\k".‘. \llt't‘l. 72" “(till \lttll \Al llan. (i ‘Hpm I till] late on l’mngo('lub nights

Talacchanda l 'ntil ‘I lie 2!» Jun. (ilasgow based artist Ranjana 'l hapalyal presents an exhibition ol llttllll

lll\\ rplmary all based on the study on ant rent Indian J heatre. v. 1th the collaboration of Delhi based bhatata natyam dancer. .'\ll];tll;t Rajan.

New St Artists 'l’hu 5 inc 2-1.lul..\n exhibition ot work by members ol the .\c\‘. Street Studios.


2! St | eonaid‘s lane. (M2 lol2.

\lon Sat IHam 5pm: Sun noon ~1pm. Be Seated l'ntil Sat in Jun. Seating tor the garden and conseryatory leaturtng works in metal. wooden and stone.


75 7‘) (‘umberland Street. 557 ltt2t). .\lon l‘ri Iltam (rpm; Sat litam 4pm. South Of Naples And The Fife Coast l'ntil ‘l'hu 2| .lun. Landscape paintings by William liirnie. Charlotte Howison t'mtl 'I‘hu 2| .ltltt. Recent L‘t'l'ttltltc‘s.

Robin McFarlane l'ntil 'l'hu 2| Jun. lilt‘lllllg‘s.

Nicola Becci l'ntil 'lhu 2| Jun. (‘ontemporary jewellery.

A Time Of Summer Light Sat 23

.lun lhu l2 Jul. ('oastal and seascapes by

l rances \lacdonald.

Carola Gordon Sal 2.41mi 'fhu l2 .lul. Recent paintings ot local lidinburgh

Bryony Burn Sat 2 % Jun Thu 12 Jul. ('eramics.

Natalie Vardey Sat 23 .ltm 'fhu l2 .llll. Jewellery.


l7 l‘) liarcla} l’ltlt‘t‘. J77 2933. line Sat lthtam (ifitlpm.

Mixed Exhibition .\ changing selection ot paintings including reproduction art Van (iogh. l)ali. .\lonet. Kandinsky. .\liro originals and \\ot‘k by up and coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY t\\'.v\Sl’Sl l’atriothall Sltltlios. ofl ~18 Hamilton Place. 225 123‘). lidinburgh's unitjue artist -led gallery space \\ ith an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions.

Ruth Addinall l'ntil Wed 27 Jun

t'l'ue Sat noon opm; Still 2 ~lpmt. New paintings.

Semaphore Valley Sat 30 .lun Mun ‘) .lul t.\lott. Wed. Thu. Sat & Sun

2 Spun. Recent paintings by Ruth Bailey inspired by the landscapes of the .~\ri/ona Desert and New Mexico.

PHOTO INTERIORS 25 \larchmont ('rescent. 22‘) 20(13.

.\lon l-ri ‘)am >.3()pm. Inaugural Exhibition A new gallery

fruitmarket’* the gaitery

45 Market Street Edrnburgb EH1 tDF

telephone: Di 3 t -225 2383 facsimile:

0131—220 3130

and shop featuring a range of photographic works by local photographers.


('lerk Street. 667 7776. .\lon Sat

Illam 5.30pm.

Katie Stewart Brown t'nul Sal t»: .lul. l-loral paintings by liife—born artist Katie Stewart Brown featuring abstract. mimmal and highly detailed works in watercolour. gouache and ink.


()3 Dublin Street. 5570—180 ’l‘ue Sat llam 5pm.

Scottish Landscapes Hi 22

.lun Sat 28 .lul. Scottish landscapes by .lonathan Shearer. ('olin. Black. Michelle Knight and (‘airine Macgillayay.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 75—15. Mon l-‘ri ‘)am 5pm.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself: Use An Architect! Hi 22 .lun Sun 1 Jul. :\s Part of .-\rchilecture Week. architects across Scotland are offering to Visit people in their homes or place of work to giy e ads ice on improvements. alterations or extensions. ('lients will be asked to make a L l 5 donation to Shelter Scotland. For more information and list of participating architects contact RIAS.

