Glasgow, Activities 8. Fun cont.

Saturday Kids Club Sat 30 Jun. llam—noon tAges 3 (H k I 2pm tAges 7* l l |. £3 (£2). The Arches. 2.5.3 Argy le Street. 090] 022 0300. l’adraig Machill and Alison Millert share "l'ales For All Short 6.: Tall'. The storytellers vv ill vveave epic tales and traditional stories tising English intervvov en with (iaelic song and poetry.


Thunderbird Six tl'i Sat 23 Jttti. lpm; Fantasia 2000 Sat 30 Jtiii. lpin. £2.25 (family ticket £9). (ilasgovv Film 'l‘heatre. l2 Rose Street. 332 8|28. See Film lndev. Thrill Ride tL'i: Mysteries of Egypt (L'): and Dolphins tl'i. ('heck Film Listings for showing times. 925 t£.3.5|)i. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgovv Science ('entre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.


Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms Sat 23 Jun. | lam. £8 (£4). Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Saucliieliall Street. 287 55l l. (iarry Walker conducts and Paul Rissman presents. as the RSS'() once again give art entertaining afternoon ofclassical mUsic for ages 7 l2 tthough those as young as three have beeii know it to enjoy themselvesi. The programme includes John Williams' theme from Star Wars. plus works by Saint-Saens. Prokofiev and Alec Roth.


Big Bag! 'l'hu 2| Jun. 10.30am. £2021). The Annexe. 9a Stewartv'ille Street. Partick. 34| 0024. Ages 4 8. Impact Arts present this new play based oit a little girl who keeps her worries in a bag. .\lorna's worries continue to grovv until one day the bag looks like it might just burst unless she tells someone about them.

King Matt Thu 2| Sat 2.3 Jtiii. 'l‘hti 7pm: Fri 10am & 7pm; Sat 3pm. £5 023.50). Tron Theatre. ()3 'l'rongate. 552 42(i7. Ages 8+. A co-production between the MacRobert and TAG about a boy called Matt who finds being king isn't all he imagined. Stephen (ireeiihorn's adaptation of the book by Janus/ Kore/ak evplores what happens when children's idealistic views are challenged. See rev ievv.

Big Bag! Sat 23 Jtiti. llam. £2 (L'l ). GilmorehillG l 2. 9 l'niversity Avenue. 330 5522. Ages 4 8. See l’artick.


Julia Donaldson And The Gruflalo Sat 23 Jun. 2pm. £3. (iiimorehillG | 2. ‘) l'nivei'sity Avenue. 330 5522. Ages 3- 8. See photo caption.


Tomorrow’s Heroes Football Skills Mon 2—Fri b Jul. |0am 3pm. SOLD OUT. Glasgow (ireen Football Centre. Kings Drive. 0870 24l 3853. Advance booking required. Ages 5 l4. A chance for girls and boys of all backgrounds and abilities to improve on. or learn new football skills under the trained eye of fully qualified SFA coaches. Everyone participating will receive a goodie bag in addition to invaluable advice on perfecting dribbling. tackling atid shooting skills.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal .\liiseum Of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42 It). Free entry to museum for visitors aged 18 and under. Ten-minute talks for children held every Saturday at 2. 1 5pm and every Sunday at 3.l5pm.

Silk Painting For Children Sat :3 cs Sun 24 Jun. Sat 10.45am; Sun |2.|5pm. £15 for two days. Helios Fountain. 7 Grassmarket. 22‘) 7884. Advance booking required. Ages 87 | 3. After mastering basic silk painting skills. create your my ii mounted painting.

Beadwork For Children Sun 24 Jun 8; Sat 30 Jun. Sun 2.45pm: Sat l0.45am.

90 THE LIST 2| Jon—:5, Jtil 2001

£10. llelios Fotiiitaiii. - (irassinarkct. 22" "884. Advance booking required, Ages

5 l5. (‘reate at least tvvo pieces ol titttqlte hand~made ievvellery atter learning the basics oi beadvvot‘k.

Toddler Morning .\lon 25 Jun t\ Mon 2 Jul. llam. l'rce. Borders Books. lint 2b. l‘ot't Kittnatt‘tl Retail Park. 0.5— 404 l. 'l'oddler and handy session vv itli storytelling. colouringan atid chatting


Free Willy tl’(ii Sat 23 Jun. lpin; Antz il'iSun | .llll.:..3lll‘lll.{—1.5lllkz.5lll.ilillk' l.timiere. Royal Museum. ('liambers Street. 247 42l‘). See Filtii lndev.


The Hobbit l'iitil Sat 23 Jun. 5.30pm; 'lliu 2pm ck "230me Sat 2.30pm tk 7.30pm. [7 U5 tcotics availablei.

l’ltty ltoltse. l3 22 (ireenside l’lacc. “350 0003-124. “Illlt lat/ll (N H14 lv’lltg'v soon to be released on tlte big screen. lot' the moment you cati cspcrience another ot J.R.R. 'l‘olkeiti‘s classic latitasy tales oit stage. (ilyn Robbiiis’ adaptation teatures stunning special elt'ccts and original intisic composed by Mark lilo\sidge.


