tneiica Rentbrartdt was the greatest artist of the Dutch school whose paintings are characterised by luxuriant biiisltwoik. rich colour and a master of chiar'osctiro. Housed at Idinburglt‘s National Portrait (ialleiy. curated by Julia l loyd Williams. the exhibition will ti‘ayel to l.oiidon's Royal \cademy of .'\l'l\. Among the paintings included in the exhibition. the ( ietty Museum is lending the lirst drawing cyei put chased ,\'in/t lion/tin Hill! \ Sufi/st and [lie ’oI'II't/il ()1 .\ Hit/Hill! \u i/ of sold late last year for a record U” S million has also been offered to the exhibition (’liarles Mation‘s film It’t'ni/iitnii/i accompanies the exhibition and w Iii be screened at the litinretc crnerna rsee l’ilm listiiigsi. See Ilitlist.

Erminia Finding The Wounded Tancred by Guercino lit 23 Jun. 12.45pm. .'\ltittll Weston I ew is discusses (itier‘cirio‘s painting Venetian Women At Their Toilet by Paris Bordon lit 3*) Jun. I245pm. Paola 'l'iriagli front Taillll‘lllg‘ll l’niycrsity ptits Paris llordon's painting ttttder the spotlight.


(ieot'gc l\' Bridge. 22o -l5 3 l. .Mori Sat l0arn 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. The Write Stuff l'niil wed it Her Scottish writers as seen through the lens of lidinbttrgh photographer (iordoii Wright. featuring lltigli MacDrai‘riird. .\'orriian Mac( 'aig. Ian Rankin and JR. Rowling.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 024 (CW) (recorded information 332 22pm. Mon Sat

Illam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. (‘afe l'ree. King Over The Water l'iitil Sun 30 Sep. [3 t£2 l. An exhibition charting the life of Prince James l'i'ancis Izdward Stewart 1 loss I7ooi. known to history as the Old Pretender. Included in the display are rarely seen icons of the Jacobite cause. a life si/e reconstruction of(’anoxa‘s magnificent tomb to the exiled Stewarts and an importatit new acquisition .l lieu ()/ Hie I’ti/iian .lliiri. the ISth centtir'y painting of the Prince's Jacobite Palace iii Rotrie attributed to (itriseppc Valeriani.

Return To Life: A New Look at The Portrait Bust 'I hit 2| .ltrrt Stiri l4 Oct. This exhibition challenges the cotiterttpoi'ary y iew er to look again at portrait btists and engage in a face- to face dialogue w itlt a remarkably skilttil arid my entry e art. The work of well known sculptors Sir Jacob l'.[istcilt. Henri (iaiidier'—lir‘/eska and Sir l'rancis ('hantrey are featured in the show as well as less familiar practitioners including Samuel Joseph and Kathleen Scott. NEEVJ Si i()‘.’.’.

A View Of The Palazzo Muti: Issues Of Condition And Conservation Wed 27 .lun. llfipin. Michael (iallagher‘ arid|ey Stey‘erison giyc a talk.

Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl Of Eglinton Wed 4 Jul. 12.45pm. Writer and critic Bill Hare discusses John Singleton ('opley 's portrait.


()n-line gallery. w w w .riew - conteriiporary irn Miniatures One ()n-linc gallery show casing the work of tip-arid- coining artists from (ilasgow and lidinbtirgh.