Clackmannan And The Ochils - Regenerating The Wee County 'l‘hu 28 Jun l‘ri 27 Jul. A small exhibition to celebrate the new reyised edition of Adam Swan's ('lucbnumrun Am! The ()(‘lrr'lx xln ///l(.\II‘uI('(/ xln'lrrlt'rlrmr/ (fun/e. focusing on new buildings. restoration and conyersions. I-Ias Our History Stopped? Conservation V Evolution In Scotland’s Architecture Thu 28 Jun. 7pm. B. One of Scotland‘s leading architecture historians. l’rofessot' (‘harles McKean. gives an illustrated talk on how Scotland is lacing tip to the challenges of the 2lsl century.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyerleith House. lny‘erleith Row, 552 7|7l. 'l'ue Sun llam 5.30pm.

Ulrich Ruckriem l'ntil Sun 2‘) Jul. Works on paper by this major (ierman sculptor. l'lrich Ruckriem. Renowned for his monumental works in stone. fot' lnyerleith House. Ruckriem will be presenting over l()() drawings. each drawn in graphite on overlapping layers of translucent paper shown behind glass. See Sleeper.

Return Of The Natives l'nnl Sun 2‘) Jul tlixhibition Hall). The role of natiy e woodlands in Scotland is celebrated in this major new exhibition.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. l()() Princes Street. 225 l5()l. l)aily |()am (rpm. Dakawa Artists t'ntil Hi It) Aug.

_- r .‘ 4... ~44.."

n "‘- ’s

An exhibition of work by black South African artists from l)akawa Art and (‘raft ('ommunity ('entre based in (irahamstown in the liastern ('ape.


lo l)undas Street. 558 I200. .‘ylon l‘ri l()am (rpm; Sat lttam 4pm.

The Earl Haig: New Paintings l'ntil Wed 27 Jun. New paintings featuring landscapes of the Scottish borders ittttl the llttlttttt l)olottttles. Ann Little - New Work l'nul Wed 27 Jun. New jewellery by lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art graduate Ann Little which combines slate. silser and painted enamel.

Janice Tchalenko - New Work l'ntil Wed 27 Jun. .-\ rareopportunity to see new work by ceramic artist Janice 'l'chalenko featuring a studio range of jugs and bowls and highly-coloured new panels.

Summer Exhibition Of Paintings Mon 2 Sun 2‘) Jul. (iallery artists past and present feature in this

s" j.

YR1: A Snapshot of Britain

. it .1 ., in the 21st Century on show at Stills

listings Art

exhibition ol paintings. drawings and prints including works by the Scottish (‘olourists. the ladinburgh School. lili/abeth lilackadder. Barbara Rae. John Bellany. John Houston. Stephanie l)ees tttld Alison .\lc( illl.

Andrew Lamb \qu 2 Sun 2‘) Jul. A solo slums of jewellery by Andrew l.amb featuring delicate lluid structures made from w ire.

Landscapes In Ceramics Mon

2 Sun 2‘) Jul. ('eramrcs inspired by natural forms by (iordon Baldwin. Jane Blackmail. l)a\ id Hinns. Ken liastman. 'l'ony l’ranks and Kate .\'ea|.


5 Barony Street. 478 7-H”. 'fue Sat litam (rpm.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand. woyen and emlu‘oidered rugs and textiles from the 'l'urkmen. l'zbek‘. Beluch and .'\llll£l(] tribes of ('entral Asia.

Beck’s Futures 2

2 June - 21 July 2001


mu *4 W A ‘1

“It’s more important than the Turner Prize in that it’s about what’s happening in British Art right now.”



2’ JJ' -’, July/1‘: THE LIST 87