Awesome Insects t'ttttt Sun 2 Sep. Free. Royal \ltiseum. 2 ('hainbers Street. 247 42“). Kilo“ It to tttosl as creepy

cravv lies. this hands-on cvliibitioii prov ides a balanced pt'olile of this rich arid div ersc group of animals.


Children’s Storytelling Sat 33 s Sun 24 Jtiii. Sat 30 Stiii l .ltil. Sat llatn'. Stiii noon S 3pm. Free. Borders Books. l'nit 20. Fort Kitinaird Retail Park. 05" 404 |. l’aiitastical stories and traditional tales at these \\ cekly storytelling sessions.

A Child’s Garden Of Verse Sat 30 Jun. noon. Free. \Vest Princes Street (iardens. 473 3(t00. This is the first in a series of events vv liicli links the literature and monuments of lidinbtii'gh. ('hai'actei's from Robert Louis SILWL‘ltsoth books vv ill be rc-ciiacted as vv ell as the author himself vv itli evcerpts being performed frotii 'l’lie latm/ oftblotter/Mite. .llv Slim/nit and Treasure Ivltiml.


Tomorrow’s Heroes Football Skills Mon 2 Fri (3 Jul. 10am .‘Pm. Five day course t I0 {20. “Indie l’ark. \Vai‘dic l’lay ing Fields. (iranton Road. 0870 241 3853. Advance booking required. Ages

.5 l4. See (ilttsgovy.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun

Children’s Fun Day Stiii 24 Jtiii.

noon 2pm. £4.50tt'250i. l)unaskin llet'itage ('entre. Waterside. \i‘ l’atna. Ayrshire. (ll 2‘): 5.5l l-l-l. 'l‘etldy lk‘at's perform death-defy itig parachute jumps. .\lr llanson demonstrates his Amazing Flying Machine. or take part iii Victorian games at this children's evtravagan/a. Mammal Games Sat 30 Jun.

2.30 4pm. Free. l)can ('astle (‘ountry l’ark. Dean Road. ls'ilinarnock. 0l5o3 522702. Join iii the fun arid celebrate National Mammal \\'eek vvith games and activities for children. Advance bookittg L‘ssc‘nllttl.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic Sat 30 Jtiii Sun | Jul. |.30 4.30pm. Normal admission charges apply. Falkland l’alace. Falkland. Fife. (H.337 852307. Bring along a teddy or doll aiid meet the Three Bears. take part iii a teddy bear competition. or toll] iii \v itli the face painting and storytelling. Children’s Tours Sun | Jul. 2 3pm.

f l. (itllt‘oss l’alace. “est (ireen lloltse. ('ulross. 01383 S8035‘). Advance booking adv ised. Palace tour follovv ed by a tricky qui/ aimed at children aged 5 l2 Wild Games Thu 5 Jul. l.30 3pm. Ll. Jupiter l'rban Wildlife ('entre. Wood Street. (irangemouth. 0| 324 4040'4. ('hildren's nature-based fun arid games led by the country side rangers.

. \ 9.__ - JULIA DONALDSON AND THE GRUFFALO Sat 23 Jun, 2pm. 523.

..t ‘- f ae—

GilmorehillG12, 9 University Avenue. 330 5522. Ages 3—8. A chance to meet the author of the award-winning children‘s picture book. The Gruffalo. Julia Donaldson will host this fun storytelling and musical session, introducing you to a quick-thinking mouse and his not-so-

imaginary friend.

Magic Workshop Hut 3 .ltll.

I30 3.30pm. '2”. liyie llieatie. .\bbcy Street. .Sl .'\lltll'L'\\ s. lll 334 475000, \j2t's 8+. Advance booking necessary. learn the tricks ot the tiiagic trade with .\l.igic llob.


Rugrats In Paris | l ‘t Sun 24 lo”. 2.30pm: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom tl’(ii Sun I .lltl. 2.30pm. £4.50 .\lacRobcrt. l'iiivei'sity ot Stirling. Stirling. 0| “so .lttltis' |. See l'llttt lntle\.


The Singing Kettle Silly Circus l'tl 22 Jtiii. 5.30pm. U; tamily ticket L24 (‘orran ||a|ls. lasplanade. Uban. 0| ‘0‘) "02800. Roll tip. roll tip for all the thrills and spills of the big top. I’m on your best clown costume arid ioin (‘illa tlic Ringmastcr. Artie the clovv n. (iai‘y the strongman and human caiitiotiball .latie tot art all-singing. all-dancing musical cvtravagan/a.

The Singing Kettle Silly Circus .Sat 23 Jun. lpm. '2". Queens ||al|. .\i‘g_v H Street. l)unoon. 0| 30‘) "02800, See ( )bati. Boris Chernovsky .Sat 3%.Iutt. 3. 10pm. £2.50. Victoria Hall. Station Road. l)unblane. 0| "so 473544. 'l'lic \\orking (ii‘oup use song. story and music to tell the tale of a little boy vvho. try as he might. cannot learn to itiggle.

The Singing Kettle Silly Circus Sun 24 Jtiii. noon is 3pm. L5: :24 lot tout tickets. Victoria llalls. Sinclair Street. llelcnsbtirgh. 01430 (C2224. Scc ()ban. Annie Mon 25 Sat 30 Jun. 5. 30pm. £4.50 t£.3.5||i The Arts ('enti'e. Anderson Street. Aii‘di‘ie. 0| 23o "5543b, 'l'lic (‘olin Scotigall 'l'lieatrc School present their summer shovv. The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon Mon 25 Jun. lptii. ‘25. Hamilton 'lovvn llall. l.ovv er Aucliingramtint Road. llaiiiiltoti. “Item 4522‘)”. SpatI. \icky and Mr I’ goon holiday to (‘acttis (liiiyoii. btit cati they tind the legendary lost (‘andy .\|ine .’ l‘uti. music and song lot' ages tip to ‘)

Little Violet And The Angel 't’ttc 20 Sat 30 Jun. 'l‘ue l.30pin; \\cd is 'l'liti |0.30am; l-ri "pm; Sat llam S 2pm £2.50. \lacRobert. l'nivcrsity ot Stirling. Stirling. ttt‘so 4(tl08 l. Ages S». \\ lien baby \iorica is abandoned. her guardian angel is charged vv itli ensuring her satcty. and otin then cati he become a hilly-

llcdgcd angel ‘v‘. itli piopet v‘. llt.'s llic..tte (‘entte ttse ptippcts. must. and son-3 1:. the only \vttlllsll petloiinattces ot this .1.‘..:iil

vvttining piodtic tioii

Magic Bob . . . Unplugged ll.l| S .ltil. llaiii noon 1| llyie llicattc. \bbey Sttcet. St \tttltt"v‘.s. 0| M: t‘sooo

5- \lagn and titayliezii tioni S.otlaitt‘.- top cliildien's tiickster \layt. Mob

The International Purves Puppets llig;_'ai l’tippet llicatic. lltoti 'litor. ls’wud HISW limit 9.5a! l». zazttti: trtls“ t‘

t\ f- 3t» llool. lI‘i .:vl‘..ifl. e as titties .L't' stiltles't to change lv’etltit tioiis tot p..tti.'» ot live oi iiioic Sliovvs on t'llv’l ozet tltu tic~.t l\‘.|‘ \\t‘v’ls\ itlv‘

Pips And Panda In Circusland llttt 2| .ltiii. l2 35pm \z'cs tip to ' \n lttlt'sllal l‘askcl sets o]! .t iiiy steiiotis c ll.:||t o' exents lot latiiotis tltioas tlicy c'llcitllllly'i lttt‘. and .lally tlie [tinny geese and Stia'ai the dancing liotsc vvlien they spcnd .: .|.:j. .ll tlte

Nessie The Loch Ness Monster lit 22 ,ltlll. l2 30pm. Sat 2‘ ltitt. l lain .\ 2pm: Volt 2 Jul. 2 30pm Spike the Hedgehog. \laiti (ilciigaity arid vvi. led iiiicle \.tj._'gie \lc( "taggie ate itist sonic ot lllk‘ v ll.ll'.tclv‘l s ‘s‘. llit \c'sstv‘ vttlltt‘s .zv lltss vvliilst tiying to escape tioni the yellow. stibtiiaiinc

Pips And Panda Meet The Three Bears llttt 3s ltltt. to tint: .\ t1 tspttt Sat :0 ill”. 2pm \_-..'cs tip to " llie lt'ttlltlc‘ tvvosotiic set ott oti a tourney into t|.e vvoods vvlicie they get itito all sorts ot iniscliict

Pips And Panda Meet The Tooth- fairy \\cd llnl .\ lit 0 Jul. .Tptii tiiidci 5. ('liceky iitonla-y l’tps and silly old l’anda embark on attotliet adventure tl‘v'lt l’anda loses his tiist tootli


James Campbell Is A Box Of Frogs Sat 2‘ltin. llatii 9-4 5" 'cl;|ltlfc'|: L250» l‘allvtil. lt"-‘.|t llall. \\est lilltl‘_'v' Sticct. l'alkiik. 0| 33.4 5|tlts50 Storytelltri-h tot silly people than this Stotttslt .oiitetlj. storyteller


Tomorrow’s Heroes Football Skills .\loti 2 lit 0 Jul. l||aiii *pii. live day course LI” :20 l’alacciiiotinds. .\|oatliil| Road. ll.ilt|1llitll.‘l\_ll 24l 355‘ \dvancc booking ieqtiited \gcs 5 l4 See (ilasgov‘-